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Brian & Chris Playne Toowoomba, Queensland, Australia.

I had a message via Peter Dunn that you were on the net. It's a really lovely home page. We also have CHALMERS from Fife. They were mostly from Elie, Crail and St Andrews. I have downloaded your gedcom to see if anything fits. Our ancestors are James Chalmers & Agnes Merchiston (m 1702). ......Regards, Brian & Chris

1-Jun-1997 11:43

Cyndy Zachry Kerrville, Texas, United States

I found your pages very interesting. The Chalmers I am looking for are Joseph born in Leeds around 1876 who lived with his aunt and uncle Evan and Jane JONES in Liverpool in 1891. Also a Miss Margaret Chalmers who as of the 1960/70 lived in Stockport Chesire. I never knew what the origins of Chalmers was,thank you for your informative page.

1-Jun-1997 21:19

Kenneth Chalmers Kirk Anchorage, Alaska, United States

Very nice website--I especially enjoyed the information on Thomas Chalmers.

30-Jun-1997 02:12

James "Cameron" Chalmers Albuquerque, NM, United States

I was searching the web under my name "Cameron Chalmers" and this was the first site that popped up. Very Cool.

10-Jul-1997 16:26

Lori Boggs Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada

Thanks, John.....It's great!

26-Jul-1997 16:11

John Donaldson Lunenburg, Nova Scotia, Canada

A most impressive website. You have done a lot of work since I last visited. I am sure that we have some connections somewhere, after all, John and George and James appear very regularly in both lines. I'll be getting over to the LDS sometime in the next couple of days and see if I can find anything about George Donaldson. I have a James Donaldson born in 1840 in Abernethy Perths who could be George's father. Keep in touch. John

25-Aug-1997 20:29

John Donaldson Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

Hi John and family Unfortunately I cannot see a match for your Donaldsons and mine. I was also interested in Summers as the mother of my GG grandmother Mary Helmrich was an Elspet Summers or Symmers,(1775-1862) immigrated form Germany to Aberdeen. Keep up the good work.

31-Aug-1997 13:18

George Bell Panama

I am researching the Chalmers surname. The most complete record I have is of a David Chalmers, born 9 Oct 1845, in Sorbie, Ardrossan, Scotland. Emigrated to U.S. and died Jan 1922, Cambridge, Maryland. His Parents are Hugh Chalmers and Agnes de Barclay (?). There is a gravestone for Hugh and Agnes off Borbie Rd, Burgh By. but is is well worn. My aunt Donna Chalmer (Eastburn) visited it. This is as far back as my family has been able to help. Hopefully, someday the U.S. Air Force will send me to the U.K. Great site!!!

23-Sep-1997 02:16

Vera, Marvin & Juergen Lennefer Kuerten, NRW, Germany


Hi Chalmers family, we've visited your lovely pages (but have no own, yet?!) ... We'ld like to look forward to our next meeting, so we will have one. (Oh my english has lost ... (;-)) Greetings Einkauf, Einkauf (means "bye, bye")

07-Oct-1997 16:43

Ross Porter 110 Grey Street, CAMBRIDGE, New Zealand

A genealogy beginner, I'm hooked in to finding family in Kinross-shire and other Scottish Counties. I appreciated John's reply and would love to think that my "Elspeth Hay" from Cleish was connected to your Jean. Research will tell.

09-Oct-1997 10:35

Steven Brande Pleasant Grove, Utah, USA

This is a great start! I hope to submit more from my other side of the family, the clan MacIntyre. (this is a reference to Steve's surnames submission to the GENUKI Kinross Surname List)

17-Nov-1997 17:45

Janet Chalmers Montreal, Canada

Hi, my name is Janet Chalmers. My father's parents were from Scotland, although I dont't know from where. My father's name was George Cassels Chalmers. I don't believe there are any relatives left, but I would be curious to know where they were from. they came to Canada roughly in the 1950's. I live in Montreal, Canada and can be reached through this e-mail name above. Who knows, we might be related. It's been fun to see our crest and know that we belong to the Cameron clan. I would love to visit Scotland some day. Thanks for this mini peak. Take care Chalmers folks!

23-Nov-1997 16:01

Heather Umelas Gloucester, Ontario, Canada

I am looking for Chalmers and Margaret Chalmers nee M. Morris married December 23rd. 1877 in Glasgow Scotland. They had several children, Helen, Catherine, Isobella. Helen Chalmers was born August 20th, 1887 on Clyde Street in the Parish of Carluke. She attended Carluke Market Place School and records show she was there till the1901. She emigrated to Canada and lated married Robert Lennie also from Scotland. I am not aware of any surviving relatives in Scotland and do not have any information byond that which I have stated. I have the Canadian portion in the event there is anyony interested. Please reply if you have any hints I may follow up on. I came upon your site late last night amnd was delighted to find something relating to the Chalmers Clan. My interest is deep as Helen Chalmers was my Grandmother.

24-Nov-1997 01:06

Walt and Mary McMartin Kirkland, Washington. USA

Great home page..better yet great family. The internet brings all of us together. Scotland forever..and England a little longer.

10-Dec-1997 06:40

Jacquie Connor Chalmers Calgary, Alberta, Canada

Just browsing to find more about my married name.

13-Dec-1997 02:46

Michael Edward Chalmers Twickenham, Middlesex, England

Great page. I just looked for the name as I was thinking about looking up the family tree. In case there is any connection between us, I was born in Montrose, Scotland on 9 June 1955, my father is Alexander Edward Chalmers who was born in Aboyne, Aberdeenshire on 20 April 1925, his father was George Edward Chalmers. I will be in touch when I eventually get organized.

24-Dec-1997 12:51

Mark Cameron, Langly, BC, Canada

Thank you for the excellent service you have provided me.I have been looking for my tartan for years and until the internet came along, I was told I may have to fly to Ontario or even Scotland to be sure.Thank you for the trouble you have gone to, I if nobody else, most certainly appreciate it. Mark Cameron Highlander born in Canada.

24-Dec-1997 20:31

Bruce R. Brande Urbandale, Iowa, USA

Great Web site! I stumbled upon it after searching for my surname. I'm signing in here first, so I don't know yet what I'll find. Later, Bruce

01-Jan-1998 19:36

Larry Chalmers Kelowna, British Columbia, Canada

Hello: I am begining a search of my family and have very little infomation so far. Would welcome exchange. My Grandfather came to Canada from Scotland and lived in southern Manitoba. Also interested in the McBurney family tree as my mother was a McBurney.

04-Jan-1998 03:09

Dave Nold Berkely, California, USA.


I was led to your page while doing a search for Dall. My grandfathers name was David Jefferson Dall. I don't know much about him except that he was born in Scotland. My mother doesn't know much herself since he left the family when she was very young. I'm thinking of visiting Scotland this summer and now I'd like to know more about the guy. Your page looks great! Thanks.

11-Jan-1998 23:22

Linda Kuzyk Ontario, Canada

Very lovely webpage John. Had a look at your surnames, and became excited when I saw a Hutton, my maiden name. Unfortunately, yours is a hundred years before mine, so I guess I still have some digging to do. Lets hope the Kinross surname list will prove a little more fruitful.


12-Jan-1998 19:38

Nancy E. Chalmers Yaphank, NY, USA

Looking for info on a Edward Chalmers from Renfrew Scotland

16-Jan-1998 01:22

Ian Chalmers Trowbridge, Wiltshire, England

I thought it was strange to be English and a Chalmers let alone American or Canadian. Hello to all of you and the best of health to the Chalmers clan worldwide. My father is David Chalmers from Greenock In Scotland born 6/6/45 and I am proud of my history. You should be too.

18-Jan-1998 01:07

Mirtlia Lameiras Macau, Macau

hi. i'm macaense. I'm 13 years old. I'm studing in Commercial School "Pedro Nolasco". I'm a spice girls fan. My favourite spice is Melc.

03-Feb-1998 13:31

Pat Chambers Tribby Jasonville, Indiana, USA

I found looking through your pages very enjoyable. Just my kind of music, too, loved it.

08-Feb-1998 04:30

Stephen Maxwell Kemptville, Ontario, Canada


I just wanted to say what a beautiful job you have done presenting your genealogical data. I am also researching relatives in Fife, and Auchterderran: Maxwells, Johnstones, Honeymans, Wests.

22-Feb-1998 02:06

Richard Chalmers Winchester, Hampshire, UK


Greetings from one branch of the Chalmers family to another. We should have our family tree available on the www shortly.

24-Feb-1998 09:13

Malcolm, Jenny and Paul Chalmers Menston, Yorkshire, UK

How marvellous to find so many other Chalmers out there!

27-Feb-1998 20:51

Mrs. J . Hill Elsenham, Herts, England

Hello Chalmers family. Found your web site when trying to find information about William Torbitt. Thought it very interesting and love the photographs! See you in school.

08-Mar-1998 20:37

Larry Chalmers Kelowna, British Columbia, Canada

Hello: I am begining a search of my family and have very little infomation so far. Would welcome exchange. My Grandfather came to Canada from Scotland and lived in southern Manitoba. Also interested in the McBurney family tree as my mother was a McBurney.

12-Mar-1998 05:42

Rachel Bell Newbury Park, London, England

Hi Moira, I found this by accident and I thought that I would leave a note to say hi. I'd like you to know that I also go to William Torbitt junior and that I like your web page. See you in school.

16-Mar-1998 19:24

Shannan Chalmers Northampton, MA. USA

I was researching my surnames history and fell upon your site. Very intresting :) Who knows we could be related

22-Mar-1998 18:50

martina+daria+randolf link Odenthal, NRW, Germany

hi chalmers family! lovely homepage! we are very impressed. this is a wonderful way to reach and keep in touch with all your friends all over the world, isn't it?! are you visiting germany sometimes? love the link family

28-Mar-1998 14:27

Jan Morton Newry, Vic., Australia


Hi, just dropped in to say Hello have a look. Great page

1-Apr-1998 04:25

Matthew J. Chalmers Zeeland, MI, United States of America

Thank you for setting up this page. I have been studying my family tree as of late and have traced our heritage back to Glasgow in about 1850. This has been difficult seeing as how our male Chalmers seem to die very young. My Great Grandfather, Robert W. Chalmers was the first Chalmers to to the "States." I will have to check what his parents names were in Glasgow.

2-Apr-1998 21:27

Jim Gillespie Canberra, ACT, Australia

I regularly do a net-search for my home town "Tillicoultry" and this time I found it associated with Jane Hume Brown Chalmers or nurse Chalmers as I knew her when I lived opposite her in Tillicoultry. My mother tells me she brought me into the world with some help from the doctor! My parents and I came to live in Australia Christmas 1963. This is a terrific web site and if you can give me some news of nurse Chalmers I would really appreciate it.

2-Apr-1998 09:22

Callum MacFarlane Milgavie, Glasgow, Scotland

Hello to you all! Mr Chalmers name came up when I searched the Net for Alloa Academy ex-pupils - there appears to be only one CV on the net mentioning Alloa Academy! Anyway, I dont know any of you, but I would just like to say what a terrific web site you've all put together. Well done! Regards, Callum (Alloa Academy 1979-1984)

1-Apr-1998 14:52

David Chalmers Hobart, Tasmania, Australia

I'm David, the youngest of 5 Chalmers children born to John and Maureen Chalmers. My father, John was born in Bishops Brigs, Glasgow in 1936 and is the son of Alexander Chalmers who married Christina Leitch Fulton. Alexanders father was John Chalmers and off the top of my head, I know we go back to the Earl Of Strathmore in the 1600's. What I've seen of your pages is really interesting and I'll dig deeper. Cheers David

5-Apr-1998 13:06

Christine Chalmers London, England

My father, Kenneth McRae Chalmers, emigrated to Vancouver from England in the early 1960s. He was born in Singapore. I am from Toronto, Canada, but am now working and living in London. I've known no other Chalmers, other than immediate relatives, so it was fascinating to discover this site. Thanks!

14-Apr-1998 17:52

Sammie Chambers McCown Austin, TX, USA

Really nice Web Page! I am interested in anything y'all turn up on the Chambers name (or any of the variations).

14-Apr-1998 18:14

Paul Chalmers Bradford, U.K.

14-Apr-1998 21:14

Beth Chalmers Cooper Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

Greetings to the Chalmers Clan from Australia, My Grandmother Agnes Chalmers came to Australia as ayoung woman in the 1880s or early 1890s from Aberdeen. Later married Tom Cooper,engineer.They had 3 children,Madge John, William. I believe my grandmothers records are in "Money Musk"? Cant find on map.I will contact you again.Regards,Beth.

18-Apr-1998 05:56

Elspeth Baillie Wallace Cambridge, Ontario, Canada


Just toured through your attractive, organised site. I am researching Chalmers, Baillie and Milne in Fife also.

23-Apr-1998 15:00

Mary Wood Mendecino, CA, USA

I am tracing the Gibson tree: John, b. ca 1567 Dunfermline,Fife. m. Elspet Meik. Any help would be appreciated.

28-Apr-1998 17:40

Marilyn Chalmers Vienna, VA, USA

Hello from the Chalmers Family of Vienna Virginia. My husband David & I moved here from Glasgow, Scotland in 1980. His fathe was James Williamson Chalmers and his mother Elizabeth Duncan Chalmers, nee Liddell. David is the youngest child of 7, having sisters Margaret, Janet, Moira, Betty, Rose and Joan. Margaret and Joan settled in Auchterarder Perthshire. Janet and Betty live in the Glasgow area and Moira and Rose live in Canada. Rose in Aurora near Toronto and Moira in Halifax Nova Scotia. Moira served as mayor of Halifax for a number of years, her married surname was Leiper. We have 2 sons, Grant who is 15 and Fraser who is 13. We return to Scotland regularly to keep the boys in touch with their 'ain folk'. Keep the flag flying all Chalmers worlwide and 'Here's tae us!.

06-May-1998 10:04

Ann Waddell Levin, Horowhenua, New Zealand

Kia Ora (Greetings), Just surfing on Saturday for Waddell family connections in your area my family originate from Blairgowerie in Perthshire, they emigrated to NZ in the 1800's, they were Blacksmiths???do you know any contacts...Great page - the music is wonderful and toetapping.

15-May-1998 22:31

John Chalmers Dunfermline, Fife, Scotland

Hi, My name is John Chalmers. I was born in Denbeath/Methil Fife, Scotland. Was just browsing to see if my name cropped up anywhere.

18-May-1998 14:32

W. Thomas Chalmers Meadville, Pa. USA

For years I thought Chalmers was a really unique name. What a surprise to find it all over the world! My father was David Brookmeyer Chalmers and came to America from Canada. I can barely rcall visiting his aunts in Hamilton Ontario. He had one sister who lived in Ohio. I have 4 brothers, 1 in Texas, 1 in Virginia and 3 of us in Pennsylvania. This web site gets me curious about my dads family history. Thanks for being there!

Judy Chalmers NV, USA

Greetings Chalmers Family. I have just started researching my family history. My grandfather, Andrew Chalmers was born in Scotland. You have a wonderful web site. Thanks. jc

23-May-1998 01:20

Declan Chalmers Cork, Ireland

Great page, happened on it by accident. Will contact later.22/5/1998. Tus maith leath na hoibhre!

23-May-1998 10:05

John Chalmers, Asquith, Saskatchewan, Canada

27-May-1998 00:46

Lindsay J. Chalmers Ottowa, Ontario, Canada

I am a descendent of John Chambers/Chalmers b:1740-d:1801 (by Mary Dickson), a blacksmith of Hannah, Commerstree, Dumfresshire. It would be delightful to hear from anyone who might connect with this line. I've enjoyed your website. Excellent job. Lindsay

02-Jun-1998 21:23

Ron Chalmers, Porthcawl, South Wales.


11-Jun-1998 09:35

Eddie Ronnie Al Ain, Abu Dhabi, UAE

You have done a wonderful job, congratulations. I found your pages when trying to find more information on my maternal grandfather, David Rodger, who lived at McLean St in Govan 1901 and was a steam crane driver in Glasgow Docks. He married Isabella Syme at Gorbals Glasgow on 1st nov 1889. Any relevant information would be appreciated as im just starting my search Eddie Ronnie

15-Jun-1998 03:01

Dianne Gibson Seder Spingfield, Massachusetts, United States

Hi: I absolutely love your site. It is so different and pleasant and interesting. The music is quite a special touch. I do have a question for you though. All the Gibson's in the database seem to be born in the late 1880's and early 1890's. Do you have any parent names for these Gibson's? I'm researching my grandfather ALEXANDER GIBSON. He was born in 1886 and I was wondeing if some of these (or all) GIBSON'S could be siblings. His mothers name was CHAROLETTE PERRY, and his father was SAMUEL GIBSON. I've got relatives that tells me he was born in either Belfast, Ir. or others say its Dundee, Scotland. If any of my information rings any bells with you, PLEASE get back to me. Respectfully, Dianne Gibson Seder p.s. I really do love your pages, excellent site.

15-Jun-1998 00:18

Ross Chalmers Canberra, ACT, Australia

Hi all Chalmers'..I was reading in the guestbook regarding Chalmers in Tassie related to Royalty. Around 20 years ago A laywer in Scotland contacted my father Charles regarding ancestory to Scottish royalty as well. Great Page Cheers all Chalmers

16-Jun-1998 18:06

Brian Chalmers Ladybank, Fife, Scotland


18-Jun-1998 14:10

Pamela Chalmers Lanigan, Sask, Canada

Was fascinated to see the Chalmers family homepage. Very interesting

19-Jun-1998 19:26

Peter Chalmers Ayr, Ayrshire, Scotland

Great Website. I am from N. Ireland but my family are originally from Marnoch, Banffshire. My Great-grandfather, James Watson Chalmers was born in Advie, Invernesshire, became an Insurance Surveyor and moved to N. Ireland. He married Mary Mcmillan. She died and he then married a lady called Letitia. He died in Portsmouth. His father was Alexander Simpson Chalmers who was a Railway station master with the Great North of Scotland Railway before becoming Superintendant of Aberdeen Markets. I am particularly interested in tracing descendants of his other children. They are Alexander Watson Chalmers who married Martha Walker, Charles Chalmers who married Mary Ann Gillooly and was a Bookseller, Alice Smith Chalmers, Alexina Jane Chalmers who married Alex Baillie, Isabella Chalmers and Maggie Ann Chalmers. If anyone has any info I'd dearly love to hear from them. Peter.

28-Jun-1998 18:32

Liz Dolan Brisbane, Qld. Australia

I have no Chalmers in my family tree, that I know about. What a nice page and the music certainly makes it even more enjoyable. Regards.

19-Jul-1998 00:31

Rhonda C. Brown Vauxhall, Alberta, Canada

What a great website!!! My great grandmother is Catherine Chalmers. She married Alexander Dunbar Brown on March 26th, 1886 in Edinburgh. They had a son named John Chalmers Brown on March 29, 1893 in Bridgend, Dunblane and I believe two daughters by the names of Jennifer (never married) and Isabella (we believe she had a son named James) I'm looking for any further connections anyone might be able to supply!!!

02-Aug-1998 02:16

Donald Manson Kirkcaldy, Fife. Scotland


Congratulations on an extremely impressive web page. Very interested in noting that many of your ancestors were from Fife. If I can help in any way here in Fife, please feel free to contact me. I am on the committee of the Fife Family History Society, which has a link on my own homepage if anyone would like to visit their website.

12-Aug-1998 18:06

Connie Locke Saegertown, PA, U.S.A.

Looking for GIBSONs. I am told mine traveled from Ireland about 1800. An interesting note; im my lines, Hugh GIBSON b.1813 in 1844 marries Eliza ALLEN b.1812. I also have WILSONs in this line. Truely enjoyed your pages and will be back.

13-Aug-1998 23:34

Douglas Harrington Holliston, MA, USA

Very intersting site, the Chalmers certainly were prolific! I'm trying to "get across the pond" and locate the parents of William Chalmers born September 23, 1814 supposedly in Aberdeen. He immigrated to New Brunswick in 1835 and married Mathilda Brown, born in Paisley, Renfrewshire; October 29, 1827. I know a lot about Mathilda but have made no progress on William. Any suggestions, comments would be welcome. Again, great site (and I liked the music) Regards, Doug Harrington

15-Aug-1998 06:33

Neil Bonel Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

I was just overwhelmed by the tartanness of it all, and I was only looking for a job. Hope your well, mail you soon. Neil

11-Aug-1998 23:43

Arlene LANE Blackfoot, Alta., Canada

Hello, I am researching a WALLACE/CHALMERS connection.Thomas WALLACE1867-1905 marr. Agnes NOBLE?-1918.Last address was 12Merry Str. Motherwell. Had 4 children, Isabelle, John1894-1956,Thomas and William.Isabelle marr. a ?CHALMERS. Last address on Hillhead Rd. Motherwell. They had 2? children, Agnes and John(weeJohn). My gr.father was John WALLACE- there has not been any correspondence with WALLACE or CHALMERS since 1930- that was before my mother's birth so it unlikely that they even knew about her or the rest of us. If anyone can make a connection or has info or a lead- it would be gratefully appreciated. Thank you kindly, Arlene LANE

17-Aug-1998 22:59

John Chalmers Saratoga, Cailfornia, USA

Hi John! It's nice to see such a familiar name on the web. Great website!

31-Aug-1998 22:14

Karl Alexander Chalmers, Jr. Baltimore, MD, 21219. USA

My son had a project in school regarding culture - nationality on CHALMERS. Just checking to see how much information there was on the Chalmers' genealogy.

02-Sep-1998 11:02

Ken Woolnough Georgetown, TX, USA

John; Still searching DR.JOHN CHALMERS, immigrant Scots divine, last half of 1800s and early part of 1900s. Anyone with any information on him, let me know at Great site. I learned a lot about the name. and other information. Keep up the good work. Ken Woolnough

15-Sep-1998 10:37

Gregg Chalmers Guelph, Ontario, Canada

From Gabriel Chalmers & Margaret Mundle, early 1800's. Moved to Canada. Son, Edward married Margaret Warrington Jan. 30, 1844. Smith's Falls, Canada. One more branch- somehow related. Nice to visit the site. Just looking around.

16-Sep-1998 20:43

John Arthur Chalmers Charleston, South Carolina, USA

Just a cousin from across the creek, checking in. We got here about 200 years ago, when granddad, James, sailed a ship into Charleston harbor. Wife: Nancy Children: Amelia, Alec, Anne, & Maggie. Best regards, John You have a nice web page; I discovered it accidentally looking for an e-mail address for other Chalmers.

18-Sep-1998 8:20

Wolfgang Zimmermann Bergisch Gladbach, NRW, Germany

Hi John, I'm very surprised about your very informative home-page. You know, my english is not the best, but it's interesting to read about your family. Dirk Z. told me, you're in america now. I hope, your work is still interesting. Will you visit our country once more? .

25-Sep-1998 8:46

Judy Thomas Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

Sorry, I pressed the wrong button before. I am trying to find information on Margaret Chalmers, who married Andrew Dingwall, in Kettle Fifeshire in 1802. Interesting pages, love the music. I didn't realise that Chalmers was a sept of Clan Cameron.

27-Sep-1998 20:52

Adam Alexandre Chalmers Berkley, Michigan, USA

I'm wondering if the Chalmers name has a Clan coat of arms, or some kind of seal. If anyone has any info, please e-mail me at .

27-Sep-1998 23:50

Joakim Schon Skovde, Sweden


My girlfrend lives in Milnathort, north of Kinross, that's my connection with Kinross. My idea was to get in contact with some people in this area on the net. I may have an page with english text on my homesite. I will work on it. MVH Joakim

02-Oct-1998 03:14

warren j. briggs sealy, tx, usa

Lotsa fun. Someday ya'll will hafta show me how to do this. However, if ya'll are readin this durin workin hours, I'm gonna tell. Obviously, I am writin this at night, from home, but will go into ya'lls files and change thuh time so that it appears that I wrote it durin thuh day. Great thang for thuh whole family to participate in. Way to gooooo Bubba!

5-Oct-1998 15:41

Julie Jackson Mornington, Victoria, Australia


I love the tartan pages! I'm not related to the Chalmers, as far as I know at this point, but have appreciated the listing in the Scottish Names Look Up for Kinrosshire, where for the first time on the Net, I found some-one else looking for the same Family line of HARLEY. It was very exciting. Your page is very interesting. Happy Searching Everyone!

11-Oct-1998 22:00

Richard Bruce Chalmers New York, NY, USA's another one. I'm part of the New England, USA clan of Chalmers. Now living in New York City. Cheers mates!

17-Oct-1998 19:10

Barbara Hoover Lookout Mountain, Georgia, USA

This is wonderful! I'm doing a paper on Thomas Chalmers for a class - History of the Christian Church. It's a pleasant surprise finding the web site and all the information on Chalmers and the history of the church in Scotland. Thanks for all your hard work to make this such an excellent site to visit.

29-Oct-1998 09:44

Rod Fleck Forks, Washington, USA

What a web page!!! wow!...I am working on a line that includes WilliaM Rodger/Roger of Largo, Fifeshire. William married Christina Craigie n 28 Oct 1786 in Largo. They had six children Elizabeth (my ancestor), Margaret, Christina, Catharine, William and James all born in Largo. Please contact me if you have any connection to these folks. Rod

04-Nov-1998 21:59

Ronald Clark Chalmers Towson, Maryland, USA

My father's name was Marion Orville Chalmers. He was born on January 2, 1914 in the Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania area . His parents were Robert Chalmers and Bessie Ford Chalmers who came to the U.S. around the turn of the century from somwhere in the highlands. I was glad to see you had done so much work on the family name. Thank you.

04-Nov-1998 23:21

Peter Rodger Hexham, UK

I was interested to fine my Great Uncle George Rodger in you surnames list (ref 80 vii). He was one of 5 children of George Rodger who came to Sheffield from Greenock, Scotland in about 1875. He was an engineer. George F Rodger (in your list) was sent to Canada in desperation by his father as he would not apply himself to gainful employment. He was variously a photographer, a rogue and latterly a draughtsman for the Otis Elevator Co and lived in Hamilton Ontario. He died aged 97 in 1974, unmarried and still smoking 4o ciggies a day along with his pipe. I have many of his photographs, his drawing tools and even some of his drawings. There are some splendid photos of him in uniform by the Mennnim gate in France. Let me know if you would like a copy. I rather suspect that he is not connected with your Rodgers. Peter Rodger

13-Nov-1998 17:46

Julia Chalmers Darwin, Northern Territory, Australia

Fabulous page! - its feels good to know that I have some good connections. My name is Julia Chalmers, 23 years of age. Born in New Zealand and descendent of James Chalmers (my grandfather) born in Scotland (I can't recall where). I have four siblings; Mary Elizabeth (28), Sarah Josephine (25) Edward Robert (21) and James Michael (17). My mum and Dad have helped us become a great contribution to the Chalmers Family history. Nice to Meet you!

20-Nov-1998 00:43

Russell Chalmers, Darfield, New Zealand

Just interested to see if any relys from Inverness shire are on the net .My grandfather came from Scotland to New zealand around 1918 .I have visted his home in 1980 - and to see so many cousins was very interesting. Best wishes for xmas - Russell

22-Nov-1998 20:01

Alex Rogers London, England


Hi to the Chalmers - a lot of work has obviously gone into these pages - a good resource and a great effort - well done. Thanks also for the personal reply you made to my query - much appreciated. Good luck to you - and will let you know if I establish the Rodger / Rogers connection in Kingsbarns. Best regards, Alex Rogers

23-Nov-1998 04:32

Brian L Chalmers Lanigan, Sask, Canada

My sister told me about this site so I had to see for myself. My father is Frank Chalmers, born June 7`1935 at Creelman Manitoba. His father was Les Chalmers born Feb 10,1900 at Pipestone Manitoba. His father was Andrew Chalmers born March 15,at Crook o`Burn of St. Fergus Scotland His father was John Chalmers born Jan 23,1830 @ Hythie,Scotland. That is most of what I know Great page. Hi to all other Chalmers!

27-Nov-1998 19:44

Lori Chalmers Hurt Virginia

What a wonderful site you have. I enjoyed reading all about the many Chalmers. I am a Grand daughter of Hugh Frasier Chalmers, married to Eliza Stewart MacDonald, at St. Andrews church, Aberdeen. They moved to Minnesota in the 1900's. My Grandfather was a horse trainer, and I am trying to find out more information about his occupation as well. My Great Grandfather was named Alexander Sinclair Chalmers, also of Aberdeen, my father is James Hackett Chalmers. I would appreciate any information anyone may have on the family, or Scotlands Grand Champion Sulky horse racing champion in the 1900's! I have two daughters with my husband Sam, named Margaret and Anne carlyle. Thank you!

2-Dec-1998 10:43

Robin Richard Chalmers Canberra, A.C.T., Australia

Looks interesting I'll be back with more family info.

4-Dec-1998 8:11

Iain Andrew Chalmers Surbiton, Surrey U.K.

DOB 29.04.70 son of Andrew Stevenson Chalmers DOB 20.02.41, Great Grandson of Annie Baillie and Robert Chalmers of Hillhead, Glasgow. Grandson of Isabella Simpson (of Aidrie)and Andrew Chalmers , his Brothers were Walter, Robert and sisters Bella and Annie. Great site keep the history going Clan Chalmers.

8-Dec-1998 19:48

Roger Chalmers


26-Dec-1998 20:31

Judy Dawson New Zealand

What an enjoyable site music and all. I came via SCT-FIFE pages but am looking for DAWSON from Fife and just thought I look as you never know where you might find that one person do you?

3-Jan-1999 13:55

Denise Crawford Oakville, Ontario, Canada

Hello from Canada; My g-g-g grandmother was Catharine Chalmers I believe she was born in Dundee about 1806 to James Chalmers and Margaret Miln. She married James Forret May1,1824 in Cameron,Fife. James and Catherine had many children and were farmers in Largo,Fife for many years. Do you have any connectios?

4-Jan-1999 08:51

Gill Stenning Romford, Essex, England

Hello There, I was just browsing through Torbitt as I also went to William Torbitt School but long before you from 1947 to 1954 when I went on to Downshall. I lived round the corner to your Family in Spearpoint Gardens I came from Leyswood Drive and my Mother still lives there so I visit regularly. Last year I went to the William Torbitt 60 Year Celebration and had a wonderful afternoon. I will be showing my old school photos on the William Torbitt Website. Thought your Web page was fantastic. I am also doing Family Research and find it a most fascinating subject. The music was a surprise and most impressive - well done. Gill from faraway Romford!!

7-Jan-1999 14:56

Tom Orkney Olympia, Washington, USA

Homepage :

Just thought I'd stop by! Researching Orkney

9-Jan-1999 2:25

Anthony (Tony) Crockford Perth, Western Australia, Australia

Homepage :

I am very interested in some of the surnames in you family, if you have the time I would like you to take a look at the web page with the information that my mother-in-law has colected over the past ten years. If you find a connection please contact my and I will add it to this tree.

10-Jan-1999 4:18

Bruce Chalmers New Zealand

Hi from yet another branch of the Chalmers family .My mother has been tracing the our family since there arrial in New zealand .We would appreciate any information relating to my great grand parents William Chalmers (born 1841 ) from Ruthwell ,Dunfries, Scotland and his wife Annie Anderson (born 1850 ) from Ayshire, Scotland .We think they arrived in NZ about 1879,

11-Jan-1999 02:55

Fiona Bain Wellington, New Zealand

Lovely site, your guestbook is great for getting in touch with others. I have an Elizabeth Chalmers who married George McNEILL (a collier) in Gladsmuir parish, county of Haddington on 17 May 1822. Elizabeth is my GGG Grandmother. If anyone has a connection to these folk, I'd love to hear from you. I don't know their ages at marriage - still searching.

19-Jan-1999 03:43

Bunny Felgate Sherwood Park, Alberta, Canada

Very nice web site!!!! My grandfather was Thomas Chalmers, born in Fergus, Ontario in 1856. His father (also Thomas) came from either Edinborough or Glasgow. Keep up the good work.

20-Jan-1999 19:49

Phil Rogers Weston Super Mare, Somerset, England


Your site has inspired me to make a page on my site similar, as I can see it helps in your quest. I think it is very good, I came across it by total accident, good luck. ps visit my site sometime and maybe you can give me some tips on how to improve my site, bye, Phil.

29-Jan-1999 13:33

Linda Wampach Portland, Oregon

I am researching the name Imrie for my family's genealogy. My great-grandfather, Alexander was born in October 1862 in Dundee, Fife. Since he was illegitmate, only his mother's name appears on the birth certificate; Elizabeth Imrie, mill worker. I have not yet been able to determine an age for her. Alexander married Amelia Lamb MCQUEEN in 1892 in Edinburgh. There, they had 13 children then moved the whole family to Montreal Canada. Amelia died in Canada in 1933 and Alexander in 1944 in San Jose, California where he had moved in with one of his daughters. If this rings a bell with you, please feel free to contact me. Also, your main page is a little difficult to read with the blue writing on the red tartan. Thank you.

8-Feb-1999 16:38

Ethel Fontenot Sacker Kinder, LA, USA

Just browsing. Good luck, and God Bless. My maiden name is Fontenot, and my mother was a Gordon.

18-Feb-1999 08:53



21-Feb-1999 15:51

John Bevis Hobart, Tasmania, Australia

I am researching and hope to share information on the family of John CHALMERS b abt 1784 and Jean Miller CLARKSON b Edinburgh Parish 1787, married at Barony LKS 9 AUG 1804. Their children, all born Barony LKS were Hugh, Clarkson William, Margaret, John, Jean, George Clarkson (who was my great grandfather), Ann, Francis and Agnes.

22-Feb-1999 16:27

Ed Sanders Searcy, Arkansa, USA

Sanders is a sept of MACALISTER, so I feel a connection with Scotland. Since 1975, my wife, Evelyn, a nurse, and I, a university professor have visited the UK almost annually until now, when we are in our 70s and less strong than when we could supervise up to 52 students per visit. Peterhead, Aberdeenshire, is a favorite spot, with so many lovely friends. All the best to you, John, Jenn and Moira.

24-Feb-1999 14:56

Frank McGonigal Brampton, Ontario, Canada

I found a DEWAR among your family names,my gr.grandfather PETER DEWAR was married to ELIZABETH CHALMERS in East Kilbride Scotland in 1881 ( Census )

28-Feb-1999 21:00

Keith Williams Seven Hills, New South Wales, Australia

great page my grt grt grand mother was a cameron from glassary

12-Mar-1999 00:26



13-Mar-1999 19:48

Brian Chalmers San Francisco, CA, USA

Originally from Tulsa, OK. Grandson of James Sinclair Chalmers & son of Greg Sinclair James. Great-Grandparents from Dundee, Scotland.

14-Mar-1999 16:44

John Chalmers USA

My name is John Edward, my father was John Vernon, my grandfather was John, and his father was James, wife Christinia. All I really know that they came to the US sometime in the mid 1840's, from Edinburgh. I'm going to download your gedcom and see what I can find.

14-Mar-1999 13:15

Dr . Alexander Bianchi Southampton, Hampshire, SO45 2FG

A fascinating website. My grandfather, from Kinross, was Francis Chalmers Winton; my great-grandfather was Francis Chalmers, born approximately 1828, also we believe in Kinross. My mother was the youngest of 5 daughters, also one son. They live in Perth (Scotland), Rotherham (England, Strathmiglo (Fife, Scotland), London and Southampton respectively. My Uncle, William Winton, the only resident of Milnathort near Kinross, died three years ago, and is buried in Milnathort cemetery.

23-Mar-1999 14:52

Andrew Baillie Chalmers Edinburgh, Scotland

Andrew Baillie Chalmers. Born 12.11.59 Perth, Scotland. Son of David Baillie Chalmers. Married to Jacqueline Symon Wilson. born 14.3.61. Our children are Amy Christina Chalmers born 14.8.91 and Calum Baillie Chalmers born 2.3.97

01-Apr-1999 13:15

Mrs Frances J. Bianchi (nee Winton) Southampton, Hampshire, SO45 2FG

Very interesting website.

04-Apr-1999 08:09

Patrick Joseph Chalmers, Ed. D Bourbonnais, Illinois, USA

What a genuinnice experience. Thanks for letting me visit. FYI: My sons are Michael Edward, Patrick Steven, and Kevin Daniel. Their sons are (ME) Christopher Lee, (KD) Daniel Scott, and their daughters are (ME) Kimberly Lee and ((KD) Samantha Kay. I was born Springfield, Illinois, USA on January 15, 1941 My Dad (Joseph William) was born Gillespie Illinois August 15, 1910. His Dad (Joseph Francis) was born Lanarkshire, Scotland in 1881. And, great-grandfather was John Chalmers, birth date unknown. John brought Grandpa to first Ohio, then Scranton,Ks. in about 1882. They settled on a farm in Kansas at some time in the 1880's, I believe. That's it for now.

06-Apr-1999 01:29

Carolyn Chalmers ACT, Australia

Hi I am searching my husband's family and am seeking information on Alexander Chalmers who married Mary Robertson in Paisley SCT and had a son William born in 1839.

09-Apr-1999 03:17

Diana Searle Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia.

Great Guestbook. Our Alexander (Sandy) CHLAMERS, born 1814c Probably Edinburugh, baker at Anderston, Glasgow. came to New Zealand on first ship to Dunedin, Philip Laing 1848.Was elected as 1 of 4 to the office of eldership in the First session of the Free Church of Scotland in Dunedin.Died aged 45, leaving large amount of money to the Church. Anyone interested?

11-Apr-1999 01:37

Amanda Roeloffzen (nee Pardoe) Lelystad, Flevoland, Nederland

Hi just visited your gueast page and I was impressed by it not only with the global range of letters/contacts but also with the relaxing music that is played whilst reading the letters. I wonder whether anyone reading this may be related to the Pardoe clan! if so could they contact me on

11-Apr-1999 08:36

John Paton Chalmers Inverness, Scotland

I have found your page and especially the number of contacts made by Chalmers' or relatives of the same to be very interesting indeed! My grandfather, John Chalmers, was one of thirteen who lived in Largs, Ayrshire. In fact his second wife, Jessie Chalmers is still resident there today. My grandafather's twelve brothers and sisters along with the rest of his family emigrated to Canada 1920s or 30s. He had to remain here in Scotland due to having had both his legs amputated as a result of fighting in the trenches during the First World War. His sons were John and William. John had no family and I am the youngest of the three children of William Paton Chalmers and Annie Brown Walker or Chalmers, namely, William, Ann and John - 1945, 1947 and 1950. I have never really bothered with tracing the Chalmers side of my family but now that I have the Web this may change. Hope all visitors to your website are successful in the aims they are poursuing when visiting it. Yours John P. Chalmers.

09-May-1999 15:50

Wendy S. Chalmers Williamsport, PA, USA

I have never known much about my ancestry, only that my father is Richard Chalmers, born May of 1946, in Philadelphia, PA and my Grandfather is William Chalmers, of the Philadelphia area. My father had three brothers: William, John, and Craig Chalmers. Your web site has been very informative for me, and I will know try to find more about my ancestry! Thanks!

10-May-1999 08:58

Alan Cargill Manchester, England

Hello, I am looking for Cargill family members on the net. Please send me an e-mail

14-May-1999 15:49

Eric R. Chalmers West Lafayette, Indiana, U.S.A.

Hi all! I was trying to find out some information on the Chalmers name when I happened upon your site. My fathers name is Anthony Eric Chalmers. He came to the US in the 50's from England. My grandmother, Alice Chalmers, still lives there. Your site has spurred me to investigate this further. If anyone has any useful information, please feel free to contact me. Thanks Eric Roy Chalmers

15-May-1999 20:52

Merle Grinly Brisbane, Queensland, Australia


Have just added my Clacks names to your surname list and followed on with a visit to your home page. Most impressive. Love the Music! Am looking forward to seeing what you add about the DALL family. Regards

18-May-1999 05:20

Mary Chalmers Frew Aberdeen, Scotland

Very interesting site. My ancestors all come from the Markinch area in Fife.

19-May-1999 15:16

Bob Chalmers Ilford, Essex, England

You have obviously done a lot of work I have taken a print to go through at leisure to see if there are any connections.

24-May-1999 13:59

Deitra Goodings (nee Connell) Burlington, Ont. Canada

I was trying to find a John Chalmers (approx. 50-53 yrs. old) who lived in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada when he was young. I met him when I was 16 and he 20. He cut roses for me from his mom's garden on my birthday. I have always wondered how he is doing since our lives drifted apart, but have thought of him often over the years. I have no idea if he is related some how. I would love to hear from him. Thanks. Deitra

28-May-1999 22:23

Frances Columbus, Mississippi, USA

Thank you for sending me your site. I have enjoyed meeting you and your family through the internet. God Bless and Good Luck hunting!

29-May-1999 19:21

Dawn Marie Sloane Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada

Hi, You have a great site. I'm looking for information on Alexander Holmes Sloane (my Great Grandfather that came to Canada from Dublin Ireland married Edith Harding from London near the Crystal Palace. I am also part Cameron from Pawtucket Rhode Island ....My grandmothers maiden name was Emma Cameron Help!

30-May-1999 00:03

Bruce Chalmers Dalby, Qld, Australia 4405

Great stuff. I am related to James, TAMATE, who worked in Polynesia and New Guinea for the London Missionary Society. Thnks for the site - It's good to locate the family name and its history.

04-Jun-1999 23:00

Jane Chalmers California

What a delightful website and how wonderful of you to take on such a challenge! I have already made contact with someone from your guest list and hope it will unite a few more of us Chalmers whose roots are in Tillicoultry and the surrounding towns. Grandparents John and Mary were married in 1895 and had 4 children - David, Agnes, Winnie and Jim (my dad). David and Agnes stayed in Scotland and the other two emigrated to the U.S. - Detroit for Winnie (married Sinclair Malcolm - my "uncle sink") and Jim to Cleveland. As I understand it, Uncle David had 7 girls; I'm not sure if Agnes ever married; Winnie had one son (George Malcolm), and Jim had one son (who had 2 girls) and me (no children). I'm hoping someone will know if grandfather John had any brothers, but in any event, would love to here from anyone else that has ties to that part of the country. Love to you all and God bless, Jane

18-Jun-1999 21:17

Dave Drummond Liverpool UK

A very professional site. I am the great-great-grandson of Isabella Chalmers who married Peter Drummond at Kinross on 3 March 1839. Any further info would be much appreciated. Thanks.

27-Jun-1999 06:50

Sandra Anderson Newtonmore, Inverness-shire, Scotland

My g g grandmotherwas Isabella Chalmers who married High Tait in the 1860s in Barony, Glasgow. I am currently researching her father who I think was Robert. He was in the British army.

27-Jun-1999 14:08

Jim and family Daly Leverkusen, NRW, Germany

Hi John, see, we`re always behind you, chasing you through the www! Hope you and your family are keeping well. Let us hear from you! The Dalys P.S. Martina told me to have a look at your homepage - it`s ***-brilliant. Well done!

30-Jun-1999 12:59

Jennifer S. Chalmers Columbia, MD, 21046 USA


I happened across your site and am interested to know if we are related. I don't know much about my family history other than my grandfather was Edwin, and he had a twin, Elmer. I know their father was born in America. I look forward to seeing what I can find.

30-Jun-1999 20:11

David Grossett San Antonio, Texas, USA

Hello! Your web page was recommended to me by Moragh Klinginsmith at Brooke Army Medical Center in San Antonio where we both do volunteer work at one of the information desks. We are both involved in genealogical research of our respective forbears. Most of my ancestors lived in Leith and Inverkeithing. One a Marion GROSSET, b. Abt. 1839 d. 25 Feb 1888 in Leith, m. a William CHALMERS on 6 Jul 1858 in Inverkeithing. They had a daughter, Marion CHALMERS, who was b. Abt. 1860. A great web page - and, like Moragh, I too like the musical accompaniment. May I copy some of your ideas when I get around to doing a Grossett web page? David

26-Jul-1999 15:48

Julia Clinton, Iowa, USA


nice Page!! :o)

31-Jul-1999 14:47

James Chalmers Dundee, Tayside, Scotland

31-Jul-1999 14:02

Claudia K. Damrich Hilden, Germany, NRW


Hi John, do you remember ! Little sister of Juergen, who was your colleague at Bayer's, long time ago.... Friendly homepage, you have, I'd appreciate looking at some nice fotos i.o. to remember (sorry). Even I think, you should have a look at ours. Greetings Claudia

16-Aug-1999 14:52

Iain Thom Chalmers Mosman Park, Western Australia 6012, Australia

I have only just found these pages and am looking forward to browsing them as & when I find the time. My people were originally from the Borders around Kelso and other places

17-Aug-1999 04:09

Mercedes Ironside Chalmers West Bend, WI, USA

My father, John Smith Ironside, was born June 4, 1895 at Cushnie Cottage, Maud, Aberdeenshire. Coincidently, I married Kenneth Chalmers whose great-grandfather, Alexander, was also born in Aberdeenshire. He is finding his ancestors now and I am starting to look for the Ironside family. We hope to get to Scotland and "look around" when we have more background. Thank you for your great website. Ken is now working on his own geneology.

19-Aug-1999 19:14

Bob Chalmers Rogers, Arkansas, USA

22-Aug-1999 21:43

David Chalmers London, Uk

Thanks for the site - learned heaps about the origins of the Chalmers name and family.

25-Aug-1999 11:55

Kenneth H. Chalmers West Bend, Wi, USA

Found your terrific web site again. Hope to "sign-in" this time w/out any problems. A bit of my background--all of these relatives were born in Aberdeenshire, Scotland. Grt.Grand parents were Alexander Chalmers,born in New Deer,12,Sept.1813 & Jane(Campbell)Chalmers, born in Millbrex,13,Aug.1834. Grt.Grt.Grandparents were Robert Chalmers,born in New Deer, 3,Aug.1785 & Margaret(Edward)Chalmers,born in New Deer,8,Apr. 1792. Grt.Grt.Grt.Grandparents were James Chalmers,born in New Deer,1753 & Jane(Tomson)Chalmers, born in New Deer,1757. Would be interesting to find any relatives out there! Thank you John for this opportunity!! SLAINTE!

25-Aug-1999 15:51

Penny Jensen Renton, WA, USA

Hi...I was pleased to come across this site, and have yet another avenue to search for my ancestors. My great grandfather was from Dingwall, Scotland. I would appreciate any information anyone might have on the FREW family. Best luck to all! :)

06-Sep-1999 09:46

Dawn Lee Rangiora, New Zealand

I am a descendant of Thomas Chalmers born c 1700 - 32 and Alison Currie. They were married in Fife c1745. They had a son John. Any relation?

09-Sep-1999 03:00

David John Chalmers Sherwood Park, AB., Canada

I am doing genealogy work. My great, great, great grand father came from Scotland. His name is William Chalmers.Born in 1806. William came by ship to New York and then migrated to Canada He had a son named Andrew Young Chalmers born in Montreal Canada in 1850. What part of Scotland did your ancestors come from. Do you do any genealogy yourself. It will be great to hear from you.

28-Sep-1999 12:52

Jennifer Anne Scarcella (nee Chalmers) Sydney, NSW, Australia

Great site! Just scrolling down and found a relative - now have got to trace him - he is related to James Chalmers (Tamate) the Scottish Missionary who happends to be my great, great uncle - wish me luck!

30-Sep-1999 03:20

Deborah Bush Portland, Oregon, USA

At last! Greetings! John Chalmers I of Auchtemunchty, Fifeshire, Scotland, is my great-great grandfather on my father's mother's side. Got that? Anyway; great information about the clans of Novia Scotia, and a wonderful web page. My best to all the Chalmers!

05-Oct-1999 00:19

Peter & Karen Chalmers Brisbane, Queensland, Australia

Hi there, we have just recently moved to Australia from New Zealand, first time out of the country. We hope someday to visit Scotland & learn more about our heritage. Great page. Regards,Peter

06-Oct-1999 06:50

Quaid Smith Yuma, AZ, USA

Hi, I obtained your address from Roots Web WorldConnect. I am looking for information regarding Christain Smith who died in 1807 in Crawford County Ohio Any help will be appreciated. You have a very nice web page. Thanks, Quaid Smith

23-Oct-1999 23:25

Molly Chalmers Pratt Chapel Hill, NC, USA

Molly is from Grosse Pointe Mi. We will like a list of all the Chalmers !!!!!!

26-Oct-1999 15:17

Sammi Salomaa Gothenburg, Sweden


Hi! Nice site you've got! I'm studying at Chalmers Univerity of Technology in Gothenburg/Sweden. I found your site while searching for pages concerning my school. You must be proud to have the founder of "my" school in your family! hehe. There's a page that gives a brief history about the founder, William Chalmers, at: Take care!

28-Oct-1999 01:53

Peter Chapman Christchurch, New Zealand

Hi mde hi campers hope you can help? Looking for the "Donaldson" David, Aitken Elizabeth Possibly at Scoonie Fife Scotland C1786.

31-Oct-1999 15:17

Andrew Chalmers Lochgelly, Fife, Scotland

Complete astonishment, I am a Chalmers and hail from Lochgelly, imagine the surprise to see the same family names david etc run through time and time again. You've got me thinking !!!!

04-Nov-1999 08:56

Anne Callan West Calder, West Lothian, Scotland

I am seeking information about David Chalmers who married Elizabeth Hall on March 23 1855 in Glasgow. David was born in 1826 in Lisburn, Ireland. His parents were John Chalmers and Elizabeth Crossie.Elizabeth was born in 1830 in Lurgan, Ireland and she died in Glasgow in 1911. Her parents were Richard Hall and Ann Reid. David and Elizabeth had 5 children - Elizabeth, Richard, David, Peter and Mary. I realy enjoyed your website. Keep up the good work! Anne

05-Nov-1999 14:11

Cathy Larkins Tacoma, WA, USA

Loved your site. Saw that my cousin John Chalmers visited in Mar 1999.Our Chalmers James and Christinia and son John B. came from Edinburgh,Scotland. Maybe around midlothian. They came to USA abt 1845,James & Christinia died in WI,son John B then went to WA abt 1878. Would love to find more abt this line. Thank you.

06-Nov-1999 21:33

Jolaine Chalmers Roberts Lafayette, IN, U.S.A.

Hello cousins, I am looking for information on my ggg grandfather Andrew Chalmers b. 17 March 1754 or 1755. He may have been the son of Andrew Chalmers, the evangelist, and the nephew of James Chalmers, the missionary. I am new to genealogy research. Thanks in advance for any help.

09-Nov-1999 19:46

Maggie S. Tucker Adelaide, Australia

What a great website! I've looked at a couple and so far this seems to be a good one to model others on. I'm not (knowingly) related to you, although my ancestors also herald from Scotland. Keep up the good work and I shall visit again to see what updates and new features you have. Kindest regards, A fellow family_historian, Maggie

09-Nov-1999 19:46

David Arthur Johnson Chico, California, USA

My grandfather was named Thomas Chalmers Johnson, named after Thomas Chalmers, born in Anstruther,Fife 1780. Found the Free Church of Scotland,1843. I am looking for family.

14-Nov-1999 23:18

David Baillie Chalmers Perth, Scotland

My father was Cecil Baillie Chalmers born and died in Kinross. My son, Andrew Baillie Chalmers from Edinburgh signed your guestbook earlier this year and his son, my grandson, Calum Baillie Chalmers, is keeping the family name going in this area. Your father (my cousin) the late John Dall Chalmers very kindly gave me a copy of his original book with copies of family photographs, before he died and am now attempting to update these to incorporate my own line of the Chalmers family. Your site with the musical accompaniment is excellent and I shall be back for more. Hope to be in direct contact again soon. David B. Chalmers.

16-Nov-1999 13:45

Bob McEwan Fajara, Gambia, The Gambia

Came on your advice to look at GedCom and stayed to admire. I have no Chalmers in my tree but in my home town Dunfermline there is a Chalmers Street. Your web site is an experience. Bob

19-Nov-1999 04:06

David Chalmers Hammond, Hatboro PA, USA

26-Nov-1999 11:09

T. D. Chalmers Richmond, Virginia, USA

I discovered your website as a result of a search using my family name as the keyword. What a pleasant surprise! I never knew the origins of the "Chalmers" name. Thanks, your website is really informative and interesting.

27-Nov-1999 03:58

James Brown Chalmers Inverurie, Aberdeenshire, Scotland

Very interesting home page but we need more history of the clan to keep this going. Origins of the Chalmers name seems to be Norman coming over here with William the Conqueror. The clan map sets out our home area as near the village of Kintore approximately 12 miles west of Aberdeen. There you are I have started, who's going to follow up? I belong to Arbroath and all of my family connections still live there. The only famous Chalmers out of Arbroath was James Chalmers the inventor of the adhesive stamp, who was born there in 1782 and moved later to Dundee. However there does not seem to any connection with my family.

28-Nov-1999 16:45

Allen Butler Aberdeen, Scotland

Home page:

Enjoyed my visit, good site!!

30-Nov-1999 03:29

Kristin Schmedick Berlin, Germany

Home page:

I think it's good idea to have a family homepage! It surely shows some of your wonderful family spirit to everybody who comes here! Greetings from Kristin from Berlin, Germany

01-Dec-1999 09:39

Jeff Calvert London, England

For you to update your records, My date of birth is 25/6/54, married on 2/5/81 Mark Calvert was born on 20/10/83. My cousin Alex Bianchi has given me the address of your Web site.

05-Dec-1999 08:12

David Robert Chalmers Kent, New York

Would like to know more about my family tree

09-Dec-1999 11:54

Robert Thomson Johnston Croydon, Victoria, Australia

Hi John, Still trying to find the connections in Clacks. One of these days who knows I might strike it lucky. Thank you for your prompt service over the past year. Best Wishes for the Coming Festive Season. May the years to come be happy and prosperous Bob and Marion Johnston

23-Dec-1999 07:20

Charles Alexander Chalmers Brisbane, Queensland, Australia


My D.O.B. is 8/9/13. My mother's name was Barbara Ellen Schleger(27/12/84). My father's name was James Francis (DOB 31/3//1889). My grandfather was Alexander Chalmers (DOB 1854) in Aberdeen. His wife was Jane Kerr/Cumming, born 1855, Fraserburg, Aberdeen...I would love to hear about my Australian-European connections. Happy New Century

29-Dec-1999 06:13

Douglas Middleton Chalmers Dallas, TX, USA


Hello Every one & Happy 2000 to all the Chalmers and the clan connections. I was born of George & Pauline (Polly) Chalmers in Nov. 1947, Lynn, MA USA and had 5 brothers, Donald Paul, David, Bruce, myself, Richard, and 1 sister Susan. Dad was from Aberdeen, Scotland, Mom was English heritage having ancestors follow the Mayflower to the USA (Snow). Dads family came to the USA around 1910 and was from Aberdeen area. Grandma was a Middleton, my middle name, from near the same area. Dad had one brother Roy and one sister Helen. I will be happy to email anyone about the family. Regards, Douglas Middleton Chalmers

31-Dec-1999 07:23

Charles D. Chalmers Mill Valley, CA, 94941 USA

A wonderful contribution. I will return to add information but will leave a few things now. My grandfather came over from Scotland to Canada before WWI. My familiy is from Dundee and I have some particulars which I will post later. I have a source which reports, without any ability to confirm of course, that the name arises from some cadets of the cameron, or camerias, family who were banished because they attacked their overlord. They went to France where for many generations they continued, until one of them returned to Scotland. I will cite the source of this tale when I return. In recent wonderings on the Web I found the web page for an Irish Chalmers family, decendant from Scots who went to Ireland in the 16th century or so. I have half brothers or sisters who probably don't even know of my existence. They would be the children of Jack Chalmers, of New York City or other parts of New York State. If they see this I'd love to make contact. Remember that Robert Burns celebrated a member of our family, one of his friend, by a song to girl his friend loved. A Song for Willie Chalmers, 1786. Its very pretty. Thanks for this wonderful site. Charles D. Chalmers

08-Jan-2000 23:14

Maureen Australia

I am researching my great great grandmother Euphemia Chalmers who married George Innes in Carnock, Fife in 1838. They came to Australia in 1841 and settled in Victoria. I would appreciate any information on Euphemia or George

10-Jan-2000 05:58

Lawson John Heggie Ottowa, Ontario, Canada

21-Jan-2000 20:31

Ron and Julie Lawrence Pacific, Missouri, USA

Glad to find your Webpage.We are direct descendants of Rev.John Chalmers,Baltimore & Annapolis born ca. 1750 to James Chalmers. Any help appreciated. Great site.

23-Jan-2000 20:09

Ron and Julie Lawrence Pacific, Missouri, USA

Glad to find your Webpage. We are direct descendants of Rev.John Chalmers,Baltimore & Annapolis born ca. 1750 to James Chalmers. Any help appreciated. Great site.

23-Jan-2000 20:09

Timothy Chalmers San Antonia, Texas, USA

As a child I used to attend the highland games in Chicago, Ill. I still remember the Caber toss, and every once in a while I'll look on line to reimnd me of my past. Thanks!

23-Jan-2000 20:32

Reggie Darrell Chalmers Georgetown, Texas, USA

Grandfather: William Strong Chalmers - Waxachie, Tx, Father: George Reginald Chalmers

27-Jan-2000 19:07

John Arthur Chalmers Charleston, SC, USA

Hello: from a cousin across the creek. A Capt. James Chalmers sailed over circa 1750, landed in Charleston, & we've been here (& abouts)ever since. There's a bunch of John Chalmers in USA - probably 125 (from a phone disc), and that's just "John." We belong to Scottish Society and attend the games annually. You have a nice web-site; My wife was in Edinburgh past summer; she teaches eighth grade and was working on recertification. I've never been over. Twin 13 year old daughters, 34 year old daughter, and 31 year old son. 4 grandchildren. 59. Cameron. Years ago, I did a name genealogy on name and came up with same as yours.

29-Jan-2000 21:46

Bud Dole (Dall) 3101 Metz Drive, Midland, Texas, USA

Have a bunch of notes on the Dole (Dall) family I am getting ready to send you. Jan Laird is my second cousin. So glad to get your response to her query. You will understand the Dole (Dall) when you get my notes. Also sending a couple of pictures. Great to hear from you.

31-Jan-2000 16:09

Heather Chalmers Kashark Lockport, Illinois, USA


05-Feb-2000 17:56

James Kenneth Chalmers Thurso, Caithness, Scotland

Hi, just dropped in to say Hello and have a look.

09-Feb-2000 13:46

Cathy Chalmers Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Great site! I'm looking for info on my dad's family. He was from Aberdeen, Scotland. His name was James Murray Ben Chalmers, and was born on May 11, 1924. His dad's name was Benjamin and he had a jewelery store in Aberdeen. I don't know my aunt's name, but she married someone from Germany and moved to South Africa after WW2. Any info would be great.

13-Feb-2000 17:11

Anne Porcher Chalmers Charleston, South Carolina, 29407, USA

I think this site is awesome. I mean, it tells all about our heritage and everything. It's pretty cool. Also, I thought it was neat that my father is named John Chalmers like "you". Keep up the good work!!

21-Feb-2000 08:08

Mary Turnbull Surrey, British Columbia, Canada

Thank you for sharing your home page, what a lovely trip through time with your families. My family lived many generations in Kinross, the families of SCOTT,BOGGIE,BAYNES(BAINE,BANE)back in time to 1697, I hope that we will find some common path they walked together. Good luck with your research. You have done a wonderful job on your web site, so easy to find all the links. Thank you Mary

21-Feb-2000 12:41

Patricia Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

Thanks, John, for putting the map & photos of Curate Wynd. I see they've been there a while, so will visit more often. Have printed the map & then had a lovely stroll through the streets & lanes. Pat

24-Feb-2000 18:13

Derek Chalmers High Wycombe, Bucks, UK

Great Site - I was surprised by how many we are! I was born in Lanark, Scotland and my Dad was William Dickson Chalmers born in Cummertrees, Scotland 1933. Never tried to trace further back but I'd be happy to make contact with any long-lost relies.

25-Feb-2000 03:17

John Lewis Chalmers III Atlanta, GA, USA

Love the site, My great, great , great, grandfather came over to Western New York from Scottland around 1872 and started the Chalmers Gelatin Factory. The story of our family business can be found in the book "A History of the Town of Amherst" referring to Amherst New York in Western New York. John III

02-Mar-2000 14:30

Karen Chalmers Fermont, Quebec, Canada

Congratulations for your home page. Excuse my english writing, I am not bilingual... Me too i'm searching for my ancestor. I just found the name of my old grand father. And after i'm stoped. I can't found where he was born. I'm so curious, i try to find all about Chalmers. Because i would like to do a trip in Scotland later, and see all the place and the things that my ancestor did before... May be we have the same........ Friendly Karen

01-Mar-2000 19:42

Moira Chalmers Ilford, Essex, UK

Hi, it's Moira, I hope you are all enjoying the Chalmers Family webpage!

04-Mar-2000 11:29

Betty Chalmers Kenny Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

Hi Moira, Yes I am enjoying your website. I often visit your Guest Book to see if any of my relations have added a comment. Your family have done a wonderful job. I think John has given me some help along the way. My family came from Alvah & Marnoch in Banff. It's great to belong to the Chalmers Family worldwide. Greetings to all. Betty.

05-Mar-2000 19:22

Richard Harry Lang Ashton in Makerfield, Lancashire, UK

My grandmother was Agnes Chalmers from Glenmavis by Airdrie She lived at Greenwood Cottage,Thats how I came to visit your site . I am new to computing and envy you for such a fantastic Home page, it is a credit to your family. My father was Henry Chalmers Lang from Airdrie, He was born 1902, died 1940. I am 65 years old . Best wishes Richard

06-Mar-2000 11:58

Pat Olson Nanaimo, B.C., Canada

This is a terrific page and i have only just touched on it. I will definitely be looking at this much closer when i get more time. My mother was a Chalmers before she got married and i have tried to follow her Roots for some time, but lately have not had much time. I look forward to looking into your page very soon. Good Work and thanks. Pat Olson.

07-Mar-2000 15:38

John Bevis Hobart, Tasmania, Australia

The latest information I have on my ancestors is that John CHALMERS was born in Carlton, in 1779. He married Jean Miller CLARKSON at Barony LKS in 1804. Their known children, all born in Barony includes, Hugh 1806, William Clarkson 1807, Margaret 1809, John 1812, Jean 1814, Hugh 1817, my ggg grandfather George Clarkson 1819, Ann 1822, Francis or Frances 1822 and Agnes CHALMERS 1828. It would be great to share information with anyone researching this line of the family.

11-Mar-2000 18:45

Peter Chalmers Pontypridd, Wales

Very nice site, one of the best I've seen.

14-Mar-2000 15:36

Johann Willis Perth, Western Australia, Australia

Thank you John for directing me to your homepage. My ggggg/father was John Chalmers, b.c1790, m Jane Stronach. Their daughter Helen b.1812 in Inverkeithing Dunfirmline, Fife d.1819 in Parkneuk. Helen married Adam Hunter and they had 9 chn. William, 1835, Jane 1837, John 1838, Janet 1840 (my gggrandmother) Helen 1842, Adam 1845 (who also married a Helen Chalmers) James 1847, Thomas 1849, George Muir 1854. If you see a connection to this line I'd be pleased to hear from you.

16-Mar-2000 00:49

James Barry Chalmers Birmingham, Alabama, USA

Although I didn't find a connection yet, I'm descended from James Chalmers b. 1757 Broxburn, Midlothian, Scotland who married Bettey Banks. I think James's parents were Robert Chalmers and Agnes Hardy - does anyone know any more there?

16-Mar-2000 08:34

David Armstrong Stirling, Scotland

Chalmers in Dunfermline 1790-1860

17-Mar-2000 11:47

Wendy Allison Nelson, New Zealand

Was starting to get tired after a long surfing session, but your great music stirred me again. Loved the tartan and the site. We have Chalmers as christian names eg. Thomas Kiddie Chalmers ROLLO father b1913 Scotland, son of same name b1936. Somewhere you may have some reference to the above. Will visit again soon.

17-Mar-2000 05:15

Charmaine Wright Manukau, Auckland, New Zealand

Hi to all!Found your website very interesting,hope to have my own 'soon' just have to learn how to get it into cyberspace! Names I am researching: WRIGHT.DEMPSTER.FALCONER.CAMPBELL.CRAIG.REID.GEMMELL or GEMMILL.All Scotland. I hope to have some luck now I have subscribed to mailing lists!

18-Mar-2000 17:44

Jamie Whiteside Strathroy, Ontario, Canada

Looking for info on Helen Donaldson c dec 31/1820 Gorbals, Lanark, Scotland, child of Henry Donaldson and Allison Chalmers, Allison was born aug 1 1795 in Barony, Lanark to James Chalmers and Isobel Young

29-Mar-2000 22:01

Jane Cruickshanks Le Galloudec Oxford, UK

Practically neighbours from the 19th century.

03-Apr-2000 13:00

Travis Chalmers Manuels, Newfoundland, Canada

Just looking up some info on the origins of our name . Intresting page

03-Apr-2000 21:27

Dorothy Anne MacGregor Cromwell, CT, USA

Looking for family of McGregors of Perth including Alpine b.1754 who married Agnes Walker, some of the married names of their daugthers were Catherine Menzies,Robert Menzies, James Stewart, Agnes McFarland and then Gregor mcGregor b.1711 in Dull,Perth and going back to Austin McGregor who married Janet Scott in early 1600s. I have trouble finding Austin's parents and would be glad to know where I can search in the 1600s and before. Thank you, any help will be appreciated

15-Apr-2000 21:19

Pam Wilcock

Love that music!! [Especially the scottish opening one] I will explore the Kettle Dall connection- I have them all on IGI- on paper as I like to sit up in bed and peruse them! Cheers, Pam Wilcock

17-Apr-2000 05:25

Julian Greene London, England

Moira's page rocks!!

23-Apr-2000 04:01

James Grassom Barrow-in-Furness, Cumbria, England

Looking up the Grassom family tree, found your site, according to my records 11/6/1858 James Grassom married Mary Chalmers in Stirlingshire.

26-Apr-2000 17:05

Fran Ducas Nanaimo, B.C., Canada


26-Apr-2000 20:04

Diane McEathron Russell El Cajon, California, USA

I'm helping my aunt trace our ancesty and am trying to find information on Mary Jane Chalmers who wed Adam Skeldon in Haddingtonshire, Scotland in 1866. I have also been given the names of Roy Chalmers Skeldon, Benjamin Chalmers, Roy Chalmers Skeldon II, George Lindsey Skeldon. Apparently some of their children were given their mother's maiden name as a middle name. I would appreciate any help you can offer.

03-May-2000 18:17

John Paton Chalmers, Inverness, Scotland

This is a truly wonderful homepage. My granfather, John Paton Chalmers was born in Largs just after the turn of the 20th century. He was one of 12, seven brothers and five sisters. During the FWW he had both legs amputated. This was the reason he stayed behind when his eleven brothers and sisters emigrated to Canada in 1922. They moved to the Hamilton area from where two of the sisters later returned. Before my Father died, Chrstmas 1999, we gathered all sorts of information from him and I am currently constructing a family tree. I have never visited Canada but know for sure that I must have literally dozens of relatives over there. No doubt I will arrive some time. To all of you out there with and related to this surname, look after yourselves!

10-May-2000 18:01

Alison Durry Pruakanui, R.D. 1 Port Chalmers., Otago, New Zealand

Great Page and information. I am a Chalmers descendant from a family of Fife, Scotland. I am a newcomer to the 'web' and so far have some difficulty navigating homepages. What I have seen so far is interesting, but does not seem to have much relevance to my research. I have been involved in serious genealogy for 12 years (more or less) and am a member of the NZ Genealogical Society, and the local Dunedin Branch of that organisation.

20-May-2000 06:29

Kirsty Brown nee Chalmers Brisbane, Queensland, Australia

I am researching my family Robert Chalmers born 1844 Paisley, Scotland married Sarah Glendenning. My grandfather was Robert James Chalmers born Brighton UK 11.08.1874 died 1 August 1940 in Brisbane, Australia. His brothers and sisters were Andrew married Janet MacMillan, Mollie married James Gibson, Annie, Clara married Alexander Bremner, Jessie married ? Bascom. My grandfather Robert James Chalmers married Jean Aitcheson Mann (born Partick Scotland) in Bombay India 9.10.1908. My father Robert Alfred Mann Chalmers was born in Muree India 15.09.1909 they emigrated to Australia with his sisters Eleanor, Morag and Douglas. Elanor has passed away but my 2 aunts are still alive here in Brisbane. Any family links would be wonderful.

27-May-2000 19:40

Sue Chalmers Palmerston North, Manawatu, New Zealand

Great Page and information. My grandfather James Chalmers was a cattle drover, he also competed in cattle dog trials in Te Teko, New Zealand. Does anyone have any idea where I could get some info? Thanks

27-May-2000 22:24

Mary MacKinnon, Adelaide, Australia

Nice music!,Great family home page. My Aunt was a Chalmers, the reason I looked at this site. Will check it out again sometime. Regards Mary.

07-Jun-2000 22:24

Anne Chalmers Glasgow, Scotland

Great web page and Hi to all the Chalmers' out there! Searching through on behalf of my dad, David Roy Chalmers from Stirling, who has been researching the Chalmers' family tree for quite some time now and has reached back to 1770's He is interested in any information on a David Chalmers (1780's) from Flisk/Monimail in Fife. Also if anyone has any information on Chalmers' in Boston/Mass/USA back around 1848. Any info would be much appreciated.

11-Jun-2000 08:23

Rollie Langille River John, NS, Canada

David Donaldson (Perthshire) d. 1891 m. Mary Hutchinson (Perthshire) d.1895 Sons Robert, John, and George removed to New Zealand and Australia. I am a descendent od their sister Mary. Any connections?

23-Jun-2000 14:04

William Chalmers Baird Baton Rouge, LA, USA

Actually, I am William Chalmers Baird, III. My grandfather came from Scotland... Recently ran into a drawing/clipping/poster of Thomas Chalmers, Moderator of the First General Assembly of the Free Church of Scotland..dated 1813.

04-Jul-2000 15:49

Amanda Chalmers, Brisbane, Queensland, Australia

Thought it was fantastic that others in the Chalmers' clan were recording our ancestory. Good luck and Best Wishes, Mandy

06-Jul-2000 01:44

Diane Blair Kinsman, Chandler, Arizona, USA

My Grandmothers maiden name was Elizabeth Chalmers Stevens - this is a branch of the family I am just starting to research, it was such fun finding your web site. Going to Scotland this fall - hope to find more information before I go.

07-Jul-2000 18:58

Ian Campbell Chalmers Watford, Herts, UK

Playing on web with son Cameron aged 6

09-Jul-2000 14:48

Ronnie Grieve Chisinua, Moldova

Nice site. More Scottish music would be better.

19-Jul-2000 16:41

Sue Chalmers Palmerston North, Manawatu, New Zealand

Great information. Need to have more time to visit. Am busy studying. Bye

28-Jul-2000 03:27

Janette Jolly UK

Had to visit and say hello, I am a Chalmers by birth myself! My father was born in Turriff, Aberdeenshire but I do not really know much of his family history. Anyway, it has been lovely visiting my "family" page! Keep up the good work. Janette Jolly (nee Chalmers)

28-Jul-2000 14:56

Jennifer Scarcella (nee chalmers) Sydney, Australia

My great, great uncle was James Chalmers (Tamate) the missionary - any other relatives out there? My father Percy Burton was born in Warrington to William Chalmers and Edith Burton Chalmers in 1892 - any help in tracing these lines would be appreciated.

05-Aug-2000 08:06

Steven Chalmers Brechin, Scotland


I am interested in seeing other Chalmers round the world

09-Aug-2000 08:14

Bryan Ben McMartin, Winneway, Quebec, Canada

Hey,I am an Algonquin Indian(Anicinabe).As of today,I have not met another McMartin other than my immediate Family. I am hoping to eventually find some decendants of my great-grandfather, perhaps they could shed some light on this part of my heritage. Regardless what I may or may not find;I am content with the knowledge that I am exploring this side of me. I wish you all Peace, Love and Friendship during your Earthwalk. MAKWA.

15-Aug-2000 03:35

Rod Fleck Forks, WA, USA


Wow! This page represents what genealogy on the net is all about. The level of information and interactivity is outstanding. Well done. Now if we could only have made a connection with our Fifeshire Rodgers - but the time spent was enjoyable - even if the connection could not be made. Rod Fleck

20-Aug-2000 14:39

Marion Morpeth nee Chalmers Peterborough, UK

Thank you for the site it is very interesting. I have just started to trace my fathers side of the family. The only iformation I have at the moment is:- Father - David Murie Chalmers (b)18.01.1930 (d) 16.06.1992 Grandfather - John Campbell Chalmers (b) 1898 (d) ?? Grandmother - Jessie Adamson Wilson (b) 16.08.1898 (d) 11.01.1976, her parents were John Wilson (Iron Monger) and Janet Galloway Dunfermline area. If any one can help at all I would be most grateful. Thank you... Marion

03-Sep-2000 18:03

Julia Chalmers Glasgow, Scotland

This was a pleasant surprise for someone who doesn't or didn't know much about her name. Cheers.

13-Sep-2000 13:59

Lee Stuart Chalmers Portsmouth, Hampshire, England

I am very pleased to have found this web site I am the son of Janet Florence Chalmers born 05/07/38 who is the daughter of Alfred William Chalmers born 18/12/09 if there is any direct links to us please message at e-mail address

14-Sep-2000 12:03

Matthew Crane Somerset, Tasmania, Australia

Thank's John..... It's great

14-Sep-2000 09:22

James Kitson S. Surrey, B.C., Canada

My Wife Violet (nee.Goodings) 76 yrs. old)) had an Uncle Bill who migrated from Bingley in Yorkshire England to Pawtucket after W.W.1, would you know of a family contact

14-Sep-2000 23:34

Lemoin Chalmers Pretoria, Gauteng, South Africa

Very nice homepage, I never knew we had one. I'm a REAL Chalmers because I'm the only one in our family with redish hair and I love Scotland. Please send me e-mail if you like, and pictures of Scotland if possible - bye..

1-Oct-2000 14:24

Trevor Everett Chalmers Cheshire, MA, USA

I was just searching on my last name and found your page so i thought that i would add my name to the list.

6-Oct-2000 23:17

David Chalmers Newark, Nottinghamshire, England

I am currently researching my family roots and have so far traced my ancestors back to ca. 1680 with connections established through the excellent SCOTS ORIGINS on-line database. My great-great-grandfather was also a David Chalmers who lived in the Auchterderran district of Fife - his ancestors came from Auchtermuchty.

8-Oct-2000 12:17


Hello again John,You still have the best website.I keep looking and listening to the music.

12-Oct-2000 06:53

John Poziemski Bochum, NRW, Germany

This is all pretty impressive. Have a good weekend! John

12-Oct-2000 17:08

Nicki Rayment Reigate, Surrey, UK

Brilliant site. My Chalmers connections concern my g-grandmother, Annie Isobella Chalmers, daughter of Andrew Chalmers & Jane Scott, Andrew was born 6th May 1856 in Eassie & Nevay, Angus, eldest child of James Chalmers & Ann Davidson who married the day after his birth on 7th May 1856. James parents were Andrew Chalmers & Agnes Peebles, they married Nov 1830 in Longforgan, both were recorded as living in Littletown at the time. James & Ann Chalmers and their children moved from Scotland to Aynho, Northampton and then to Gatton in Surrey sometime in the 1870's. James died at Gatton in 1891. His son Andrew Chalmers (my g-g-grandfather) was the village Blacksmith in Merstham, Surrey and his brother John, ran a Coachbuilding business in Redhill, Surrey. Another brother, David, ran the Blacksmiths Arms pub in Caterham. They also had sisters: Agnes, Ann, Margaret, Cecelia & Hellen. I'd be interested in anyone who has any ties with this line of the family, be it in! Surrey or Scotland.

17-Oct-2000 05:30

Richard Chalmers Herts, UK


25-Oct-2000 11:15

Danette Hall Baytown, Texas, USA

Hi, my name is Danette Hall and my great grandmother was a Menzies and I have been trying to find information about a great great great great grandfather but I have not been able to find anyone who has anything on him or where I would look to find it. His name was Robert McMinn and he was born in ireland in 1700 and his wifes name was Jane. They lived in North Carolina, USA. He died in 1800 and that is all that I know of him except his childrens names and so forth. What I need to know is his parents names and if he had any brothers or sisters and I have no idea where to look next. If any one would be able to help please email me. Thank you, Danette Hall

26-Oct-2000 13:34

Andrew Michael Chalmers McConnellsburg, Pennsylvania, USA

I don't know you people, but you have the same name as me, so I figured I'd say hey.

30-Oct-2000 07:33

Kerry Mendygral Lake Heights, NSW, Austalia

Looking for great rellies. John or Thomas Todd married Jessie Chalmers 1840 - 1880 Edinburgh, Inveresk, Lasswade, Midlothian area. Please email reply. Thankyou Kerry

05-Nov-2000 21:26

Angela Weston, Somerset, England

Weird website, I found it as I was trying to look for information on the history of Weston Super Mare for a school project. Never mind, heh. c ya

08-Nov-2000 11:15

Colin Hadlow Los Angeles, CA., USA

My grandmother was Gladys Marguerite Chalmers of Edinburgh and London, her father was Alexander a civil engineer who had something to do with the Forth bridge (I have an invitation to the opening in 1890, he is depicted standing next to Prince of Wales at the opening ceremony. His father was John Chalmers who was an architect and surveyor at 23 Greenside ST. Edinburgh died 1848 was a freeman of Londenderry and Stirling, Scotland. He was the "Measurer of Artificers Work" in Edinburgh 1844. I had an old Cameron kilt for years said to date 1677, but it fell apart. I still have a picture of my great great grandfather dated 1848.

10-Nov-2000 01:02

Jerram Lowrie Chalmers Gisborne, New Zealand

Hello,from sunny Gisborne. My grandfather Joseph Thomas Lowrie Chalmers was born in Bellshill, Glasgow and came to New Zealand 46 years ago. Great web site, regards Jerram

26-Nov-2000 02:00

Mattias Ansebo Gothenburg, Sweden

Hi there! My only connection to Chalmers is that I study at Chalmers University of Tecnology here in Gothenburg, Sweden. I am however very curious about the Scottish tartans that the clans of Scotland have. William Chalmers (1748-1811) donated his wealth so that the university could be founded. Now I would like to know if the Chalmers family has some special tartan. I have searched all over the Internet and this seems like a good place to get some answers. William must have been related to some of you. Please send me an email if you can help me or give me a hint of where to look. Best regards Mattias Ansebo Student at Chalmers University of Technology

26-Nov-2000 13:27

Peter Dawkins Kilwinning, Ayrshire, Scotland


Just being nosey, but enjoyed my visit nonethless. Well done, Best regards, Peter

26-Nov-2000 16:56

Constance Cook California, United States

Looking for family of Willard Donaldson. Love the look of your web site and am just starting to dig in.

27-Nov-2000 00:05

Warneke Darmstadt, Germany

Hello, i'm in trouble, cause i can't find an old friend. He lived with me in flat-sharing community. As he left, he gave me his adress. But now i tried to call but there's no connection. Can you give me a hint (Internet Site or something), where i can search for him? His name is Neil Burns and his old adress was Abercromby Place, Stirling in Scotland.....please mail to me....thank you

28-Nov-2000 06:29

Andrew Goodman Tansor, Northants, England

For Moira - I too was at William Torbitt infants and junior from 1970 to 1979 (I think!). I hear there is a website created by Pauline Bane for articles etc. about the school but I can't find it anywhere! - was mentioned in the local newspaper (Redbridge Recorder I think) but this is just a commercial site. Any ideas??? Great family site by the way!

28-Nov-2000 07:41

Amanda Bonallo Broxburn, West Lothian, Scotland

Found this by accident but not a bad read!!!!!

29-Nov-2000 14:34

Sherry Chalmers Koban Jupiter, FL, USA

My maiden name is Chalmers. I was born and grew up in South Carolina where most of my family members remain. I was in England last year and can't wait to get back!!

03-Dec-2000 21:56

Tandy Dayle Chalmers Oakville, Ontario, Canada

I was born in Sandton, South Africa (June 29, 1982). I have two sisters, Carmen Debra Chalmers(Oct 24, 1977) and Dana Lori Chalmers (Jan 11, 1981). My parents are Bernard Malcolm Chalmers born in Johannesberg South Africa (Aug 3rd 1945) married to Beverley Elizabeth Wolfowitz Chalmers born in Durban South Africa (July 29 1950). My father's parents are Alexander Myles Chalmers from somewhere in Scotland and Elizabeth O'Callaghan Chalmers from Ireland.

06-Dec-2000 23:30

Dorothy Kinmond Lachance USA

I noticed in the list of names you had a Fidler and a Milne. Wouldn't it be a wonder if you also had the parents of Ernest Fiddler who married Sarah Black 1788 and had six daughters - Isobel, Ann ,Elizabeth, Margaret, Ann m. Alexander Milne, Marjory.

14-Dec-2000 13:09

Cindy Condie Ashburn, VA, USA

My family is planning a trip to Scotland this summer, which started me exploring my Scot roots a little further, and I am amazed at what I've found! The Chalmers site is very nice. I am descended from David Chalmers(born about 1800 in Kilmarnoc, Ayershire, Scotland)- James Logan Chalmers -Mary Elizabeth Chalmers who was my great, great grandmother. I would appreciate any genealogy info on David's parents. Also, would love some ideas of what to see and where to stay when in Scotland, we only have 10 days and my husband wants to visit his Scot roots as well! Thanks for your web site, I enjoyed it!

15-Dec-2000 10:36

piscataway new jersey dance Piscedance, New Jersey, USA


Nice site, I enjoyed my visit. I liked the layout.

17-Dec-2000 18:06

Cheryl Cody Franklyn, MA, USA

Looking for information about Catherine Chalmers b. 1808 in Fifeshire, Scotland. Married Jan. 12, 1828 to William Hill b 1803 in London. His parents were Mathew Hill born in Scotland and Lady Mary Gilbraithe also born in Scotland. Family rumor has it that Mathew Hill was the stable hand and eloped with Lady Mary to London. Any information or direction would be greatly appreciated.

26-Dec-2000 16:41

Grant Orrock Dundee, Tayside, Scotland

I was just browsing and came across your site , I was very impressed and particularly liked the links (easy & quick)the way they should be.

04-Jan-2001 16:53

Juliana Chinese wife, Naples, Florida, USA

. . . Juliana here please. Well! I thought only we Chinese were hooked on family names. But I sure learned diferently with so many of you Westerners chasing "Chalmers" all over the globe. . . . . . . . . We go by clan names - I belong to the Singapore branch of the Teochew clan and I speak that dialect of the mother tongue, the Mandarin language. My husband who writes some for Oxford UN.Pr. (THE KRIS), wrote a scholarly book about how langusage is used in Southeast Asia. It's TO PLEASE A CHINESE WIFE and is reviewed on . . . . . . I met him at a durian festival in Bangkok and now I live in his country. Do you know that in Chinese writing "America" is spelled with just two characters - mei guo, which translate to "beautiful country" Isn't that nice of us to do them such a favor?

. . . . . . Thank you, dear Chalmers clan, I'm sure you're all lovely people. Sincerely yours, Juliana, Chinese wife.

08-Jan-2001 23:32

Richard Chalmers Brown Woodbury, Conn., USA

Excellent format & website. Like most others I'm researching the family tree. So far I've researched to my greatgreat grandfather from Oban. Perhaps someone out there has the same lines. Thanks for the site. Dick

09-Jan-2001 23:30

Colin Bendall Stirling, Scotland

Hi John, told you I'd visit. Looks good!! If I get the chance, or the time, seems about right these days - and here's me a gentleman (?) of leisure.

15-Jan-2001 13:27

Boyd Chalmers Guelph, Ontario, Canada

Just found your site tonight... I will send some history I have when I have more time

18-Jan-2001 21:56

B.Babu rao Tenali, ap, India

Dear brother -IN -Christ,Greetings from RURAL HEAL MISSION,INDIA,in the Matchless and wonderful name our LORD Saviour JESUS CHRISt.Good work .keep it up.The future generations shall be appriciated your appropriate actions.May God bless.please keep in touch and enlist our missions address in your maling list.

19-Jan-2001 22:29

Phillip Chalmers Liverpool, UK

Excellent site. I am just starting to research my family tree, your site has inspired me. My family originally came from Fochabers, any Chalmers who originate from this area please email Cheers

31-Jan-2001 16:08

Ken Smith Oshawa, Ontario, Canada

I am looking for any Smiths who were associated with Kinlock, near St. Fergus (above Peterhead) owned by a Chalmers family in 1983. The road to the old parish burial ground by the sea, surrounded by a granite wall, passes by the yard where the Kinlock trucks were parked at that time.

02-Feb-2001 18:28

Garth Stanley Chalmers Bedford, Nova Scotia, Canada

Congratulations-My grandfather,Charles Chalmers,tobacco broker [Andrew Chalmers & Sons, Fenchurch Street, London],lived at "The Chestnuts" Cranbrook Road, Ilford, Essex in l897.Presumably a large residence. Does anyone know if it still exists, or pictures thereof?

03-Feb-2001 15:34

Elizabeth Chalmers Wright Boston, MA, USA

I have enjoyed your site. I am trying to find information about my great grandfather Thomas Clark Chalmers. All I know is that he married Virginia Reed Hogmire (AKA Virginia Boyd) in 1866 and that their son Thomas Clark Chalmers was born in New York City in 1869. His father may have been named Stephen and some of the family lived near Charlton NY. Unfortunately Thomas Chalmers seems to have been a popular name.

07-Feb-2001 20:19

Lyndon Chalmers Tairua, Coromandel, New Zealand

Great page. Just looking for the family coat of arms etc. I guess at the end of the day all the chalmers must be related somewhere in history right? Anyway thanks for the help.

06-Feb-2001 20:56

Travis Chalmers, Near Montreal, Quebec, Canada

Hi Chalmerses! I'm actually only a Chalmers as a result of parents' divorce and remarriage, but I still consider myself one... The site is wonderful. It's just incredible to see how widespread the name is all around the globe (with obvious concentrations in the US, Canada, and UK). Keep up the great work!

18-Feb-2001 23:50

Alastair Chalmers Nottingham, England

What a wonderful site found purely by accident, having been surfing the internet. Also brought great memories of my late father Robert Thomson Chalmers, anyone know him? Please get in touch, would love to hear from you.

23-Feb-2001 06:25

Jeff, Arlene, Mike and Melissa, Edinburgh, Lothian, Scotland

We are part of the original Harthill Chalmers family and are interested in our genealogy. Our great grandfather, Robert Chalmers originated from the Harthill area.

24-Feb-2001 16:25

Marg Rosen Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Hi everybody - what a thrill to reach the Chalmers family!! My gr gr grandmother was Mary Chalmers(1788-1881)born in Markinch, Fifeshire, daughter of David Chalmers(1754-) and Jannet Robertson. Mary married George Donaldson on Nov 09 1815 in Rathven Banffshire and had a son Charles Donaldson born 1836 Banffshire, Scotland. Charles migrated to Canada with Mary (widow) ca 1860 and had 11 children. However Mary's application for a land patent lists her as the widow of James Donaldson who served in the war. Querries: What war did he serve in? Who was James? What happened to George? Was Charles Donaldson her only child? Did any other Chalmers migrate to Canada? Is there a Canadian Chalmers branch? Would love to hear from anyone with info on this branch of the family. Will share my data.

24-Feb-2001 21:55

Adrianne Dunlop Perth, W.A., Australia

Hi, what a huge website!! Just seeing if my G Grandmother Helen(e) b.1876 England was here. Very impressive.

25-Feb-2001 02:32

Tom Chalmers RD2 Napier, New Zealand

I am always looking for a connecting Chalmers however my lot I believe came from around Kirkcudbrightshire to NZ

25-Mar-2001 20:11

Andrew Chalmers, Angela Chalmers Leicestershire, England

Just found your web site , our family originate from the Perthshire area I will add more information shortly as I have to go rummaging in the attic for our documentation

26-Mar-2001 12:59


John,You have given the CLAN a great resource.Many thanks again for your time and effort on our behalf.David R. Chalmers.

27-Mar-2001 14:04

Mardi Chalmers Snow

04-Apr-2001 19:31

JOYCE HILLMilton Keynes, Bucks, England

Am so jealous of your website and excited to have found my 3rd Great Grandparents on there (George Rodger and Margaret Neil). They had another daughter called Agnes Russell Rodger born 1837 Kemback, Fife who married one James Dowie in Carnbee Manse on 17th July 1863. James and Agnes' daughter Elizabeth Bisset Dowie married my Great Grandfather David Calman 4th December 1885 Carnbee Manse.

12-Apr-2001 15:11

Alan James ChalmersNorthampton, England, U.K.

Searching for links to help me trace my ancestry, and came across your site.

20-Apr-2001 05:11

Heather ChalmersMontreal, Canada

My father was George Stevenson Chalmers D.O.B 01/10/24 Coatbridge Scotland. Came to Canada during WWII. GR.father, George Ritchie Chalmers married Jeannie Stevenson, I don't know much more. Thanks.

19-Apr-2001 23:57

Pam WhiteNewbury, Berkshire

I am most impressed with your family web page. I hope I shall eventually manage to create one even half as professional. Pam White.

20-Apr-2001 18:23

ShishowOsaka, Japan



27-Apr-2001 16:02

Scott ChalmersKettering, Northants, England

I just typed in my own name and up you popped. I didn't realise that there were so many of us. Hello to all. My family are originally from Paisley in Scotland, also related to Ferguson. Could you let me know of any links?

19-May-2001 10:13

Rae ChalmersSouthwest Harbor, Maine, USA

I live on the coast of Maine, surrounded by Chalmers that are not immediately related to me. My parents are Richard and Joan Chalmers in Minneapolis. They grew up in Hawaii before attending college in California. Thanks, great site. Rae Chalmers

24-May-2001 11:48

Linzi Margaret Chalmers Ayrshire, Scotland

I am 14 so don't know of many of my ancestors. I found this site really interesting though and am amazed to see how widespread around the world we Chalmers' are!!!

02-Jun-2001 15:44

Sue Chalmers Palmerston North, Manawatu, New Zealand

Great site. It is cool to see so many Chalmers around the world. Wonderful!!. It is so interesting and very distracting.

03-Jun-2001 02:20

Adrian Wells Weston-Super-Mare, Somerset, UK

Hi, Hope that you don't mind, but I'm trying to find a Ross Chalmers, a Kiwi who was in the UK (Bath) in the late 1970's. We worked together for a while, and would just like to swap notes!

07-Jun-2001 15:49

Regina Chalmers Cape Coral, Florida, USA

I am looking for information on Ronald George Chalmers (my father). Mother was Hazel, now deceased and sister Judy. All lived in Florida last time I knew. My mother was Anita Snyder at time of wedding approx 27-32 years ago in Ft. Myers, FL.

12-Jun-2001 17:28

Marilyn Chalmers Horvath Wayland, Mass., USA

I have just discovered all the information on the Web about my father's family's heritage. I can only trace the family back to another John Chalmers of Almondbank near Stirling.

17-Jun-2001 08:47

John Chalmers Newcastle, N.S.W., Australia

A well presented Web site congratulations.

19-Jun-2001 15:51

The Lyon Clan East Dulwich, London

The Clan Lyon of East Dulwich, seeks to make peace with the Clan Chalmers of Ilford. Clan Lyon respectfuly ask for forgiveness for the lapsed contact over the past years and the many Christmas cards owed, (thought we'd save postage and do a bulk mail shot every decade, true scots to the last penny! ). Clan Lyon prostrates it's self at the feet the great Clan leader, " John the CAD Chalmers ", and begs his mercy, may his claymore rest easy at his side as we bow before him.

21-Jun-2001 07:39

Alister McConnell Kirkcaldy, Fife, Scotland

Hello family. I know I haven't seen you all for a while but I found this website so I decided to say hello to you.

23-Jun-2001 19:51


Hi Moira! I was looking up Jade on another site and this popped up! The photos are very interesting (glad you didn't put on any of me) C U in Lowestoft! Louise

06-Jul-2001 10:23

Hugh B Chalmers Jr. Memphis TN, USA

I enjoyed your web site

07-Jul-2001 18:05

Tom Simmers California, United States of America

Homepage: &

I really enjoyed visiting your website, and I can appreciate ALL of the hard work, over probably many years, that went into researching and creating it! What a wonderful thing to do for all of the many among us who are deeply interested in searching for our Roots! I could not help but notice, just how many Simmers individuals are among the members of your family tree. After viewing the Simmers from all the counties in Scotland, I am truly amazed at the numbers of them, and also how some of their names seem to have changed spellings from Symmers, Symer, Simmer and other! I am looking for info regarding any Simmers who may have left Scotland and emigrated to the U.S.A.! If anyone who reads this might know of any, I would be most appreciative! Please visit my Simmers websites, if you're interested. You may be quite surprised! Best regards, Tom Simmers, in California

10-Jul-2001 19:01

Lois Hill Stevens Point, WI, USA

To Kenneth H. Chalmers: I, too, am descended from Alexander and Jane (Campbell) Chalmers. Email me at

10-Jul-2001 20:40

Crystal Chalmers Hammond, Indiana, USA

Well your page is good, but I am having a hard time because I am 14 and I want to know who all my family were on my dad's side because my dad is Kevin Chalmers, his dad is William Chalmers and his dad is Albert Chalmers

11-Jul-2001 09:04

Jean Christie Oregon, USA

Wonderful site of talented people ! I'm wondering where Claysykes is or was in Kinrosshire. It existed in 1855 when my Grt. grandfather John Christie owned the farm. Jean.

21-Jul-2001 18:38

Kylie Jarrett Brisbane, QLD, Australia

What a fantastic site - wish I had the time, energy and skills to create something this wonderful. I am in the process of tracing my Chalmers (Alexander born 1854 Fraserburgh, Aberdeen) roots and I've no doubt that I will be a regular visitor to your site. It's going to make the process of matching and eliminating info that much easier. Thank you everyone for creating such a wonderful tool to help the rest of us with researching our family trees.

26-Jul-2001 20:21

Ian Chalmers, Orkney, Scotland


01-Aug-2001 05:15

Gareth Thomas Bridgend, Glamorgan, UK

Please could anybody help with any information on a Phillip Chalmers (Rhodesian) who lived and worked in the Bahamas(Nassau) during the late sixties, played rugby for a side called "Bailou". He worked in the financial sector but is not thought to live there anymore, he was last seen in London 1987 at a rugby reunion. Any help would be fantastic.

07-Aug-2001 17:01

Alison Durry Dunedin, Otago, New Zealand

Currently researching the descendants of my Great Great Grandfathers brother - Andrew Chalmers m. Elizabeth Morris, came to New Zealand 1858 on 'Robert Henderson' with said brother (Robert), family of 7. Robert, James, Christina, Jane ( 1858), Elizabeth, Andrew, Arthur, Jane Brymer ( 1861). We have some information, but further would be appreciated. Thank you.

03-Sep-2001 17:43

John Wesley Chalmers Mississauga, ONTARIO, Canada

This is a very interesting web site. My father and my late grandfather are from Fraserburgh. I am going to pass on this site to him so he can take a look at it. I know he would enjoy it.

05-Sep-2001 21:38

Estyn Murray Chalmers II Hemet, CA, USA

Hello! The family is from Aberdeen - my great frandfather. Will log in with more detail later.

09-Sep-2001 13:59

Ali Stalker Tullibody, Clackmannanshire, Scotland

Really stirred some memories reading the family book. As you may have guessed I used to stay next door at 66 Fairfield. I remember your dad practising his pipes and he always seemed to come home with a salmon. All the best, Ali.

11-Sep-2001 04:44

Raymond Chalmers Frome, England

Hi, Like your site. Found it whilst browsing to see if I could find any info. on my GGGranfather Robert Chalmers born in Perth, Perthshire abt 1802. He married Helen Fster/Forrester in Cupar, Fife on 5 Oct 1823. He Died in Cupar on 25 Dec 1863 and his son John failed to put his parents on Roberts death Certificate. Enjoyed your site and the music. Regards,Ray

13-Sep-2001 13:32

Owen Chalmers Moama, NSW, Australia

Hello John, I am a descendant of John and Ann Chalmers originally of Broxburn, Midlothian, and later Airdrie, Lanarkshire, Scotland. My cousin Bradley A. Chalmers has recently compiled a history of the family of John and Ann titled "From Broxburn to Ballarat and Beyond" 150 Years of the Family of John and And Chalmers in Australia 1849-1899. ISBN 0 646 38394 9 . The book was launched to coincide with the family re-union held at Deniliquin, NSW, in November, 1999. I have recently returned from Papua New Guinea where I had the interesting experience of working with a National whose village dined on Rev. James Chalmers. The Rev. was and remains a legend in that country. John, the Chalmers name is well known and respected in Northern Victoria and Southern New South Wales as I imagine it is all over the world. It is great to see so many Chalmers' visiting your site. My email address is available should any out there wish to call. Regards Owen.

19-Sep-2001 06:39

Andrea Rosemary Chalmers Brampton, Ontario, Canada

My paternal grandfather's name is George McGregor Chalmers and was born in 1920, in Aberdeen, Scotland.  He is the youngest of 12 children, born to John and Mary Chalmers - my great-grandparents (great-grandpa John originated from the Orkney Islands of Scotland and great-grandma Mary's maiden name was 'Bowes-Lyon').  They immigrated to Toronto, Ontario, Canada when my grandfather George was 2 yrs. old (1922).  After serving 5 yrs. overseas as an army veteran in WW2, he married Mary Mehedan in 1947 and had 2 beautiful children;  Ron and Patty.  They also have 5 wonderful grandchildren;  myself (Andrea), Darryl, Ronnie, Derek and Kelly.  Great website, "Hello" to all the Chalmers Clans out there! 

22-Sep-2001 19:36 - (updated 19-Feb-2002)

Frances Ann Chalmers Manchester, New Hampshire, USA

What a Wonderful site! I'm glad I found it. I too am interested in learning of my Scottisn heritage. I have information from birth certificates and a marriage certificate. I will record this information hoping someone will find a connection to their roots. My Grandfather, James Chalmers was born May 23,1880 in Whimfield Cottage. This information taken from the Register Book of Births/Parish of Kinross/County off Kinross March 5,1892. His parents:James(a mason)and Jane Ovens were married June 229,1866 in Edinburgh. I know my grandfather had a brother Harry who brought his wife Belle to the U.S. settling in the state of Missouri. I beleive he may also have had a brother David and a sister. A Henry Chalmers witnessed his marriage. I don't know if this is another brother or if this would be Harry,that I know of. My Grandmother: Jane Anne Legg was born November 18,1878 at Burnside of Balconnell. Her birth registered Parish of Mennuir(not sure of spelling)County of Forfar. My Grandmother had a sister Belle/Bella and a brother George and possiblllly another sister Nan. Her father:James (farm servant) hermother Anne Perrie. They were married April 17,1903 at 4 Scotia Street,Glasgow(what is there now?) William Smart Todd minister of New City Road Congregational Church officiated. Is this Church still there? I'd like to visit. My father: Francis Ovens Chalmers Born September 24,1907 at Pond Cottage, Lethangie. Registered in Parish of Kinross Book of Births. His sister: Anne (Chalmers)Beers born August 30,1904 Rolland Street Glasgow. Birth registered-Kelvin district,Glasgow. I believe my Grandfather brought his family to the USA in September 1908 and settled on Long Island in the state of New York. We have some articles that he wrote and sent to the Kinross-shire Advertiser telling of his journey.

27-Sep-2001 21:01

Scot Bonallo Livingston, Scotland

Found this by accident

30-Sep-2001 16:35

Henny van Veelo (Chalmers) Rotterdam, The Netherlands

I am the daughter from Mary Chalmers Collie born 21.06.1920 Auchterless Dykeside. Her father is John Chalmers 1883 Auchinnina

30-Sep-2001 16:35

Chris Glass


Hi john, it looks like you are composing your html in 1024 by 768 screen mode. In 800 by 600 you can read either parts of the frames fully. Chris

26-Oct-2001 23:07

Jamie Aitken Brisbane, QLD, Australia

this is a really good web and i hope u all have fun in the future

29-Oct-2001 04:38

Florine Chalmers (now Kuhn) Calgary, Alberta, Canada

It's a great site, my father was Ernest Scott Chalmers born in St-Jules,Quebec, Canada. His father came from New Brunswick, Canada and I was told that his grandfather came from Scotland. Hi to all!!

05-Nov-2001 13:56

Sandra Patterson Cameron, North Carolina, USA

My ggg-grandmother was Catherine Chalmers, b. 18 Dec 1807 in Balbirnie Mill, Fife. She was the daughter of George Chalmers and Agnes Melvill. Catherine married William Hill on January 12, 1828, and they came to the United States, settling in Dover, Massachusetts. Catherine died July 26, 1867 and is buried in the town cemetery in Needham, Massachusetts. Her death certificate names her parents, Balbirnie Mills as her place of birth, it also mentions Markinch where she was christened. Would love to know if there are other decendents of George and Agnes(Melvill) Chalmers out there. George and Agnes had 6 other children: David, Janet, Andrew, Thomas, Fife and Mary Jane. It has been wonderful finding more of our family history from Scotland!!

09-Nov-2001 18:45

Euan Marren Castel Fife, Scotland

Great website! My mother is Jane Wilson Chalmers (b1940) on Raith Estate Kirkcaldy. My Grandfather was William Chalmers (b1912) on Raith Estate His sister Isabella celebrated her 100th birthday on 7th November 2001 My Gt Grandfather was John Chalmers head forester - Raith Estate. His brother, don't know 1st name emigrated to Australia circa 1900 - had son and daughter (Jean) settled in Melbourne. Anyone with any more info?? We would be interested to hear.

09-Nov-2001 09:53

Debra Chalmers, Sheffield UK

Thank you for a great site. You have inspired me to research into my own family. I was born in Edingurgh in 1975 and lived in Walkerburn (near Peebles) until I was 8yrs old. I always thought my surname was quite rare i didn't realise there was so many of us.

15-Nov-2001 19:00



18-Nov-2001 14:11

Carole Katikati, New Zealand


Hi everyone. I am looking for the parents of the father of my great grandfather. William Menzies born in 1868, we know his parents were William Menzies and Mary Walker. What I am trying to do is to go back another generation and look for William Menzies parents. We think he was born about 1836. If anyone can help that would be great. Your site is great. Carole

20-Nov-2001 04:38

Euan Chalmers Warragul, Victoria, Australia

What a thrill to find this site and hear "The March of the Cameron Men" a song that I learnt as a child. My grandfather was William Chalmers born in Dundee 27th Nov 1858. Married Janet Johnstone in Victoria Australia 23rd Feb 1886. I would like to find information about my grandfathers siblings- Elizabeth Anderson Chalmers, Peter Chalmers, David Doig Chalmers. Thankyou for the great site.

22-Nov-2001 05:17

Wayne A. Chalmers Biloxi, MS, USA

22-Nov-2001 11:03

Jennifer Brown, Mississauga, Canada

23-Nov-2001 10:25

O. Amaro Alhambra, CA., USA

Hi! I know this is a long shot but, but I'm looking for descendents of a Daisy F. Chalmers whose family members originated from the Spokane, Washington (USA) area sometime around the (last) turn of the century about 1900-1912, eventually settling down in Southern California. Daisy Chalmers married an Edwin L. Geer and they had a daughter Margaret and son Richard. Thanks!

29-Nov-2001 14:07

Gregory Chalmers Bear, Delaware, USA

02-Dec-2001 17:36

Alexander Ian Marnoch Pontypool, Ontario, Canada

I am of the Innes clan from Northern Scotland. I do not know much about my familly history but am trying to find information. If anyone knows info about the Innes clan and in particular the Marnoch sept please let me know

09-Dec-2001 08:16

Lynn Deas Chalmers Lark Henderson Mason Dunfermline, Scotland

Hi to all Chalmers in and around the world. Cool site. I`ll keep coming back. Thanks for the help in the past John. TTFN LYNN

08-Dec-2001 16:36

Carol A. Chalmers Barberton, OH 44203, United States

Wonderful homepage. Thank you for helping me find my roots.

21-Dec-2001 09:37

Rochelle Brown Surrey, British Columbia, Canada

I am looking for imformation on a Martha Jean Chalmers, who married Angus McKerracher and lived in Alva, Scotland in the 1800

24-Dec-2001 01:19

John Poziemski Bochum, Germany

Hi John, Thanks for the Christmas greetings. Have a great holiday and a wicked New Year.

25-Dec-2001 07:12

Adrian Roling Chambers Manchester, England

just found your site while looking for my history ! the site is a good one, keep up the good work. adrian.

29-Dec-2001 14:02

Peter Chalmers Ayr, Ayrshire, Scotland

I am from N. Ireland but my family are originally from Marnoch, Banffshire. My Great-grandfather, James Watson Chalmers was born in Advie, Invernesshire, became an Insurance Surveyor and moved to N. Ireland. He married Mary Mcmillan. She died and he then married a lady called Letitia. He died in Portsmouth. His father was Alexander Simpson Chalmers who was a Railway station master with the Great North of Scotland Railway before becoming Superintendant of Aberdeen Markets. I am particularly interested in tracing descendants of his other children. They are Alexander Watson Chalmers who married Martha Walker, Charles Chalmers who married Mary Ann Gillooly and was a Bookseller, Alice Smith Chalmers, Helen Adam Chalmers, Alexina Jane Chalmers who married Alex Baillie, Isabella Chalmers and Maggie Ann Chalmers. If anyone has any info I'd dearly love to hear from them. Peter.

03-Jan-2002 08:22

Sue Barnsley Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

I have been in touch with you before re: Dall's in Fife, I am looking for a James Dall who was born Nov 1780 in Kettle, Fife. I noticed you had Dall's from Kettle, any of them named James?

04-Jan-2002 17:26

Thomas Chalmers Bridgton, Maine, USA

12-Jan-2002 11:43

Adrian Wanganui, New Zealand

My Chalmers were from Strichen until John Chalmers moved to Fyvie and had a wool dying plant, the Mill of Ardlogie. He married a Castel and their daughter Isabella married Peter INNES from Marnoch in 1867. Peter and Isabella emigrated to NZ in 1863 and 1866. If anyone has a connection I have traced those families. Great site and a great service!

15-Jan-2002 23:05

Mary Searles Kentucky, USA

I noticed that John Chalmers attended the Fife Mining School in Cowdenbeath. I am wondering if you have any information about the school that would add to what little I have. My grandfather, Joseph Parker, helped get the school esbablished and was first principal of the school. Mary

19-Jan-2002 12:23

John Chalmers Derby, England

Many congratulations on a great web site, but what have you done with all my relations? Grandfather David Lockhart Chalmers born 1862 in Liverpool. He had four sisters Edith, Muriel, Antonia and Margaret and three brothers Arthur, Francis, and Anthony, all born in Everton, Liverpool between 1857 and 1872. Their father was Anthony Wigham Chalmers a prominent Accountant in Liverpool, born in Barony Glasgow in 1815. Anthony had two brothers, Thomas and Dr David Chalmers, who were also born in Barony. Dr David became Consultant Surgeon at the Northern Hospital, Liverpool and he retired in Surrey with his wife Ellen Dodson. They had 3 children Thomas, Harriette, and Harold. Harold emigrated to the USA (Colorado) where he married Georgia Belle Dudley and had a daughter Belle Ellen Chalmers. Belle married Herbert Winthrop Wadley and I have been successful in tracing some of their descendants. But where are all the other descendants? Can anybody help?

19-Jan-2002 14:35

Norma Bethune Mosgiel, Otago, New Zealand

My visit resulted from seeing a reference in the Fife website about the DALL family info it contained my husband has several [early] Dalls in his line! Although I didn't find what I was looking for, I'm impressed with all the work that's gone in the result is a very attractive and well laid out site! Great stuff!! Norma

23-Jan-2002 14:06

Jennifer (Jenny) Scarcella (nee chalmers) Sydney, NSW, Australia

Hi! Once again John, You mention that you have a copy of the autobiography of the Rev James Chalmers - the Missionary in New Guinea - It appears I'm his great, great niece - Does it mention in the book anything about his family - Does he have brothers and sisters etc. Seem to be stuck on this part of his life! Many thanks in anticipation

24-Jan-2002 02:28

Douglas Chalmers 18 Alexandra Road, Prenton, Birkenhead, Merseyside, Great Britain

Trying to research family hisory this page may prove invaluable. Only found by chance only recently had access to web I Will keep in touch

24-Jan-2002 08:44

Sue Hembury-Kellow Taunton, Somerset, England

I am most impressed by your website. My maiden name was Chalmers; my grandfather, Alexander, was from Dundee, and I am very proud of my Scottish heritage. Looks like I've discovered a wealth of possible new relatives!

27-Jan-2002 14:58

Barry Chalmers Wyoming, Ontario, Canada

04-Feb-2002 23:12

James Chalmers Canberra, ACT, Australia

11-Feb-2002 20:23

Adam Chalmers Courtenay, British Columbia, Canada

Swell web page! I am actually the seventh generation of my (entire) name, and my son continues with the tradition of the first born sons. Have visited N. Scotland on 3 occasions and always loved it. Am currently a Captain in the Canadian Forces (Air), though will soon be out due to a back injury... so wish me luck - in whatever (haven't quite decided yet). Cheers

15-Feb-2002 20:53

Janice Chalmers

Hi, I'm a Chalmers by marriage and have produced a son James Chalmers (15/12/79) , daughter Laura Chalmers (1/11/82) and a recent addition is Abigail Chalmers (18/11/01) We live in the South of England and know that my husbands family were from Scotland. Hello to all Chalmers` around the globe !!

18-Feb-2002 09:55

Kagusha Olumbe Melbourne, Australia

i would like to know information about being a laywer in australia but i am in high school year 7. I realy like you work that is all i have to say thankyou

25-Feb-2002 00:28

William Douglas Chalmers Santa Monica, CA, USA

Hello: I haven't had time to check your site yet, but I have some info on the Chalmers family that left Scotland and immigrated to Canada in 1800's then to USA.

25-Feb-2002 16:09

Iona Wynter(nee CHALMERS) Sheffield, England

Hi all you Chalmers's out there - curious to know who started the Chalmers family lineage in Jamaica. This will be around the time 1880. By the way - great web-site.

26-Feb-2002 16:29

Audrey Seddon Montreal, Quebec, Canada

A very nice looking site! My Scottish ancestor was the Rev. John Waddell, born in Lanarkshire in 1771 and arrived in Truro NS in 1797. I'm always hoping to find out more about my family's past.

26-Feb-2002 15:23

Lynne Proffitt UK

I am trying to help a friend whose father's name was Robert Duncan Chalmers who we believe came from Perth and adopted a boy named Paul. We know his Dad belonged to the Cameron Clan and would love to know about any contacts. Many thanks for any help. Lynne Proffitt

28-Feb-2002 11:43

Margie Maginnis Lakeland, Florida, USA

Enjoyed looking at your site. My ancestor was a John Chalmers b.1810 in Lambeth Eng. and his son also John Chalmers b 1835 birth in Canada. This is about all we know about our Chalmers', I would love to know more about them.

28-Feb-2002 13:50

John Chalmers Newcastle, N.S.W., Australia

Hi John. Once again I am visiting your website and can appreciate all the that goes into a site like this. I am trying to link a John Ballantyne Chalmers Who was Born in Cambusnethan in 1872 Married a Agnes Virtue F(ea)thers in 13/4/1900 to a William Chalmers born 1851 in Greenends old Monkland, married Ann Gorman in 31/12/1872. If anyone can assist it would be much appreciated. John Chalmers Newcastle Australia.

03-Mar-2002 15:18

Jennifer Scarcella (nee Chalmers) Sydney, N.S.W., Australia

Hi! trying to trace my father's family - My father, Percy Burton Chalmers was born in Warrington Lancashire (now Cheshire) to a William chalmers and an Edith Burton Chalmers. He had a brother Reginald and three sisters, Edith, Elsie and Dorothea - Have found Reginald's family in the UK and also Dorothea's in Australia - Mystery still surrounds Edith and Elsie. I believe Elsie married a man with the surname Marriott and Edith a man named Cooper. Any help in tracing them?

05-Mar-2002 03:20

James Chalmers Brisbane, QLD, Australia

My family and I were really gratefull for your effort on creating this site. We also are of the Clan Cameron. Thankyou.. James

06-Mar-2002 02:53

Nancy Mason Cumberland, ME, USA

I have a John Gibson in my family tree. I believe he was born in 1845 in Edinburg, Scotland (I also have the name places Lasswade/Juniper Green). He married Margaret Heggie/Higgie who was born in 1851 in Aberdeen, Scotland and died in 1927 in Motherwell. They had 9 children, James, Eliza, Maggie, Janet (Jennie), Samuel, Mary, Anne, John, and Alexander. I've only just begun searching. If anyone has any information that might help me, I'd appreciate it!

10-Mar-2002 18:51

Midge New Zealand

Kia Ora. Phew!! What a lot of Chalmers have signed your guest book, and here I was thinking that there weren't that many of us about. Google search engine brought me to this site which is very interesting. My Grandmother, Maggie Ann Chalmers came to New Zealand early 1900's. She was born in Alford to James Alexandra Chalmers and Mary (nee Grant) in June 1887. James's parents were John and Jane (nee Mair)Chalmers. Mary Grants parents names, Alexander Grant and Jane (nee Davidson). I have just started on this side of the tree, what I have written is all I have so far. Feel free to get in touch with me if you can help me get to know these people. I will be back to this site when I have more spare time!! Cheers

15-Mar-2002 03:40

Douglas Laird London, England

Found your site through Central Scotland F.H.S. and found it very informative. I am connected via William White (Abt 1805) and Isobel (Isabella) Cadzen (Abt 1906). Pleased to put a few more pieces in my Family Tree Jigsaw. Douglas Laird (Wimbledon)

16-Mar-2002 09:07

Victoria Chalmers, Aberdeenshire, Scotland

25-Mar-2002 06:57

Jane Chalmers Decker Lake Shastina, California, USA

John, you've done an outstanding job with your website - what an incredible labor of love! Since I last accessed it, I took my first trip "home" to walk where my dad did and try to connect a few more of the dots. Needless to say it was wonderful - it's such a beautiful country! Perhaps one of your visitors might have some information on the marriage of Thomas Chalmers to Elizabeth Thomson c. 1838 and probably in Fife since their son, David, was born there - a surprise since the rest of my lineage lived in and around Tillicoultry. David married Jane Richardson in 1864 and raised their children in Bannockburn - Jane, Elizabeth, John, Janet, Margaret and David, jr. John was my grandfather and attained the rank of sergeant in the military, probably with the Gordons. He married Mary Miller Galloway of Tillicoultry and had four children, David, Agnes, Winnie and Jim (my dad). Going back, there are close ties with the Meikeljohn and Miller families which I still need to pursue. And going forward, the ties by marriage thus far are with McKay, Selfridge, Stockdale, Malcolm and Dickinson, all in and around Fife, Clackmannenshire and Perthshire. Bravo for your effort, John. I'll visit again soon!

06-Apr-2002 02:01

Sandra Higgins Chalmers Southwest Harbor, Maine, USA

My husband is Francis Thompson Chalmers III His father and grandfather both Francis Thompson Chalmers Grandfather Francis was from Kemnay, Aberdeen, Scotland. His mother and father are buried in the little cemetery in Kemnay which I visited 5 years ago. "Grampy" Frank came to America when he was 18 years old, joined the Canadian Army to fight in WWII, then came back to US and married.

10-Apr-2002 09:05

Mary Flannigan (Chalmers) London, Ontario, Canada

My father, Murray W. Chalmers recently died in January of this year, 2002. His family came from Scotland and settled in Mornington Township, near Stratford, Ontario. I was searching the website to see if anyone related has written.

14-Apr-2002 22:01

Marg Chapple-Rosen Toronto, Ontario Canada

I thought I would add my connection to your list! George Chalmers married Elizabeth Forbes 1791 Rathven, Banffshire, Scotland. Known child - Mary Chalmers born 1793 Rathven married George Donaldson 1815

16-Apr-2002 00:20

Tracey DeTillieux, Prince Albert, Saskatchewan, Canada

Mothers' maiden name was chalmers. Believe grandparents immigrated from Scotland. Think grandfathers name was john, he is longtime deceased. I did not meet him. Any relatives left? Unsure origin of birth or when immigrated to Canada.

16-Apr-2002 17:53

Douglas Long, Sydney, New South Wales, Australia


My grandmother was Ethel Mary Elizabeth Chalmers (died about 1975) who's family came to New Zealand late in the 19th Century via Mauritius. Her father was an engineer who, I believe, was involved in the building of the NZ Main Trunk railway line - especially the Mangaweka and/or the Makohine Viaducts. His brother was Harry Chalmers who went on to become Chief Executive then Chairman of the Bank of New Zealand (died about 1972). I know nothing of this side of my family although, some 40 years ago, I believe my fathers brother obtained some information indicating a link to the Camerons of Erracht. Unfortunately my father and uncle are now dead.

Other members of my grandmother's family were Scott, Amy, Helen and Katie. Harry had two sons, Ian and David and I believe David still lives in Auckland although I have not seen him for many years. Prior to retirement he was Chief Executive of New Zealand Insurance and he was actively involved with the NZ Institute of Company Directors.

I would be interested in any information anyone might have about the family.

27-Apr-2002 01:18

Adam Chalmers Southampton, UK

Hello to fellow people called Chalmers

28-Apr-2002 09:26

Walton Moore Chalmers II Washington DC, USA

I've enjoyed paging through your wonderful website. Like many of those commenting, I'm trying to learn more about my family. My grandparents, Isaac and Agnes (Hannah) Chalmers emigrated to the US (Detroit, Michigan)from Grenoch around 1910. They lived in Detroit until around 1922, but returned to Scotland with their two children, Edna and my father Walton. Both my parents are deceased. I know quite a bit about my mother's family, but remain in the dark about the Chalmers of Scotland. Any information about me(us) would be very appreciated. Wally Chalmers

16-May-2002 15:28

Karen Brown New Zealand

I've just started tracing my genealogy. My grandmother, Isabella was the daughter of William & Annie(maiden name Anderson,first husband, John Hillhouse)Chalmers. I'm trying to find out when they arrived in NZ.

17-May-2002 22:34

Claire Payne (nee Chalmers), Essex, England


28-May-2002 06:31

Georgia Dennison, Huddersfield, Meltham, England

Well I stumbled accross this website by looking for pictures of Gabrielle (singer)!

03-Jun-2002 02:23

Steve Chalmers Essendon, Victoria, Australia

Great site will get back to it when I have heaps more time

10-Jun-2002 02:39

Sue Chalmers New Zealand

Excellent site, gee there are a lot of Chalmers around the world.

13-Jun-2002 06:53

JANE FLUHMANN-EVARD Neuchatel, Switzerland

Hello, I would like first, to excuse my bad english, but I went to learn english in 1957 to Bury in Lancashire, and I found a job in a family .... T.P. Chalmers "Daddy" I called him. He came from St Andrew and his mother was there. Daddy was a gynaecologist, his surgery was on the Manchester Road at Bury. His wife was called Jean and they had two kids a girl named Patricia and a boy called Russel. I remember, Daddy was 39 at 1957 so If God keep Him well He should be actually 84 years old. I know that when I left them at 1959, they went to Australia and I think after they went to New Zealand. My wish, it would be so nice for me to receive some news from their family. I hope that you will be able to send me a nice and good news. I wish to you all, all the best. God bless you. I've been very pleased the read your guestbook Chalmers family, this is a name that I will remember as long as I live.

13-Jun-2002 09:07

Heather Poston, Florence, S.C., USA


14-Jun-2002 12:17

Bob Dall Sechelt, BC, Canada

What a site! The information and music are great. My family is from Largoward, Fife and I'm interested in any information about James, Robert James, and George Dall.

26-Jun-2002 11:55

Katherine Chalmers Plymouth, England

Just looking at the site!! Didn't realise there was so many!

27-Jun-2002 11:13

Jill Webley (nee Chalmers) Waikanae, New Zealand

Excellent site. My great grand father is William John Chalmers and came out to NZ. His wife was Annie Hill House who came to NZ with her husband on the ship 'Wild Deer' to Port Chalmers in the South Island. I am not sure when William came to New Zealand

04-Jul-2002 23:36

James Chalmers Brisbane, Queensland, Australia

It's always great to see that people are interested in their heritage, your site is fantastic.. The Australian branch of Chalmers' are all well and prosperous. Care to all...

08-Jul-2002 23:37

Tim Chalmers Canterbury, Kent, England

28-Jul-2002 02:56

Ricky Chalmers Canterbury, Kent, England

Hi John, Jenn and Moira, Congrats on your site. Just a note in your guestbook linking visitors to my website ( I have an updated Family Tree with facilities for guests to add notes and comments against members of the tree if they think that we are in some way related.

31-Jul-2002 11:05

Jeannine Maughmer Houston, TX, USA

My great-great-grandfather, Peter Chalmers, claimed he helped your great-great grandfather set up his gelatin factory from 1873 until 1882. Records we have said they were partners but I'm not sure how true that is. Thanks for the site. Jeannine Maughmer

05-Aug-2002 17:59

Darryl Chalmers Staten Island, New York, USA

My family for years have been trying to find our ancestry from Scotland. My great grandfather landed in Monsterrat in the Carribean. We heard he was from Tilly Scotland and had a son, my grandfather, John Chalmers. Please help us, we our very proud of Scottish roots.

09-Aug-2002 10:22

Scott Chalmers, Hennipen, Minneapolis, MN, USA

10-Aug-2002 22:03

Gregg Chalmers Guelph, Canada

Great page! My family came to Canada from Scotland sometime in the early 1800's. My mother has done tons of work on our hertiage (on behalf of my father). Cheers.

22-Aug-2002 15:47

Tiffany Chalmers Waterlooville, England

Hi everyone I can't beleive how many of us there are. It seems there are alot in the U.S.A. This is a great web site.

12-Sep-2002 05:21

Cathy Chalmers (Hall) Ontario, Canada

As a Chalmers myself, I find this site of great interest. I plan on checking it out more thoroughly in the next little while. Thanks. Cathy

14-Sep-2002 07:45

Sally Griep Palos Verdes Estates, California, USA

Enjoyed visiting your site. Found it while looking for a site I lost about Chalmers and location of Markinch. I am from July (July) Chalmers (Chambers) born in 1772, father Thomas Chalmers. She married John Orrock in Kirkcaldy, Fife 1799. Enjoyed your site very much, a lot of work!

16-Sep-2002 02:34

Paul Lapointe Nanaimo, British Columbia, Canada

I am researching my ancestry from my great-grandmother's side named Catherine Dall born in Quebec in 1842

20-Sep-2002 08:05

Charlie Chalmers Branson (Ridgedale), Missouri, USA


How interesting to find you on the web! Hope you find my life interesting as well. My grandfather Hugh Chalmers, born in 1872, was United states senator from Arkansas in 1927. My dad Charlie J. Chalmers was his son, born in 1901. I was born in Memphis, Tennessee in 1942. My Great Grandfather was James Chalmers, Brigadier General under General Forrest in the civil between the states. It's GREAT to have found you on the internet. Hope to hear from you soon! Your Rock & Roll Cousin, Charlie Romain Chalmers

21-Sep-2002 09:48

Louise Chalmers

27-Sep-2002 08:37

Joshua Bris

Home pages:

Thank you for the resources. Keep up the good work! Best website templates online -

01-Oct-2002 09:22

Steven James Chalmers Nyon, Vaud, Switzerland

Good web-site

07-Oct-2002 09:43

Norman Ford E. Longmeadow, MA, USA

Looking for families of James Ford/Helen Garnock Tod, who were married in Currie, in the year 1857

10-Oct-2002 13:37

Loren Spiller Canada

looking for news on Phil Chambers used to be in the Bahamas knew him then as a member of Bailou Rugby, part of the scrum would like to get in touch. cheers

14-Oct-2002 11:43

Georgie Chalmers Isola 39F2, Rome, Italy


14-Oct-2002 13:27

Linda Ann Chalmers Gatton, Queensland, Australia

Hi to all. I am the eldest child of David James Charles Chalmers and Ivy Joyce Chalmers nee Kowaltzke. I have 2 brothers Neil David Chalmers(31) and Adrian Ian Chalmers(28). Dads parents were William Henry Chalmers and Mary Kate Chalmers nee Williams. Dad has 2 brothers Alec, Harold(deceased)and 3 sisters Hazel, Ann(deceased)and Lil(deceased). Sadly Dad died in the Gatton Hospital on the 14th July 2000. A relative emailed me the site and I've enjoyed reading up on my family tree thank you and great job well done. Bye for now, Linda

18-Oct-2002 17:55

Stewart Cairns Glasgow, Scotland

Great site. My wife is related to the Simmers branch which eventually becomes Summers. We are at present comparing notes and may e-mail in the future

20-Oct-2002 12:06

Matt London, England

Hi - I found your site when I searched Google for Lambeth

21-Oct-2002 18:22

Kerry Chalmers Baldwin

23-Oct-2002 19:06

Lindsay W. Chalmers Bay City, Michigan, USA

I am a first time visitor, thought I would take a look! My father, Lindsay M. Chalmers was born in Clydebank.

24-Oct-2002 13:00

Wendy Igbadumhe(nee Chalmers) London, England

Hi just looking through ur website...trying ti find a bit more about my family from aberdeen.... my dad, robert chalmers still lives in Thurso, scotland.

28-Oct-2002 12:16

Gail Laing Rotorua, North Island, New Zealand

I was totally excited when I found this web site as I have been looking for a printable picture of the Phillip Laing for my husband as a present as he is a decendant of Phillip Laing, can anyone help me?!

03-Nov-2002 15:56

Linda Vasquez

05-Nov-2002 12:18

Lee Chalmers Kingston, Surrey, England

Born Bellshill 1971 to William and Margaret Chalmers.

06-Nov-2002 16:21

Michael William Robert Kirk Dunfermline, Fife, Scotland

Dear Mr Chalmers, as you will have noticed my surname is Kirk. I noticed from another website that you have traced your family back to William Kirk and Margaret Douglas. Well, to let you know I am also a desendant of William and Margaret through their son Peter Kirk born 1799 in Dunfermline. One of their other sons Abraham Kirk moved to the States in the mid 1850's. If would like more information about me do not hesitate in contacting me on the e-mail address above.

07-Nov-2002 04:18

Murat John Urumqi, Xinjiang, China


This is a great web-site

13-Nov-2002 02:26

Jean Coker Jacksonville, Florida, USA

Wonderful web site. The pictures and detailed history of the homes were very interesting. Gives me ideas about putting together something for my family (probably will have to wait until I retire though - looks like this took a number of hours and lots of work). Thanks John (Gibson Chalmers) for help in locating my ancestral home of Kingseat, Cleish. Hope to visit the area soon. Jean Coker

20-Nov-2002 19:01

Kathryn Chalmers

Great page

22-Nov-2002 08:38

Richard Lang Lancashire, UK

Hi John, I like the new site. I'm still researching my family. Have been up to Kirkudbright in search of the Knox side of my ancestors, plenty of info and I found another cottage still intact that they once lived in. Have a nice christmas, I still love the music. Richard

29-Nov-2002 14:17

Christine Garraway Bath, UK

Does any one know of any family or relatives of Elizabeth Stevenson born Jan 1901 to parents of James and Ellen Stevenson. She also had an older sister, Isabella Elizabeth, who was born at 1 Millers Lane, Morpeth, Northumberland. She was my grandmothers sister. Please can any body help? Isabella has 1 remaining sibling living who is very ill and would like to know if there any living family please contact me soon if you are related to us as time is getting very short for Uncle Bill love Chris

07-Dec-2002 12:15

Sue Chalmers New Zealand

Great site. It is interesting to see who has visited this site. Plus all the different sites.

12-Dec-2002 05:35

Dale, Sydney, New South Wales, Australia


Thank you for all the effort you put into your site. I found it very interesting.

15-Dec-2002 21:20

Peter Chalmers Lake Grove, NY, USA

My great Grand father emigrated to Rhodesia in the eary 1900's

16-Dec-2002 18:23

Rhonda C Brown Vauxhall, Alberta, Canada

My great grandmother is Catherine Chalmers. She married Alexander Dunbar Brown on March 26th, 1886 in Edinburgh. They had a son named John Chalmers Brown on March 29, 1893 in Bridgend, Dunblane and I believe two daughters by the names of Jennifer (never married) and Isabella (we believe she had a son named James). John Chalmers Brown immigrated to Canada and served in WWI with the Winnipeg Rifles (in the "Little Black Devils"). He married Dorothy Katherine Hirst of Stonewall, Manitoba, Canada. I'm looking for any further connections anyone might be able to supply!!!

18-Dec-2002 01:20

Richard Chalmers Clackmannan, Clackmannanshire, Scotland

Great site for the Chalmers family name it just shows you how many there are all over the world

19-Dec-2002 17:04

Wayne A. Chalmers Biloxi, Mississipi, USA

I see there are a lot of Chalmers around, but the hard part is finding the ones that have a direct connection to me. I have been looking for info on my Grandfather William Lynn Chalmers whom was married to Thelma Palmer. I have been able to find William listed in the Palmer family tree but nothing on him before that.

21-Dec-2002 13:28

The Rev. Glenn Burr Chalmers Chicago, Illinois, USA

30-Dec-2002 15:46

Patricia Amy Florence Wigham Bolton, Greater Manchester, England

I would like to know where my family originated.

03-Jan-2003 10:44

Maureen Masi nee Burke Punxsutawney, Pennsylvania, USA

Would like to meet and chat with some old school friends from the u.k. I went to Saint Cecelia's School in Green Lane Liverpool Merseyside u.k.I graduated in 1953,would like to get in touch with an old school friend by the name of Maureen Murphy,nee O'Callaghan.I was told by an old school friend that Maureen was on the website. Thank you.

04-Jan-2003 20:43

Mary Surrey, BC, Canada

What a beautiful site, so informative, easy to move around. My family are from the Portmoak Kinross area. I too have a HAXTON She was Elspeth HAXTON who was the mother of my Alexander BAYNES who was Baptized June 21, 1697, Portmoak, Kinross, Scotland. This is all I have from the parish register from Film LDS C114642. I really enjoyed browsing, kind regards, Mary

05-Jan-2003 20:59

Derek Chalmers Edinburgh, Scotland

10-Jan-2003 07:35

Michael Chalmers Kansas City, Missouri, USA

I am looking for my grandfather. His name is James Chalmers and he was married to my grandmother in Rippey, Iowa, USA, in 1941. I believe he was in the military and possibly in Louisana in 1943. If anyone has any information that may be of assistance or where to begin looking, please let me know. Thank you.

10-Jan-2003 10:32

Karen Smith Coalsnaughton

GR8 web site! :-)

13-Jan-2003 05:36

Danielle Chalmers Hampshire, England

Hi, I'm Danielle Chalmers, my grandad is a Scot and he lives and breaths it! Can I just say I think this page is really good. I'm 15 and I like looking to find out my family history! My brother is also called Cameron Chalmers, very wierd!

17-Jan-2003 04:14

Alex Chalmers New Milton, Hampshire, England

My father is William Turner Chalmers born Coatbridge, Glasgow. I know he had one brother.

17-Jan-2003 14:58

Noreen Chalmers Elliot Lake, Ontario, Canada

husband: Alexander John Chalmers -- parents: Marion (nee Rothnie) Chalmers; James Robert Chalmers, both born in Aberdeen, Scotland. (emigrated to Canada in the 1920's)

19-Jan-2003 08:22

Christopher Chalmers England

19-Jan-2003 13:49

John Robert Lee Chalmers Sydney, NSW, Australia


I feel my name is not so unique

27-Jan-2003 19:40

John Budde Atlanta, Georgia, USA

I am seeking information on a James Chalmers (Chambers) who was born 1753 in Dufermline Fife, married an Elizabeth Kerr, born 1757 in Dunfermline Fife. I believe these two to be my ggg grandparents. They would have emigrated to the USA circa 1788, where they settled in Washington County Pennsylvania before moving to Richland County Ohio. I would like as much information on these two as I would like to confirm if they are the people I am looking for and who their families were.

31-Jan-2003 15:18

Mike Chalmers Bromley, Kent, UK

just having a look

02-Feb-2003 05:03

Cindy Chalmers Kykotsmovi, Arizona, United States

Looking for Scotland connection. Grandfather: Robert Moses Chalmers born Newbury, VT. I know of an ancestor named Euphemia Fairfull Chalmers who came to VT. in 1800's. She was born in Dumbarton Castle. Her father was a member of the garrison. Do you know more?

03-Feb-2003 13:41

Jeremy Chalmers Bournemouth, England

Hey family of mine, I was just checking out to see who I was related to, it would be quite cool to find out who my distant relatives are.I know that my name is originally Scottish, and I have heard of William Chalmers, but would love to find out more. Anyways take care guys bye

10-Feb-2003 05:37

Danie Centurion, Gauteng, South Africa


13-Feb-2003 08:19

Jennifer Chalmers Delaquil Los Angeles, CA, USA

Hello, other chalmers'out there. This is my first search for chalmers family members. My great grandfather was Andy Chalmers and he imigrated with his mother to vermont and married. That is all I know, except he drank alot, laughed alot, danced alot and worked for the electric company. I would love to find out who his father was.

26-Feb-2003 01:38

Ian Donaldson Geelong, Victoria, Australia

John responded to a query on a newsgroup and invited me here for a look. Very nice! Unfortunately the Donaldson's listed are not related! Cheers Ian

03-Mar-2003 05:47

Hans Manila, Phillipines


nice website,,,,regards

08-Mar-2003 16:39

Linda Knightley, Kansas

Very nicely done

09-Mar-2003 09:40

Derek Chalmers Bradford, West Yorks, England

Don't know if this is of any use to you. Born in Montrose, Scotland April 1 1950 (yes really). Father - George Lowe Chalmers. Mother - Annie Mathers.

22-Mar-2003 04:54

Cary A. Chalmers Grand Rapids, Mich. USA


22-Mar-2003 04:54

Rebecca Chalmers Arras, France

john, its been lovely seeing all the old pics- i personally like the one taken at ruairidh's christening!! will be in touch with you all soon becky

28-Mar-2003 08:12

Deborah L. Chalmers - Hager Batavia, Ohio, United States

I'm trying to find out something about our family tree. My fathers name is David James Chalmers and his father was Harold Chalmers. They lived in Michigan for years. I do know that we have relatives in Canada and that the family came from Scotland originally. I would love to learn more about our history. My dad has a half brother Jerry Chalmers and last I heard he lived in California somewhere. If you are related or know of anyone who is please contact me. My father was born Oct. 27, 1934 I do believe. I was born June 13, 1958 in Royal Oak, Michigan. I have two sister that are younger then me, Wendy Lee Chalmers - Lienhart and Elizabeth Anne Chalmers - Dexter.

09-Apr-2003 10:15

Jim Devolin Ontario, Canada

Researching William Chalmers, born May, 1836 Fife Scotland, died May 10, 1856 Ont. Canada; married Euphemia Morris May 10, 1856 in Fife, Scotland....their children Janet born 1857, William born 1859, Thomas born 1863, Euphemia born 1875, and Jean Imrie born 1878 (all born in Scotland). I estimate that Wm. & family emigrated to Canada abt 1870 settling in Stephenson Twp. Muskoka Dist. Ontario Canada. Need help...who was Wm's parents & his full name? also was his wife Euphemia Morris? or...? any assistance would be appreciated, I am a direct descendant

22-Apr-2003 15:01

Ryan Lawson Glasgow, Scotland

Hi folks, my mother Linda(43)is the oldest daughter of a family of 4 under the Chalmers name, the others Tommy(41), Scott(38) and Rita(33), my mum now lives with my twin sisters in Bishopbriggs, Glasgow. We are looking for Scott who none of my family have seen or heard of in the last 5 years. My grandmother, Catherine Chalmers, sister of Helen,Jean and George is desperate to locate her son, if you are outthere or anyone else has seen or heard from Scott please contact me on 07973825581, very very much appreciated folks, great site, cheers.

30-Apr-2003 04:25

sarah jary(morpeth) Kings Lynn, Norfolk, England

Have info on Jefferson family. E-mail me. Has anyone any access to 1830s in Northumberland?

04-May-2003 05:51

William Chalmers Dixon Balsam, NC, USA

I am doing a search of my maternal ancestors - mother Grace Chalmers (b.Feb 20,1898 d. age 100 in 1998) her father William Chalmers, her mother Isabell (Clarke) Chalmers, and other children, all of Dundee, Scotland.

06-May-2003 11:37

Shanyn Victoria, BC, Canada

I am seeking information on Michael Higgins born in 1887 in MaryHill,Scotland.He married a lady by the name of Donaldina MacLeod also of Scotland in 1910 in Sydney Mines,Nova Scotia Canada.Thanks Shanyn

07-May-2003 21:27

Dodug Steward Lyndonville, VT, USA

Great site. I am interested in the Dall family of Kennoway and Markinch, Fife, particularly in Andrew Dall, born about 1837 in Markinch, died 6 Sep 1902, Baintown, Kennoway Parish, Fife and his wife, Catherine Birrell. born about 1936, died 12 Jan 1910, Leith, Midlothian. Their children were Annie Dall, born 1 Dec 1868 in Baintown, Kennoway Parish, died 29 Sep 1958 Windygates, Fife; and William Dall, who was listed on Catherine (Birrell) Dall's death certificate as residing at 30 Reform St., Blairgowrie, Sct. in 1910. Annie Dall married George Purves in 1894, and they resided in Edinburgh (listed in the 1901 census) and later moved to Auchtermuchty, Fife, where George died on 29 Apr 1934. Thanks.

10-May-2003 05:36

Shelley Overwater nee Chalmers Thompson, Manitoba, Canada

What a nice website, I am impressed. We lost touch with my dad and his family several years ago. I know my grandpa was William Chalmers and they lived near Kindersley, Saskatchewan and then Lacombe, Alberta. I believe he was from Scotland. I would love to hear from relatives.

18-May-2003 22:48

Duncan John Chalmers Hampshire, England

Just here to have a look around.

22-May-2003 10:44

Eric Chalmers Carrickfergus, Northern Ireland

Thought I had better add the Northern Ireland Chalmers connection unto the impressive worldwide list ! Keep up the good work.

24-May-2003 10:15

Nina Lindsey Alemao Vine Grove, KY, USA

Hello. It is said that our Mercers are kin to the ones in Aldie. General Hugh Mercer was reported to be related to them. I don't have alot of info. Just heresay. Would love to hear any info on Grayson and Wayne Co. Ky. Mercers if you know any. Regards, Nina in Ky. Related families: Stewart, Mercer, Sanders, Cook, Langdon

24-May-2003 19:43

Patricia Chalmers/Marshall London, England

I am the daughter of Harriet Chalmers whose father was James Chalmers of Leven Fife.If interested please contact on above e-mail.

26-May-2003 09:52

Mervyn Boyd Chalmers Guelph, Ontario, Canada

Robert C. Chalmers born 1776 Hamilton Scotland married Isabella Forrest was my GG grandfather

03-Jun-2003 19:56

Robina Benbow Swan Hill, VIC, Australia

Just browsing, very interesting site. My grandfather was Arthur Chalmers, he and his family come from the northern victoria area in Australia. His mother was a noted opera singer, Jessie Chalmers. I don't know much more until I speak to my Nana. Does anyone relate to this? Cheers

14-Jun-2003 00:11

Kylie Howard London, England

Hi everyone. it's me...kylie xxxx

18-Jun-2003 09:14

Klien Tagon

hi i really like your web site. i'm half Scotish myself so i really fell at home when i visit it.

18-Jun-2003 09:21


Hi it's Scott your long lost cousin from Sandiago. Jokes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! By the way cool music.

18-Jun-2003 09:16

Antony William Chalmers Leeds, West Yorkshire, England

Anybody with links to the CHALMERS name from Coatbridge.My father was JAMES HOGG CHALMERS who moved to Leeds. I would like to hear from you.

24-Jun-2003 13:52

Lorna Baines Felixstowe, Suffolk, UK

Hello to the Chalmers family, Excellent website. I was sure that there was some connection as my ancestor William Whyte Chalmers married Margaret Dall. However, my relatives are from Kirkcaldy. My Chalmers have a very strong Philp connection, and there must be a Whyte connection somewhere. Still looking. Again, lovely website.

26-Jun-2003 02:07

Jenny London, UK


I just came across your site on Google and I just wanted to say that I was very impressed with the obvious amount of work that has gone into it. My own website is a quiz site and as a school teacher my students often try to survive my trial by trivia! Keep up the good work. Kind regards from Jenny webmaster of Trial by Trivia

29-Jun-2003 13:56

Wayne Gray Houston, Texas, USA

My friend John Chalmers wanted me to visit this site to learn about his family. I have only skimmed the top so far. I find it very interesting and enjoyable to read. A lot of work was put into this web site and it shows.

01-Jul-2003 16:06

James Young Hamilton, Lanarkshire, Scotland

Any living relatives of James Young - emigrated to Canada 1940's. Lived in Hamilton, Ontario and St Catherines. Ex-merchant seaman, born Blantyre, Scotland

02-Jul-2003 14:37

Diane Evans Fairfield, CA

I am looking for the family of Bernard Evans from Pennsylvania. I am his daughter. I know his first wifes name is Patricia

03-Jul-2003 23:25

William Henry Chalmers Penarth, Wales

08-Jul-2003 11:04

Alister Chalmers Capetown, WP, South Africa

Great site. I am the son of the late Andrew Alexander Gladstone Chalmers. My grandfather (well into his 90's) still lives in Musselburgh, Midlothian, Scotland.

08-Jul-2003 11:53

Kutchma Pine Plains, New York

09-Jul-2003 14:56

James Chalmers Brisbane, Queensland, Australia

It's hard to know who's who nowadays, you have an excellent medium to get the ball rolling. Thanks for a little insight into the world of Chalmers'.

13-Jul-2003 22:35

John Mason Mossgiel, New Zealand

The site is a great effort, I am researching my MASON family ancestors in Alloa

14-Jul-2003 00:18

Rod Scott Nanaimo, B.C. Canada

My mother was a Chalmers, born in Orkney. Any connection that you know of?

15-Jul-2003 11:46

Richard Chalmers Clackmannan, Scotland

Hi there, great site - found it when I was looking up the Chalmers name im from Clackmannan but my father was Robert from Aberdeen. Keep up the good work

20-Jul-2003 13:43

Ruth Chalmers-Redman Saskatoon, SK, Canada

My dad Peter is from Fife and his family still lives there, near Cardenden. His father was William married to Elizabeth Swan. I wonder if there is any connection. There was a lady from Australia some years ago interviewing all of us for a 'Chalmers' book that she was working on. Have you heard of it? Cheers!

26-Jul-2003 13:42

Scuba-Doo Pontevedra, GA, Spain

Congratulations for your web

30-Jul-2003 06:38

David Chalmers 71 Grange Ave.,Burnage Manchester United Kingdom

Hi! Just browsing ! Will write ASAP

05-Aug-2003 16:29

Willem Rynveld Stryen, Netherlands

Does anyone know the name of rynveld? Thanking you in advance, willem rynveld, netherlands

09-Aug-2003 06:34

Trevor Dene Chalmers Grand Rapids, Michigan, USA

Wonderful page! I was doing research on my great grandfather John Chalmers originally from Auchtermuchty Scotland.

11-Aug-2003 10:44

Branden and Mandy Chalmers Johannesburg, South Africa

The South African Scottish Gathering is happening on the 6th September at our eldest son school, both our boys were instested to know what our Tartan is, how wonderful to know that there is site dedicated to "our" family name. My husband is from Zimbabwe. Regards to all, Branden and Mandy

18-Aug-2003 05:44

Kathryn Chalmers Perth, Western Australia, Australia

It is great to see so many of us out there. Keep it real.

23-Aug-2003 13:32

Paul Chalmers-Stevens London, England

Hi all! Part of the proud Chalmers-Stevens (last century based largely in the Portsmouth, Hampshire area) but now spread throughout the South of England. Take care all

02-Sep-2003 09:47

Maggie Sample UK

A very impressive and inspirational website!

05-Sep-2003 10:47

Lisa Lowe Spring Hill, FL, United States

Your site is so great! My Maiden name is Chalmers, my grandparents Julie & David were from Glasgow. My youngest daughters name is Scotlyn Cameron after our Tartan colors & the fact that my grandparents owned an (ACLF) assisted living facility in their home called The Cameron House. Thanks for bringing back some great memories for me. Lisa Lowe :-)

06-Sep-2003 19:17

Birgit Germany


a verry nice page

10-Sep-2003 14:04

Sandra Estelle Paton Hill Summit Hill, Carbon Co. Pennsylvania

I have found this site quite interesting. I did find a section on Captain John Paton, the Scottish Covenanter from the 1600's. I had found a site once before but could never come across it again. I finally stumbled unto this one and found it very interesting until I lost it once again. I have been researching the Paton and Tainsh families and have not been making to much progress as I am a first generation here in the U.S.A. All generations from my father back were born in and around Sauchie and Alva,CLK,Scotland. Looking for any distant relatives that maybe around this vast world. Very interesting site.

18-Oct-2003 11:41

Odie Dixon White House, Tennessee, USA


Lovely page, I found it from Linda Chalmers page, she is related to me through marriage. Keep up the good work, you gotta love Genealogy. It's too adictive though.

19-Oct-2003 12:03

Frank William Chalmers Dundee, Scotland

Enjoyed your Web site very much. We are not related. All the very best. Frank

23-Oct-2003 14:56

Barry Chalmers Brisbane, Qld, Australia

So many of us!!! Great setup and I love that music!! If anyone else reads this and they have links to a William Bisset Chalmers born circa 1875 in Aberdeenshire and later married Isabella Sanderson - can you please email me

28-Oct-2003 05:41

Colin Chalmers

Hi, another Chalmers to add to our guest book,we originally come from Paisley in live in Corby, Northants. Congratulations on a fantastic web new to all this,so if i my skills improve any, I hope to be in touch again. All the best from one Chalmers family to another.  Colin Chalmers

28-Oct-2003 14:59

Harry Chalmers Discovery Bay, CA. USA

Thanks to all to find out more about my family, thought they were all gone except for my cousin, Marjorie, who I see when I go back to Lake of the Ozarks, Mo.

13-Nov-2003 12:44

Mary Herr Kelly Murray, Utah, USA

Born & raised in Lancaster County, PA. Married a Navy man and moved about for 14-1/2 years before he retired. We lived in Edmonds, WA for 24-1/2years. Lovely place. Since 1985 I've lived in San Diego for 17 yrs and am now in Murray, Utah, a suburb of Salt Lake City living with my daughter. My husband died August 20, 1979 in Edmonds, WA of a service-connected disability. A great web site!

20-Nov-2003 23:56

Mark Chalmers Frome, Somerset, England

From the Chalmers family that as far as i know, originated near Lesmahagow, then moved to Banknock just outside Falkirk.

21-Nov-2003 15:38

Colin Penicuik, Midlothian

Looking for Gibsons, John and Mary had 7 children, John 1829, James 1830, Janet 1832, Andrew 1832, John 1829, all born Auchterarder. Any info please!

24-Nov-2003 04:41

John Bevis Geilston Bay, Tasmania, Australia

As it has been about three years since I made my last posting, and I am not having much luck finding a fellow traveller, it is probably about time that I tried again. I have traced my family back to John CHALMERS born at Calton, Barony, which apprently is near Glasgow LKS, about 1779, John married Jean CLARKSON, born 1787, in 1804. Anyways, after several years of knocking my head against the wall, the only John CHALMERS that I can find in the LDS IGI who was born around 1779 was the eldest son of William CHALMERS b. Glasgow about 1753 and Jean HOWIE born Glasgow about 1757, married at Glasgow 1 FEB 1777. The other children I can find for the family are Mary 1777, William 1784, Alexander 1787, Jean 1789, William 1791 (stet), and George 1797. The 1830 to 1835 MLN Testaments show that there was a William CHALMERS working as a blacksmith at Calton. It would be great to hear from anyone researching the CHALMERS at Calton or Barony, or who have the HOWIE name in their family tree. Maybe you are not researching this particular line line of the family, but you may know someone who is.

28-Nov-2003 20:58

Mark Sydney, NSW, Australia

Hi - Great Reading. I am descended from James Simmers and Christian Peattie as well, their son James (born 1828) , married Ann Dandie. James and Christian are my G-G-G-G-grandparents.

02-Jan-2004 10:38

David Baillie Chalmers Perth, Scotland

Hi again John - just having another look at your excellent site having updated my family details from the last info you sent to me. All the best. David.

09-Jan-2004 13:44

Sheila Dodd-Fernley Tweed, Ontario, Canada

I am a Canadian relative. John Thomson gave me your website. My Great-Grandpa was Bernard Welsh, son of William Welsh and Margaret Dall. He has forwarded my much information. It is so exciting and interesting to discover my families roots.

12-Jan-2004 14:11

Craig Alexander Chalmers Aberdeen, Scotland

All Chalmers are better than all the rest better than any 1 any 1 and anything thing

16-Jan-2004 15:47

Samuel J Dodd Uxbridge, Ontario, Canada

Hi John, My sister Sheila Dodd- Fernley has done a lot of work finding our family roots and it is very exciting. It is very interesting to find your roots especially when it concerns Scotland. I am very proud of my Scottish roots, and I am very excited about learning as much as possible. I would love to keep in touch and learn more about our history.

18-Jan-2004 13:27

Linda Latham Danville, Ark, USA

My husband and Linda are cousins. Greg is Busters son. Would love to here from you and about the Latham family. Thanks so much, Linda Latham

19-Jan-2004 19:11

Sarah Furze Abingdon, Oxford, UK

My Great Great Grandfather was Doctor Alexander Henry Chalmers who had 10 kids. Owen Ivan Chalmers had 7 kids from Kent and Cromarty Just wondered if there is any connection

21-Jan-2004 17:28

Heather Chalmers Montreal, Canada

My grandparents immigrated to Canada in the 1930's. I am not sure if I am related because the church in Coatbridge where my father was baptized burned down. My grandfather was George Ritchie Chalmers

06-Feb-2004 13:08

Bethany Lynn Chalmers West Warwick, RI, USA

my fathars name is david warren chalmers, his father is james russel chalmers, his fathers name is james chalmers no middle name, and his fathers name was david chalmers(dont know if there was a middle name.)

17-Feb-2004 20:31

Mary Henderson Glasgow, Scotland, UK

I was born mary fidelma honeyman mother jean honeyman dundee it is a long story.just saw you were looking for honeyman mary

21-Feb-2004 11:13

john mcgregor chalmers Glasgow, Scotland, UK

I can find nothing on my family, any clues?

23-Feb-2004 05:47

Jörg van Hoorn Weyhw, Germany


very nice site. good luck from germany

23-Feb-2004 15:11

Rebecca Letchford (Chalmers), Kent, England

i'm 1/8th scottish apparently!...hence chalmers of the cameron clan

28-Feb-2004 06:21

Patricia Jones England

I was born in Dundee, My mothers name was Ann Chalmers, she was adopted. My grans name was Jean (Jane) Chalmers, she had a sister called Peg Tierney and they both lived in Dundee. They were both put in a workhouse as children and never adopted. I know it will be difficult, but I am trying to trace any of my Scottish family. My gran was a wonderful woman. I don`t want to replace her but I need to find my roots and hopefully my natural family.

10-Mar-2004 10:02

Robert James Chalmers Irvine, Ayrshire, Scotland

Just found the site my family are from Ayrshire my grand father was Robert Chalmers who went to canada for a while then returned for ww1 my great Grandfather made lemonade and sold it in Ayr. any help?

18-Mar-2004 08:52

Erin Chalmers Sydney, NSW, Australia

Hi I have just found this site.I am a descendent of Rev Duncan Chalmer 1560.I have a small piece of information "The Chalmers Family Tree" From Dornoch to Fiji ,1560 to 1960. My grandfather was one of 3 brothers (Douglas Charles Chalmers b 24.10.1884(NZ) d 28.9.1938) who were all lawyers qualified in NZ and Fiji. I was born in NZ 1946. My brother Bruce Chalmers b 24.5.44 d 22.6.77.

20-Mar-2004 02:43

Donald Boyd Chalmers Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

My ancestors migrated to Australia from Airdrie (but ? originally from Ayrshire)in 1852 (I think). From their arrival at the Port of Geelong the family of brothers etc moved to Ballarat, during the gold rush there. My father Harry won't be too impressed if he reads this page and realizes that I don't have it all "at call" as he does at 87 years of age. My father is the son of "Harry Black Chalmers", and my great grandfather learned to play the bagpipes in his old age - and I think I was the next to take them up, the family having practically forgotten about such things. The music must have been in the blood however, and after harping to learn for many years, commenced lessons in 1956 when I was 11. I had the pleasure of playing "A Man's a Man for a' That!" while visiting Scotland (The Earl of Mansfield's Palace!) in 2000 - my first visit to U.K. That surely would have been the thought of our antecedants in their duties as "servants of the chamber".

29-May-2004 06:34

Barbara Samper Danville, Ca., USA

I'm searching for relatives of William & Isabella (Barker)Chalmers,and George & Euphemia (Fairfull)Chalmers. They settled in Newbury, Vermont about 1837. They were the son's of George & Christian(Wilson) Chalmers. I am also trying to find out who were the parents of the elder George. It may be John & Margaret (Ritchie)Chalmers who were married 25 Nov.1763. All were in the parish of Wemyss, Fife.

23-May-2004 14:18


Thank you for your web site. My great grandfather James Gray lived in Curate Wynd until 1855 when he came to Australia. I was fascinated to see your 1820's map showing the location of the Gray home. I have been told that there is a car park on the site of the Gray home. Your web site seems to confirm this. I will be visiting Kinross in June. I look forward to going to Curate wynd. Ian Simpkin

24-May-2004 07:40

Cindy Chalmers Kykotsmovi, Arizona, USA

Hi! Typed in the name Chalmers and your site came up. Barbara Sampers (descended from one of two brothers who migrated from Massachusetts, names William and George, to Watsonville, California area) and I are researching our family history. I know my side of the family entered the U.S. through Montreal, Canada. One of my ancestors on the ship was Euphemia Fairfull Chalmers who I believe married a George Chalmers. I know their is a connection between our side of the family and Thomas Chalmers (Scotland, Reformation of Church). Barbara and I are seeking more information about the Chalmers prior to 1800, as far back as possible. Do we still have relatives the Edinburgh area? Glad to see this site. Would love to hear from anyone having information.

15-Jun-2004 10:08


23-Jun-2004 15:27

Kareen Simon-Eichmann Houston, Texas, USA

I am an ex-pat New Zealander. My family name is Chalmers. They left Kirkcudbright in the 1840's to found the NZ settlement of Dunedin (Port Chalmers- my great grandfather). I would like to hear from other Chalmers with this connection.

26-Jun-2004 12:10

Barbara Samper Danville, Ca., USA

I've traced my family back to the marriage of John Chalmers and Margaret Ritchie in the parish of Wemyss, Fife dated 25 Nov.1763. I'm hoping to find out who John' parents were. Also, I'm looking for decendants of Noel Chalmers, born in Watsonville, Ca. and died in Towson Maryland 15, March 1996. His daughter, Nancy Chalmers was the informant.

1-Jul-2004 12:38

Darrell Chalmers Canada

starting to search family history grandmothers name was christine chalmers and lived in huntsville, ontario

10-Jul-2004 11:21

Michael C. Chalmers Norton, MA, USA

14-Jul-2004 23:04

George Lawrence Milford Haven, Pembroke, Wales

A lovely site. I just wanted to see how such a site is set out. I dont yet have a page. I was also looking for any of my ancestors that the Chalmers may have come across. No luck. Regards George Lawrence 3757

19-Jul-2004 13:14

Sinthuja Visakan UK

Hi all my m8s from william torbitt. remember me sinthuja? well ope u doin k im gr8 in ma schl in brentwood, essex hope to have a reunioun wit u guz sum time!!! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

24-Jul-2004 08:28

Jody Chalmers, Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada

Thankyou for the information on my/ and your last name.. I think it is great to know a bit more about it, I am from Australia and I live in Canada and I have never met another Chalmers, even though there is a lot of Scots in Aust. and Canada! Thanks again! Jody

05-Aug-2004 11:26

Peter Hugh Rogers Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

Researching Rodger family of Fife. Family of John Roger, Baillie and Ropemaker, Anstruther 1800 - 1831

11-Aug-2004 00:01

tommy roberts Liverpool, England

i came across this site by chance i was in the army in 1962 posted to belize there i met a girl who was called RUTH BURNS we wrote to each other but lost touch does anyone know her. thanks

12-Aug-2004 16:53

Thomas Stephanus Chambers Meyerton, Gauteng, South Africa

From South Africa. Grand father and his brother came to S.A. in the late 1880s.Grand father's name was Stephen. Would like to know more about my family history - if someone can help!! Thank you Steve Chambers

17-Aug-2004 14:37

Janet Chalmers Glasgow, Mt, USA

My name is Janet Chalmers. I was born in Melbourne Australia, but I am now living in the States. I really enjoy family history. And I liked this site very much.

19-Aug-2004 14:35

Rhonda Laking Vauxhall,Alberta, Canada

My great grandmother is Catherine Chalmers. She married Alexander Dunbar Brown on March 26th, 1886 in Edinburgh. They had a son named John Chalmers Brown on March 29, 1893 in Bridgend, Dunblane and I believe two daughters by the names of Jennifer (never married) and Isabella (we believe she had a son named James) I'm looking for any further connections anyone might be able to supply!!!

25-Aug-2004 13:27

Norma Chantler Windsor, Ontario, Canada

MARY & DAVID CHALMERS, married c.1770, parents of MARY CHALMERS (CHAMBERS) who married DAVID WALLACE C 1818 in Markinch Fife. Mary Chalmers & David Wallace being the parents of WILLIAM WALLACE who married ANN SMITH 14 Feb. 1846 being the parents of MARY CHALMERS WALLACE who married ANGUS REEKIE NIVEN 18 Oct. 1898 (my grandparents). Seeking descendant & information exchange.

31-Aug-2004 10:51

Robert Walker Chalmers Mesa, AZ, USA

I come from a branch of the family with ties to Texas. My Great-Grandmother Loretta owned what was the 3rd largest ranch in Texas, outside of the town of Brady. My immediate family is scattered all over: Pennsylvania, New York, Texas, North Carolina, Washington, etc. Some rudimentary research has indicated that our branch of the Chalmers family may be related to that of President(s) Bush: Hence the middle name Walker, which I understand is traced back to a Confederate Army officer from Texas. Many of the family names I've seen listed here, however, are also familiar: Moira,(at least one relative w/ it spelled "Myra"), David, Thomas, Ross, Robert, Loretta, etc.

04-Oct-2004 1:43

Ronald Paton Chalmers Inverness, Scotland

John Paton Chalmers is my father and I also have 2 brothers Andrew Paton Chalmers & David Bonifas Chalmers. It's good to see the Chalmers name in so many places. May you all live long and enjoy fruitful lives. Best Regards Ronnie

11-Oct-2004 12:43

Carolyn Alamol Camberley, UK

I am searching for the family of Joseph Chalmers, engineer lived in Mexico. Son Edgar (actor) married in London 1878 to Edith Turner - Joseph's wife Mary Ann (nee Pill). Edgar had 3 children, Josephine, Edgar, Cuthbert (all actors used stage name Colona).

19-Oct-2004 09:13

Young Dorchester, Dorset, England

My paternal grandmother Alice Mabel Chalmers from Broughy Ferry/Carnoustie, Angus, Scotland d 1980? aged aprox 83. married Edgar Hallam. She had 2 sisters - Nelly and ? Family business possibly shoe shop locally. Nelly had big house in the area and died in 1970's. I would love to find out more about this line of my family. Can you help?

19-Oct-2004 17:06

Annette Rogers Glasgow,Scotland

What a wonderful web site. I was so excited to find my GGG Grandparents (William Ramsay and Catherine Cassels) listed in your file. This couple have been giving me problems but you have now answered some questions. Would you know by any chance who the parents of William Ramsay were? Many thanks and keep up the good work.

25-Oct-2004 08:27

Linda (Lytle) Griffin Saginaw, MI, USA

I know for sure that James Lytle was a sailor and/or came on a boat from Ireland to Canada in later 1800's - he married Eliza (Elizabeth) Gibson - they must have met from Ameherst Island Canada - does anyone out there have any more information?

25-Oct-2004 15:25

Judy Philip Adelaide, South Australia, Australia

Hi John, I like your site and your music - not to mention your tickers! Judy

27-Oct-2004 02:56

Trevor Warmington Toronto, Ontario, Canada

My Grandfather Is robert Chalmers From Toronto Canada.I have just started looking for our family tree If you could e-mail me and lent me know if any of your ansestors moved to Canada it may help in my search

17-Nov-2004 22:28

Jane Joy Maidens, Ayrshire, Scotland

CHAMBERS families from Manor, Peeblesshire, Scotland 1720+ My 4xg.grandmother was Christian Chambers from Manor Peebles b. c 1733, her father was called James.Thank you.

19-Nov-2004 13:48

Farron Eastburn Baytown, TX

Looking for my ancestors father: Walter Eastburn Grand father:Harry D Eastburn of Mobile, Alabama he was fire-chief in the 40s. That's all the information I have

23-Nov-2004 22:17

Sarah Chalmers

hi....trying 2 find my uncle and auntie on here: Alan and Margaret Chalmers,,,can you help me???

10-Dec-2004 03:49

Alain Chalmers Brisbane, Queensland, Australia


Hi, looking for a good pic of the family badge as a possible tattoo, any help would be great. Thanks

15-Dec-2004 20:11

Herbert Swartzman Pleasanton, Texas, USA

Am looking for the current EMail address for Bob McEwan who lives in Fajara, The Gambia, Africa. We both have had a change in EMail Addresses and lost contact. I appreciate your help.

18-Dec-2004 11:47

Janet Burt Chalmers Falmouth, MA USA

What a delight to find this site! I am a Chalmers by marriage but feel right at home because I have found many Janet Chalmers in the family. My husband and I live on Cape Cod in Massachusetts. He is Stephen Chalmers, son of Bruce Chalmers, b. 1907 in London and Ema Arnouts; son of Stephen Drummond Chalmers, b. 1878 in Woonona, Australia and Clara Rosenhain; son of John Chalmers, b. 1850 in Markinch, Fife, Scotland and Eliza Jane Drummond; son of George Chalmers, b. 1820 in Markinch and Catherine Hutchison; son of George Chalmers, b. 1774 in Markinch and Catherine Child nee Craig; son of Thomas Chalmers, b. 1751 in Dysart, Fife, Scotland and Agnes Brown; son of George Chalmers, b. 1721 in Markinch and Margaret Balfour; son of David Chalmers, b. abt 1688 of Markinch and Janet Barclay. As you all are, I am trying to dig further into the Chalmers ancestry and find living connections. We are enjoying contact with two sets of cousins in New South Wales. I look forward to returning to this website. I'd appreciate any research tips anyone can give me. I had no idea there were so many Chalmers looking for their roots. It looks like we're lucky that we know as much as we do!

29-Dec-2004 09:34

Ida Haeggquist San Diego, CA USA

Desperately looking for information on grandfather Ed Chalmers, listed on census as Mullato. Married to grandmother Mary Headley. They were killed in their home in Wybark I.T. Oklahoma in 1898 for being a interracial couple. My father Albert was raised by Headley grandparents never knew the Chalmers family. Looking for any information. Help!

29-Jan-2005 09:23

Whitney Susan Baird Baton Rouge, Louisiana USA

I am William Chalmers Baird III's daughter. I have a brother William Heritage Baird. Heritage is the maternal surname.

30-Jan-2005 10:56

Richard Lang

Hi John, It's a long time since you found Greenwood cottage, Glen Mavis for me and I found all my Scotish family. Thanks again. Richard Lang.

02-Feb-2005 14:56

Jeffrey John Chalmers Columbus, Ohio, USA

Homepage: A HREF="">

I know my ancestory back to Canada, and we believe, to Scotland. I would like to find out more and verify what my family knows.

02-Feb-2005 20:11

John Chalmers Cowdenbeath, Fife, Scotland

Hi, My name is John Chalmers. I was born in Denbeath/Methil Fife, Scotland. Was just browsing to see if my name cropped up anywhere. Went to Methilhill Primary then Buckhaven High School followed by spell at Kirkcaldy Tech. Now stay in Crossgates nr Dunfermline.

03-Feb-2005 1:38

Lynda & Robert Moffat Bonnyrigg, UK

HI, found your site by chance, the name Chalmers caught my eye as my wifes uncle was William Chalmers who emigrated to Canada many years ago but now gone.Cheers Bob& Lynda.

15-Feb-2005 14:38

Farantakis Michael Chania, Greece

i am looking for evelyn aitken age 35 she lives at lanark scotland please if anybody knows her to contact with me

21-Feb-2005 07:48

Maggie England

Hi, came accross your site while searching part of my family tree i was searching for a william Chalmers a bottle blower journeyman in glasgow who died sometime before 1871(as given on his daughter's marriage cert when her age was given as 20 her name was Elizabeth who married a Samuel Oliver.

02-Mar-2005 15:21

Chelci Chalmers Mission, BC, Canada

Hey there. I also have the last name chalmers, although I don't think we are related, but at sometime we probably were! That's cool, I'm just searching some things on my surname and ancestry, and came across your site. Well e-mail me back if you want! bye!

11-Mar-2005 14:59

Colleen M, GA, USA

I am searching for my father's Scottish/Canadian ancestors - MacIntyre family. My search listed this site - with comment 'hoping to add geneology of father's clan - MacIntyre'. Any information regarding MacIntyres of Toronto, Canada would be helpful.

16-Mar-2005 23:10

Bronwyn Chalmers Somerset West, South Africa

Was Born as BRONWYN CHALMERS on the 6th of October 1973. My mother was Patrica Stewart Chalmers. Given up for adoption in Johannesburg. I am now known as Nicoline Kotze. Hoping to find her.

31-Mar-2005 06:25

Amanda Cornwall, England

great site, and a real help in my research - I'm descended from Thomas Haxton, my 4xgreat grandfather. Thanks for all the information, and hello to my cousins (too compplicated to figure out how close we are!).

10-Apr-2005 16:04

Jenny Chalmers GB

I have found this web site very interesting and has been a big help for my further studies for my family tree and origin.

11-Apr-2005 07:42

Mary Doucette (Coutts) Camrose, Alberta, Canada

I was browsing looking for any information I could find about my family. My maiden name is Coutts; my father Hugh Stewart Coutts was born to Lark Hall Scotland and immigrated to Canada as a young man. My grandfather's name was David Coutts. Do you know of them or any relatives who still reside at Lark Hall?

11-Apr-2005 13:10

james liddell USA


I saw a request for information on the Web just now concerning Captain James Donaldson Liddell of Australia and New Zealnd. Our organization has some information on the captain as well as being in contact with his living relatives. We'd be pleased to assist your query. Please contact me at Thanks. James Liddell

02-May-2005 20:14

Sarah Chalmers Plymouth, England

hi, im trying to find out about my dads side of the family, he's called raymond stuart chalmers, he married jacqueline dawn lee 15/16 years ago. his mum is called isabella and his dad tom. his dad died though. please help. this website is great by the way!!!

09-May-2005 04:38

Elizabeth Kelso, 43 Roman Crescent, Old Kilpatrick, Dunbartonshire, Glasgow, Scotland

I am trying to make contact with a John and Ellen Fitzpatrtick who emigrated to Geelong about 24 years ago they have a son called Iain who will be about 33 now. John and Ellen used to work in Singers, Clydebank but the factory closed and they emigrated out to Geelong to be with the rest of their family.

23-May-2005 08:39

Kenneth Frank Chalmers Lubbock, TX, USA

Our Chalmers family came to America prior to Revolutionary war and settled in Pennsylvania. I believe you belong to Red River Clan Cameron also

01-Jun-2005 20:35

natalie clack tonyrefail, south wales

im a clack looking for my family tree im in desperate need to find a search engine its for my dads birthday i really need to find out wb yours natalie clack

13-Jun-2005 08:29

Shameka Chalmers Memphis, TN, USA

I was just browsing to find the birhtplace of the name Chalmers and was very surprise at some of the info that i came across. I really wouldn't have been looking up the information if it wasn't for a class but i am very glas i did. Thank you

15-Jun-2005 13:10

laura chalmers pavia, italy

I was looking for anything abaut my family because i'll get married in august and my boyfriend is going to wear the kilt with our colour clan.

22-Jun-2005 05:28

Michael Mullins Dalry, Ayrshire, Scotland

I enjoyed your website. I think you will find that there are a couple of minor errors in the transcription of the very interesting Indenture of Apprenticeship of 1806 between John Hughes & David Chalmers. The fourth line from the end should read
"Letters of Horning on six days charge and all other execution necessary pass herein in form as effeirs and thereto they Constitute their Pro’rs"
Pro'rs is a standard abbreviation for Procurators

05-Jul-2005 07:23

David Wayne Chalmers Scotts Valley, California, USA

Just signing in...

09-Jul-2005 00:30

Adam Chalmers South Lyon, MI, USA


Just stumbled across this site when looking for my family crest/coat of arms

13-Jul-2005 14:16

leo chalmers alleghany, pa


22-Jul-2005 23:07

Jonathan Chalmers Minneapolis MN 55044

For those of you looking for information about the Chalmers family that immigrated to Newbury, VT in the 1830's, I'm the direct male descendent of George and Christian Chalmers. The family was originally from the Kirkcaldy and Wemyss area in Fife. I've pieced a reasonable amount of the family history in Scotland. Unfortunately missing parish records for the early 18th century have made it impossible to conclusively link the family to Thomas Chalmers (although I have a pretty good idea where it is). Contact me if you want more info.

27-Jul-2005 15:39

Philip Chalmers Victoria, British Columbia, Canada


31-Jul-2005 15:43

Julie Chalmers Montserrat

I would like to know any information on 2 Chalmers brothers from Scotland who came to the Caribbean, Montserrat/ Antigua/ Redonda about 1875.One of the brothers was mining on a small rock off M/rat called Redonda.My greatgrand fathers name was John Chalmers, I believe he was named after his father who came from Scotland.

05-Aug-2005 15:42

Glen Heinsohn, Poughkeepsie, New York, USA

Nice site.I was just websurfing and looked up a name I had in my baby book.My Grandmother was a "Grandville" which was "Grenville" and her mom was a "Chalmers" My dad is of German stock and the "Grandville" side married "Valenski" which was "Zwolinska" Just curious about my "Scot's side". Peace to you Glen

25-Aug-2005 22:57

John Martin, New Braunfels, Texas, US

Maternal grandfather, Ronald A Chalmers, born Orkney Islands late 1800s and emigrated to New York at an early age, deceased 1964. Brother of John Chalmers. No other information available. Stumbled across your site and decided to throw in with the rest of the family

29-Aug-2005 22:30

Ian Millar, Tillicoultry, Clackmannanshire, Scotland

Just to say that I knew John Dall Chalmers & Jean Gullen (née Chalmers) very well. I worked with Clackmannan County Council roads dept. in a road squad John was the Divisional Engineer. Jean was good Friends with my mum "Lizzie Millar"

30-Aug-2005 13:07

John Chalmers, Leicester, UK

Very interesting site.My greatgrandfather Anthony Wigham Chalmers came from Glasgow to Liverpool in 1830 and had ten children. My grandfather Anthony Lakes Chalmers born in 1870 then went to Guernsey CI in 1895 and had five children. I have an extensive family tree and original documents if anyone from this branch is interested.

08-Sep-2005 08:54

Mike Chalmers, Waldorf, MD, US

John and Family: Thanks much for the oportunity to further explore links, heritage, and lineage. Just starting out myself, so hope to be able to add to your site. Cheers...

09-Sep-2005 16:45

Susan Hemlow, Antigonish, Canada

hi very interestin info here. I am seeking info on the Boggs lineage who came from Ireland in 1770 and came to Canada anyone with any info please contact me. Also any Hemlow info thanks.

10-Sep-2005 12:26

Colin Carroll, Barrhead, Renfrewshire, Scotland

What an excellent site, well done. I have found lots of connections with my mothers family..

19-Sep-2005 16:50

Nici Daly-Falley, Leverkusen, NRW, Germany


Hi John, we are watching the news and worry about you and your family. Hope this finds you save of hurricane Rita. Wish you all the best. Take care Nici & Paul, Ulla & Jim with Wonny

23-Sep-2005 04:03

Alan, Jen and Thomas Dall, Kirkcaldy, Fife, Scotland

Hello Distant family! We share family ties to back around 1730. Henry Dall from Kettle in Fife was Alan's Great great great great great grandfather! We'll send you an email if you are interested in modern Dalls. Best wishes

24-Sep-2005 17:26

Please get back to me with your e-mail address - I'm VERY interested!!

Sara Greenaway, Hampshire, England

Thankyou John for the contact you sent to me through the Genes web site. Adam Chalmers <1719> would be my 5th Great Grandfather. My line follows on from James Chalmers. I Would like to say how much I have enjoyed your site, it has been very informative and beautifully put together!

25-Sep-2005 11:27

Andree Elloitt, Queen Charlotte, British Columbia, Canada

Janet White was married to my great grandfather Charles Mitchell

25-Sep-2005 22:07

Jennifer Chalmers, Glasgow, Scotland

Hi there to all the Chalmers family, i'm Jennifer Chalmers and i'm from Glasgow, stumbled across this page when trying to find out how many people in the world have the same name as me!! heehee!!

06-Oct-2005 06:26

Sandra E.Paton Hill, Summit Hill, Pennsylvania, United States

Somehow Chalmers must have some connection with my family background. No matter what I look into it just keeps coming up on the screen. My father was born in Alva, Clackmannanshire, Scotland 6/21.1906 his parents were Alexander Paton,Sr., and Jessie MacDougall Tainsh Paton. Jessie's parents were George Tainsh, Jr., and Jessie MacDougall. Alex and Jessie were married December31,1904. They left from Glasgow aboard the ship Furnessia which flew a British Flag and they arrived along with their son in New York on May 1st,1911. They then headed for the coal regions of Pennsylvania. Alex,sr., was a miner in Scotland and continued his trade here in America. They first settled in a small town in Carbon County Pa., located on the south western end of the Pocono Mountains. After a year or so they moved 1 mile up the hill to a place called Summit Hill and made their home there the rest of their lives. Alex,Sr. died in December of 1944, Jessie died August,1962 and Alex, Jr., died December 17,1975. Both men died from the miner's disease of the lungs with other complications. I am very interested to find other relatives or connections with family members.

08-Oct-2005 19:38

Laura Chalmers, Kelty, Fife, Scotland

hi to all the chalmers great web page interesting

Laura - I'd like to hear more about your family in Kelty - PLEASE e-mail me! - John

30-Oct-2005 14:34

Jim Martin, Portumna, Co. Galway, Ireland

I'm trying to trace any descendants of:
1)James Grant Wilson Chalmers born 08/04/1901 in Kilmuir Easter, Scotland, last heard of living in Glasgow and when married in 1928 he was described as a marine engineer. His wife was Jessie Watson.
2) His brother, Douglas Henry Alexander, born 1897 in Clova, Scotland who later emigrated to New Zealand and died there before his mother, Agnes Chalmers, of Broughty Ferry, Scotland.
3) Their maternal uncle, John Douglas Ritchie,born in Cargill, Perthshire and married 26/04/1896 to Margaret Jane McKerrow in St. John's church, Willis St. Wellington, NZ. He was 39 years old at the time and his profession described as Secretary for Agriculture.

02-Nov-2005 18:28

Monica Ward, Peterborough, England

My step-grandfather's name was William Chalmers Dowieand he married my widowed grandmother Jessie Brown/Murray and became a Dowie. They lived in Dundee Scotland.

07-Nov-2005 14:30

Sandi (McGlashing) McIntyre, Massachusetts

Hello, My mothers aunt & uncle were Chalmer's from Arlington Mass. In the late 1930's aqnd 1940's ran a bakery in Arlington. George Chalmers and his wife Agnes (Middleton) Chalmers. Both George and Agnes were from Scotland. Does anyone know these names? Sandi

14-Nov-2005 12:16

Gloria, England


HI, Whilst Googling for my McKerrow connections your site came up and said there was a Ritchie/McKerrow marraige. Can't find it on here. Did scroll through the guest book to see it was an entry by somebody else but can't find it here either. Maybe you can point me in the right direction.

21-Nov-2005 10:39

John Chalmers Templeton, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

My Great Great Grandfather "Robert Templeton" from Belfast married a Maggie Chalmers approximately 1875; which is I believe where the chalmers in my family line originated. I don't believe your particular family lineage gives with mine but it was nice to check out more chalmers nevertheless. God bless and have a Merry christmas

18-Dec-2005 11:53

Michael George Chalmers, Milton Keynes, Buckinghamshire, U.K

Son of James Thompson Chalmers from Edinburgh

19-Dec-2005 8:46

Doug Poire, Princeton, MN, USA


Very interesting site. I like the fade-in of the front page. (Don't be fooled by the french sur-name, the MacDonald side of my family is scots. I am not aware of anyone in our family doing the tree on the Macdonald side.) It is interesting to see the history of other familys.

20-Dec-2005 00:52

Cheryl (Cassels) Bakewell, Kansas City, MO, USA

Just was lookin up my family name and came across this. Not sure if same family. My Great-great grandfather came from Canada, via Wales I believe. He moved to South Dakota. I do know he had like 12 brothers and sisters. My father has been in Groton, SD area since then. I'm moved but original family still and all. I know William H Cassels and his son, Herbert Cassels, and his son Leon (my grandfather) were the ancestors that lived in the area. If you know of anything that relates to me, let me know..ty. We have a family bible with more info my uncle has back to then.

04-Jan-2006 10:26

Barry Chalmers, Sarnia, Ontario, Canada

I was just looking up to find out more about my family name and came across this. I am glade to see the Scot background. I never knew my grandfather as he died before I was born.

13-Jan-2006 06:49

Irene Anna Mariea Chalmers, Staffordshire, England

my connection is with the chalmers who came from inverness shire banff baroninverness my gg grandfather was william henry chalmers my gg grandmother was may wise do you know of them ?? if so would you be so kind as to help me it must be wonderful to know where your linnage started thank you irene chalmers

16-Jan-2006 16:51

Craig Chalmers, Reigate, Surrey, UK

I am trying to trace information on a Mr James Chalmers (Father) who was born in Glasgow 1920 or 1923. He was adopted and original birth name William McWilliams. He served in the Royal Marines during the war and saw action from 1939 to 1945. Very limited information on him thus trying all angles. He died 1993.

19-Jan-2006 07:14

Irene Chalmers, Staffordshire, England

wow fascinating i am losing sleep looking i am trying to trace my chalmers clan from barrow in furness my grandfather william henry chalmers born in 1917 he had twin brothers roy & eric a sister called jean eric went to america but came back to crewe england & died there one twin joined the army the other the navy my grandfather joined the welsh guards he was a seargeant he married gladys may plant on 18.12.36 not sure if year right they had four children william approx 1938 samuel 6/7/1940 ( my father ) gladys leander 1943 & paul 1945 approx my grandmothers parents were leander rogers & samuel plant who had daughters lilly doris ginny gladys ann agnes doreen sons bill ? william ? thats all i have at the minute except a headache ( help ) you chalmers clan good luck to all who seek irene chalmers thank you for the privalage of you site xx

20-Jan-2006 20:39

Harry Prosser, Berwick, VIC, Australia


Great site. I have family from Kinross Scotland. I wish I could have added more to your site. Regards Harry

11-Jan-2006 05:35

Jane Davies, Fife, Scotland

great site!!will visit often

25-Feb-2006 19:35

simon chalmers, Hove

Looking for our tartan

26-Feb-2006 14:40

Harry Coote, St. Catharines, Ontario, Canada

Hello, Iwas born at Mehilbrae ,Methil in 1941 & moved to Canada in1948. Mothers maiden name was Bain.

12-Mar-2006 22:10

Robert David Chalmers, Reading, Berkshire, England

Great Site. My Father John Alexander Chalmers 17-08-30 to 30-12-00. His father James Alexander 21-10-1897 born Canning Town worked for Tate and Lyle - TransportDept London England. His father (John)is believed to have come down from Scotand (Sugar Boiler - possibley worked for Tate and Lyle as well.

21-Mar-2006 13:01

Jen Dall, Kirkcaldy, Fife, Scotland

have eventually emailed you with Family Tree details. Please mail to confirm you have it!

31-Mar-2006 15:20

john nesbitt, Brisbane, QLD, Australia

Well John this is a wonderful site you have now restored my faith in doing my tree again I got as far as 1750 on both sides but after that my mother went into Ireland and thats when it all came to a end so thanks again for the Help with David Keir and you have a nice family john nesbitt

01-Apr-2006 02:30

Bessie Cooper, Simms, Long Island, Bermuda

I am trying to find connecting family members of John Henry Cooper who came to the Bahamas from England between the mid 1800's through late 1800's. Have been searching but unsuccessful.

03-Apr-2006 23:09

Anne Oswald, Cairns, Queensland, Australia

I am trying to trace specific birthplace of my great grandmother Elizabeth Chalmers who was born in Ireland about 1841. She married my great grandfather Andrew Whiteside on the 21 Oct 1859 in Cambusnethan Lanarkshire Scotland. Elizabeth was widowed by the age of 40 as recorded in the 1881 British Census.

19-Apr-2006 06:13

Karen Bowler/ NIchols, Oshawa, Ontario, Canada

I am looking for my grandfathers past before he came to Canada. I think he was born on Nov. 16 1985 in Liverpool, later moved to London City. His name is James Edward Nichols. He went to school at the Oxford University. Also at one time he was a guard at Buckingham Palace. I remember my aunts saying that he went to Capetown South business? He had one brother who was killed a war. He met a woman named Maria Christiana Bougaartd, and Married her. His family did not approve of the marriage from what I understand.....she was a coloured woman. His father married a second time, and had more children. My grandfather boarded a ship called the Corinnthian, heading for Canada. Maria and James had a two year old son that was on the ship with them. I believe his name was Bertram. My grandfathers heart always belonged to England, he talked and recalled all that I could understand. He wore a green plaid smoking coat, and always smoked a pipe. His typewriter was at his side all his years. He was a gentleman and well educated. Anyone with information about my grandfathers family, would be greatly recieved. email me at

25-Apr-2006 17:46

Jesse Mitchell Chalmers, Edmonton, AB, Canada

01-May-2006 2:43

Sharon Bolda, Box Elder, SD, USA

I love this site. I was able to locate some of my Erskine Lines through James Erskine married to Catherine Donaldson, daughter ofJames Donaldson and Janet Ramsey. My Erskines were in the Auchterderran and Ballingry, Carnock, Dunfermline, Fife. My great grandfather Alexander Cook Young who was born in Dunfermline, his mother was a Catherine Erskine. Again your site is beautiful.

07-May-2006 16:28

Michael Chalmers.,

I'm from Birmingham (that's in England). Michael Chalmers.

22-May-2006 12:53

albert chalmers, Falkirk, Scotland

very good site my family is from macduff banffshire

10-Jun-2006 9:10

Daniel Scott-Chalmers, Malaga, Andalucia, Spain

i hope i can find out about the family

16-Jun-2006 14:56

Nancy McLauchlan, Scotland

Very interesting website. Looking for ESTHER CHALMERS born Glamis who married my Gt Gt Grandfather ALLEN FYFFE

16-Jun-2006 16:34

Nancy McLauchlan, Scotland

Very interesting website. Looking for ESTHER CHALMERS born Glamis who married my Gt Gt Grandfather ALLEN FYFFE at Kinfauns, Perthshire in 1810. Esther's father worked at Glamis Castle from 1784 until his death in 1812. His name was JAMES, but I do not know her mother's name or if she had any siblings. Any help with this line of Chalmers would be much appreciated. Nancy.

16-Jun-2006 16:34

Darlene Chalmers, Toronto, Ontario, Canada

My grandfather's name was James Edwin or Edwin James Chalmers, also knowen as Marty, born April 2 1912. He married Jean Watson on Feb 25 19--. Jean my grandmother was born July 21 and had my mother Shirley and her brother my uncle James (Jimmy), Shirley born Jan 3 1947 and my uncle born Feb 27. She had one or two other childern that had died. I know of one that was named Bruce don't know when he died or when he was born. My mother is Shirley, I am her daughter Darlene and have an older brother Bruce and there is more but we are the only Chalmers in the family as my other sister and two brothers have diffrent last names. I have two daughters Shandar and Cynthia. I was just wondering how far back our last name went, so if anyone knows about these people that I have talked about, please feel free to contact me. I will add more information when I get it. Thank you, the Chalmers family, for this site

22-Jun-2006 00:36

Phillip Vanderwarker

A well presented site, thanks for all your help, incidentally the Family Lowe I am researching married a Donaldson (Catherine 1790)and a Morrison (Alison 1818)whose names are in your surname list. Every success, Phillip Vanderwarker

29-Jun-2006 16:36

Amy Priestnall, Stafordshire, UK


What a credit your site is to the Chalmers Family. My research has been the Priestnall families and my link i have traced back to Woodford in the 1700's, the Priestnall family that link into the Chalmers line go back to a marriage in 1791 in Burton, Staffordshire. This is a site well thought out and put together,

02-Jul-2006 14:54

Artemis, Athens, Greece


John, Moira and Linda, it was nice to meet you! Have a great summer!

03-Jul-2006 20:55

Jeffrey Hughes Cameron, Arcadia, Florida, USA

I'm planning a trip to Scottland & want to see the Cameron Castle

05-Jul-2006 15:24

Gordon Provan, Farmington, Michigan, USA

Hi John Wonderful web site and home page. I am related to the Cassels line of Markinch, Fife, Scotland

10-Jul-2006 14:34

Glad. E. S. Bailey (TAYLOR), Gympie, Queensland, Australia

Hi John, Very impressive website and records you have. I couldn't believe the number of names you have in your tree. This might come out twice but I think I clicked the reset button instead of submit query because I actually don't have a query. Just thought I'd touch base with you did find another Dall to contact tho'. We (the Taylors) are also a sept of the Cameron clan. The music is lovely but wouldn't the bagpipes be more appropriate? (joking) It's great and I am now going to look at everything else. Best wishes 'cuzin' (5 times removed) Glad Euphemia Swinley Bailey (nee Taylor)

14-Jul-2006 08:21

Bradley Chalmers, Saskatoon, SK, Canada

Very nice page, lots of interesting information.

10-Aug-2006 01:29

Eileen Henning, South Africa

Hi My name is Eileen Henning, my father was Andrew Beveridge, his mother was Mary Chalmers from Tillicoultry in Scotland.

26-Aug-2006 05:12

martyn james chalmers, southend-on-sea, essex, england


02-Sep-2006 15:18

phil donaldson, comox, b.c. canada

hi john

05-Sep-2006 20:18

Mary Chalmers, Sowerby Bridge, West Yorkshire, England

Further to the entry from John Chalmers of Leicester, my grandfather was Anthony Lakes Chalmers. My father was Douglas Rashleigh Chalmers of Guernsey. I'd love to find out more about my ancestry!

06-Sep-2006 02:08

Colin Chalmers, Blairgowrie, Scotland

just browsing the web and poped in, my grandfather was John Chalmers, grandma Ida Chalmers (nee Garthwaite), west loan, Invergowrie.

17-Sep-2006 08:15

George Chalmers Hopkins, Altadena, CA, USA

My grandparents, John Duncan Chalmers and Charlotte Stewart Chalmers (nee Charlotte Stewart Bowes) were from Dundee Scotland. Both were born about 1887 (I would need to verify the dates). My mother, Lorna Anne Hopkins (nee Chalmers) was born in 1920 in Kandy, Ceylon where my grandfather was manager on a tea plantation. I visited the hotel (the Hotel Swiss) where she was born, and in fact stayed one night. I am, naturally, wondering whether we may be in some way related. If you have any information I would be extremely interested to know. My grandmother had a number of sisters (Evelyn and ?) and a brother (David Yool Bowes), the latter having spent many years in the port wine trade in Oporto, Portugal, he was give many honors including the freedom of the city of London. I would love to hear from you. Best Regards, George Chalmers Hopkins

22-Sep-2006 18:11

Lawson Heggie, Richmond, Virgina, USA

I was a close friend and went to school (Kinross High School) with George Kemp Chalmers (born on 22 Dec 1952). My family moved to Canada in 1968 and George visited me there in the early 1970s. Lost track of him since then.

25-Sep-2006 11:49

Andrew Hawes, Brisbane, Queensland, Australia

02-Oct-2006 06:14

karen chalmers,

02-Oct-2006 14:23

john chalmers, shotts, scotland

13-Oct-2006 13:13

Daniel Chalmers, butliegh, somerset, UK

I don't know wether I am a relation. my dad's Alexander Chalmers and was born in dundee, who knows? any way fantastic site you've got there! Dan

20-Oct-2006 11:06

Elaine Bernard, Kennoway, Fife, Scotland

Daughter of John (Jackie)Murphy and Jeanie Moffat. Grand daughter of Dan and Maggie Murphy nee Rodger.

20-Oct-2006 16:13

Ronald Louis Chalmers III, Sault Sainte Marie, MI, USA

28-Oct-2006 16:55

Ronald Louis Chalmers Jr., Port Washington, WI, USA

I'm looking for imfo. on Wallace Pearl Chalmers a Canadian citizen my Grand Papa who was born in scottland around 1900 & married an American my Gramma in the 1920's in Michigan they had 7 kids 3 boys & 4 girls

28-Oct-2006 22:53

andrew chalmers, carlisle, cumbria, england

hi,have just found that i had a greatgreat grandfather who was shot and killed in the first world war,he was william ross chalmers of the australian infantry, he was originaly from eccelfechan scotland.

12-Nov-2006 10:14

david chalmers, lancaster, lancashire, england

hello looking for an help to find out more about my dads side of the family.he is one of 13.he moved from uphall in scotland to oldham in dad died a few years ago and dad didnt talk much about his family.any help would be much appreciated.david

25-Nov-2006 16:55

Rod Todd, Sidney, BC, Canada

Thanks for your assistance on the "Powside" matter. Am now going to 'cruise' your web site.

03-Dec-2006 16:18

Terry Chalmers, stouffville, ONT, Canada

Can you ples send us a picture of the code of arms/family crest because i really want a tattoo of my family crest

21-Dec-2006 21:52

Donald Chalmers Himelrick, Plainwell, Michigan, USA

11-Jan-2007 12:45

Kenneth Chalmers, Sunshine Coast, Queensland, Australia, 4575

14-Jan-2007 04:29

Alex Chalmers, Shankhill, Dublin, Ireland

No one can party like a chalmers can party! Its great to be a chalmers!

19-Jan-2007 01:08

Ronald Neil, Bethel Park, PA, USA

I'm looking for the Sim family

26-Jan-2007 13:43

Kent Chalmers, Kingston, Ontario, Canada

13-Feb-2007 18:50

Rebecca, New Zealand

Am looking to make any contact with Chalmers connected to Adam Chalmers who came to new zealand in 1859 with wife Bathia and son Adam from Aberdeen Scotland

07-Mar-2007 04:23

Julie Steele, Leicester, England

Hello! Chalmers was my maiden name. Was having a browse and I came across your site - couldn't resist signing the guestbook!

10-Mar-2007 18:49

Matthew John Chalmers, Yigo, Guam


i'm 23 and a Firefighter is the United States Air Force currently stationed in Guam

11-Mar-2007 12:30

Glenn Chalmers, Glasgow, Scotland

My father was James William Ewing Chalmers

13-Mar-2007 03:06

Lynne Chalmers Morse, S. Dennis, MA USA

was bored online and decided to look up my maiden name and came across your site. I have no idea if we are even remotely related but I think most of us in this universe are connected in some way. My Grandfathers' and Fathers' name were James Herbert Chalmers just in case you are interested, unfortunately both are deceased. Take Care! Lynne

13-Mar-2007 20:42

raymond chalmers, Trinidad

20-Mar-2007 11:50

Catherine Margaret (Chalmers) Reed, Hamilton, Ontario, Canada

My Grandfather was Joseph Chalmers. Illegitimate son Of John Chalmers and Susan Stewart born in Kenmore, Any bells ring I would be interested in hearing from You again. How did you get into My Computer ? Catherine

24-Mar-2007 19:06

Barbara Bache Chalmers, Sunapee, NH, USA

Wonderful website. My gg grandfather was Thomas Chalmers, hammerman guild, Glasgow, born 1805, metal working business with his father was Thomas Chalmers and Son of Maxwell St. In 1831 at Barony Church he married Catherine Wilkie Govan and in 1835 they immigrated to NYC. Thomas had a brother William. Catherine's parents were William and Dina Govan of Glasgow; he was a stone mason/builder. Anyone related out there? Cheers!

30-Mar-2007 07:54

Ruth Phillips, Coffs Harbour, NSW, Australia

I'm trying to trace my family history and really don't know where to start. My great grandfather's name was James Chalmers he was married to a Kate (Cathren) Evans. I think Cathren was born 12th July 1861 Alloa Clackmannanshire Scotland. James and Cathren had two daughters that i know of Margaret Duff Chalmers and wilamena, Margaret was my grandmother, they may have had more children i'm not sure. Margaret married John Morrah and my father was there first born in 1920. This is all the information that i have. I was wondering if there was anyone out there that may have some information to share and if i can help in any way i will. I hope to hear from you in the near future Thanks Ruth

31-Mar-2007 19:59

Darren John Chalmers, blairgowrie, Scotland

just done a search and this came up! could be relatives! i stay in perthshire blairgowrie.

03-Apr-2007 08:09

Joan McLaren, Nr Stirling, Scotland

Hi my mum is a Chalmers and we are having a ball finding out about her ancestors. We were directed to your site by a very helpful lady who has given us lots of info on the Chalmers way back. This site is great. Thanks for all your hard work and you've made an auld Chalmers and a very young looking for her age and her daughter very happy. Thanks Joan :)

15-Apr-2007 15:54

Judith Chalmers Temblador, Colorado Springs, CO, USA

My great grandfather was Alexander Alexander, who married a Chalmers/Cameron. My mother, myself, and my daughter all carry the Chalmers middle name as tradition and we are still discovering more and more of the name. Thank you for the web page and shared knowledge.

19-Apr-2007 10:07

Jean Lindsay nee Chalmers, Norwich, Norfolk, England

Hi my dad was Samuel Chalmers from Paisley Scotland. His father was Alexander. Dad had 4 brothers and they all moved to Birmingham whan he was young. Dad had 9 children 6 boys to carry the name. But some of the grand children have Chalmers as a middle name. Great site.

22-Apr-2007 15:57

alexandra coe, washingtonville, ny 10992, USA

I am the granddaughter (on the paternal line) of Thomas Chalmers the Free Scotland Rising movement(Presby.) My grandmother's name was Katharine (sp?) Chalmers.

26-Apr-2007 23:05

Jenny Puffett Nee Chalmers, Culcheth, Cheshire, UK

A great website. Hoping someone can help with my research looking for Thomas Chalmers born around 1775 married a Christian Scott. Keep up the good work

22-May-2007 07:49

Christine Blyth, Dunfermline, Fife, Scotland

Hi Cousins Thanks to a chance hot match on Genes Reunited and a sharing of family trees, seems we are truly connected. Thanks John for getting in touch and I will contact you direct. Very, very impressive site and Lang May Yer Lum Reek.

22-May-2007 22:24

Linda Thomas, Kennard, Houston County, Texas

HI am trying to locate the decendants of Arthur A. Chalmers and Marion F. Chalmers. they purchased property here in Houston County Texas Jan. 1926 and sold it June 1942. They reserved minerals on this property and I need to find their heirs. Can you help me?

30-May-2007 10:28

Boyd Chalmers, Abbotsford, BC, Canada

03-Jun-2007 00:43

michael alan chalmers, Live Oak, Texas, US

05-Jun-2007 20:38


I'm not a Chalmers, but I thought the Chalmers of Bellsill might find this interesting if they didn't already; William Chalmers was the football manager of Italian side Juventus and he also played for Newcastle United;

06-Jun-2007 22:33

Charlotte Chalmers, Gweru, Zimbabwe, Africa

My name is Charlotte, my dad is Elton Chalmers. I live in Zimbabwe, Africa. Yes a long way from where the Chalmers' come from. Just wanted to find my roots if you know me or my father please say. My grandfather is Peter Chalmers. My dads brothers are Herold (late), Colin (late), Brian, Ronnie (late) and a sister called Rita.

09-Jun-2007 16:29

Kevin Chalmers, Falkirk, Stirlingshire, Scotland

Hi. I come from a line of the Chalmers family that as far back as I can tell came from around the Stirling area it was tradition it seemed for fathers called Thomas to call there first son William and fathers called William to call there first son Thomas, although my father Alan William Chalmers after coercion from my mother decided to break this tradition calling my older brother Brian and myself Kevin. The most prominent celebrity we can find in our family tree was a Thomas Chalmers who was employed as the town crier in Stirling some time in the early 1800's we have found some rather colourful documentation refering to him in the Stirling Library. I would be pleased with any information that could help me trace any common ancestors family members. Many thanks in advance. Kevin Chalmers.

15-Jun-2007 08:12

Ryszard Muller, Kinross, Scotland

While tracing my family tree re Jean Chalmers who married an Archibald Carmichael in Dec 1842 in Dunfermline I came across an Alison Barbara Durry of N.Z who seems to be connected to this site. Can anyone put me in touch with Alison ? Thank you R Muller

24-Jun-2007 13:11

Amy Rendel, Nelson, New Zealand

hi well im looking for a george watson, born in 1836 and grew up in methil, fife just wondered if u had come across anything?

10-Aug-2007 06:12

Alex Masson, Kinross

Enjoyed reading your family site and the history associated with kinross and the Chalmers family. I had not realised the history of my house was associated with such a long lineage (237 High Street)

23-Aug-2007 15:11

Jack Turnbull, Camrose, Alberta, Canada

My Chalmers family came from the Orkney Islands,Scotland

26-Aug-2007 16:05

Chalmers Haas, Idaho Falls, Idaho, USA


20-Dec-2007 07:24

Angus Chalmers Calgary, Alberta, Canada

My father was John Paton Chalmers Lost his legs in loos france first world war shoemaker on largs I was sent to canada in 1948 (8years old) lost contact with familly in scotland not sure if anyone can help me

23-Dec-2007 22:36

Philip Chalmers

We are from Wick..............

07-Jan-2008 11:13

Pat Olson Nanaimo, British Columbia, Canada

I have been here before but had to sign the book again, my mother was a Chalmers and I have been trying to find information on this area of my family tree. It hasn't been easy but things are starting to fall into place a little easier and it is so interesting. Thanks Pat
PS my mother came over as a war bride in 1946 with my brother (he was 3 months) from Kinglassie we are hoping to make another trip in 2009 I was there in 2001 and loved it so much now my husband and I are planing a trip. Our daughter and son in law are also thinging about coming with us.

16-Jan-2008 02:52

May Adair

Was wondering if "munchy loch" rings a bell with anyone around the dunfermline area. I have a John Chalmers that I am researching from cairneyhill and it states on his sons birth certificate that he was a servat/tenant at munch loch. Thanks

27-Jan-2008 16:52

Samantha Chalmers Kent, UK

wooo im a chalmers

01-Feb-2008 10:29

matthew john chalmers melbourne, victora, australia

I am trying to find out about my grandfather who was born in edinbourgh and whos family came from the shetland islands!

04-Feb-2008 21:36

Freda Smith Lincoln, UK

Your site is much work has gone in for which I thank you. I have got so many ancestors for my tree just from here. I am descended from Catherine Donaldson through Catherine Beveridge/Janet Erskine Beveridge (my Grandmother) then Julia Williamson. Thank you so much for contacting me and good luck with the rest of your search. It's so exciting finding so many new family members. Kind regards Cuz, Freda

10-Feb-2008 06:20

David A. Seibert Lebanon, Connecticut, USA

Very interesting historical items. My 4th great grandfather, James Chambers, born in Fifeshire, Scotland, 1759 and died 1837 at Beaver County, Pennsylvania, U.S.A. His grandson wrote that his granddad, James, came to the colonies as a soldier, when the War for Independance broke out, he turned against the king and fought with the colonials. I have proven that he fought in the Washington County, Pennsylvania Militia and was accepted by the S.A.R., Sons of the American Revolution. Don't know where in Fife he was born and lived. Any help greatly appreciated. You do your ancestors, proud. Thanks, Dave Seibert.

11-Feb-2008 10:48



17-Feb-2008 12:37

john adam cameron chalmers shotts, lanarkshire, scotland

enjoyed my visit see you soon

04-Mar-2008 12:52

glen chalmers albury, nsw, australia

i like the page

04-Mar-2008 15:50

David Doig Chalmers Bundanoon, NSW, Australia

I see from your site that you base the chalmers name from the french for room, I was always on the understanding that the name was derived from the name given to the bodyguard of Charles Stuart when he returned to france after Culloden. The name being the warriors from the sea or as the french would have said it the chal (warrior) mers (sea) and has nothing to do with any chamberlain or room that being a totally different name.

11-Mar-2008 22:45

victoria house

Hi John, Hi Cousin, great to see you have finally got our own website up and running. Thanks for all the help in the Hay/Chalmers connection.

15-Mar-2008 08:16

Catherine Anderson, scotland

Graham & william chalmers of Glenmavis airdrie. from your cousin Cathy Anderson daughter of Geordie Anderson Inverlochy scotland

24-Mar-2008 13:45

alexander peter chalmers

I found this very interesting and am glad to add my name to your guestbook, Alexander Peter Chalmers born 14 Nov 1955 Dundee Scotland Thank you Alex

26-Mar-2008 14:37

mary a. paladin Danville PA, USA


Hi there, My g'g'aunt Elizabeth McDonald b:21 Aug 1873 married Thomas Elliot of Ecclefechan on 17 Jun 1892. They still lived in Ecclefechan in 1909 and, for at least a few years following that. Would you know of this Mcdonald per chance?

27-Mar-2008 12:36

Mike Chalmers Stockport, Greater Manchester, UK

Nice site! I'm no direct relation as far as I know. Our family came from the Orkney Islands. My Great Grandfather lived there.. Best wishes Mike

31-Mar-2008 06:55

Christine Kemp Le Pine, Oregon, USA

In my husband's ancestral background is a Dinah Bessie Chalmers (maiden name) she married George Foden Kemp. Her b. 21 Mar, 1899 Orphir, Scotland. Is she in your Chalmers family tree?

11-Apr-2008 16:59

Michael Patrick Chalmers Eastbourne, East Sussex, England

I was informed about you from my brother Alexander, like he I was born in Dundee, Scotland then moved South due to family relocation, he is in to researching the family tree, me I just provide the information! Chalmers is a proud name and I for one and proud to carry it, I wear it as a mantle as I am sure you do? Keep up the good work. Mike

16-Apr-2008 14:22

Lesley Chalmers Toronto, Ontario, Canada

My tree starts with Thomas Chalmers who married Barbara Miller and lived in The Hall in Stronsay, Orkney Islands Scotland in the early 1800's. I've pretty much got it traced to present day here in Canada, with many in Saskatchewan. Lesley-anne-Chalmers/TREE/280970001tree.html Hope this helps the Kinross Clan

17-May-2008 23:29

May Adair

I am looking for an Isobel or a Maude Stone, mother Helen Chalmers and Father Robert Stone. Elizabeth or Margaret Chalmers mother Janet Aitken Younger father William Chalmers and a William Chalmers father Alexander mother Margaret McLean. They all resided in around Dunfermline in the early 1900's and information anyone has would be much appreciated.

21-May-2008 26:25

Bronwyn ChalmersBalclutha, Otago, New Zealand

checking out links to maybe relatives

30-May-2008 22:58

Erik Chalmers Templeton Victoria, BC, Canada

Hey how's it goin, I just came across this page, my Father John Templeton put together a rather concise family history/geneaology project over the last 5 years or so I believe. I just thought this was really neat, if I know anybody here, let me know via Email.

31-May-2008 02:03

Darrin Chalmers Pembroke, Ontario, Canada

uhmmm im form pembroke ... i know my grampa john chalmers is from dundee, i dont know...u id like to know what type of history there is with the chalmers family

03-Jun-2008 10:12

christopher keith chalmers england

trying to chase family, fathers name alexander, grand fathers name alec chalmers from aberdeenshire

19-Jun-2008 08:17

Toney L. Chalmers Canton, Georgia, USA

Hello Chalmers Clan everywhere! I was born in Atlanta Georgia on April 11, 1946. My father was Otis C. Chalmers and my Grandfather was Alfred Lee Chalmers. I believe my Grandfather was born in Ducktown, Tennessee in the late 1880's. My father was born in Marietta, Georgia in 1907. Any geneology help would be appreciated!

12-Jul-2008 17:38


I am one of the few remaining Chalmers of Glenmavis still residing here and was related to Agnes Chalmers who lived in Greenwood Cottage,Glenmavis which still stand these day.

14-Aug-2008 11:03

bruce james chalmers Arbroath, Angus, Scotland


16-Aug-2008 17:35

Mallory Chalmers Southaven, DeSoto, Mississippi

I thought this page was interesting because I happen to be a Chalmers. Thank you for compiling information about our family. It has been exceedingly difficult to find information up until now.

19-Aug-2008 20:46

Eric Chalmers Howard Springs, Northern Territory, Australia

Found you website while searching for Chalmers tartan for a scottish friend's birthday party - great site.

07-Sep-2008 06:49

Laurie Chalmers Marlborough, Massachusetts, USA

I am trying to learn more about the Scots side of the family.

08-Sep-2008 07:33

John Gamb San Diego, CA, USA

September 10, 2008. I’m trying to locate:
Sandra Chalmers/Sandra Bischotchi (may be mis-spelled) ... from the San Diego or Sacramento, CA area.
Also, Janice Chalmers, from the Sacramento, CA area.
Also James Chalmers, from Georgia.
They are the children of Joe and Mabel Chalmers, formerly of South 9th Street, Pocatello, Idaho. Any information would be appreciated. Thank you.

10-Sep-2008 02:17

Doug Steward Lyndonville, VT, USA

A very well put-together site. I'm interested if the Birrell's listed here may have a connection my line, Thomas Birrell and Barbara Bethune, prob. born about 1800-1815. Am also interested in the Dall line in Markinch and Kennoway.

16-Sep-2008 07:23

Janet lancashire, UK

From the Wigan Census/Lancashire 1851:-
6 Topcroft JOHN GIBSON 32 B.Scotland Occ: Mason
Trying to trace descendants/details of the Gibson Family, and THOMAS FOSTER's relationship: if he is the Nephew of Margaret or John Gibson. Also would like to know the Maiden Name of Margaret. If I have the correct Thomas Foster, he married Mary Hague in 1857 at the age of 20. Thanks.

22-Sep-2008 20:23

Elizabeth Davies Milford Haven, Wales, UK

have been in touch recently through genes reunited. Thank you for your help. Liz

06-Oct-2008 01:04

Shona Peters Napier, Hawkes Bay, New Zealand

I had a penfriend called Violet Grassom from the time I was about 11 or 12 years old (I am now 67). We lost contact many years ago. She became Violet Draper and then Violet Allman. Wondered if I would make contact with her again somehow sometime. My name is Shona Peters nee McNicholl. I originally lived in Christchurch, New Zealand when Violet and I first made contact through our respective schools, then moved to Dannevirke New Zealand and finally to Hawkes Bay, New Zealand.

12-Oct-2008 05:42

Betty Glass UK

Any information would be be welcome about Patrick Chalmers, a farmer living at Albar Castle, Angus in the mid 1950s

19-Oct-2008 09:57

Leigharne Chalmers Sydney, NSW, Australia

Very interesting and informative. Thank you for the time and effort.

22-Oct-2008 09:40

Ian Dewar Middleton on the Wolds, Yorkshire, UK

Interesting site for me. I've been engaged on research of my mother Catherine Baxter Dewar (m.s.Ramsay) who by coincidence was born in 1 Curate Wynd, the house shown on page 3 of your site. In 1916 my Grandparents (Ramsay) lived in this house and Catherine was born there on 11 November 1918. (Interestingly, my father was born at 4 School Wynd which was only yards away.) Many years later in the 50's I remember staying there with my Grandfather and having to endure the ordeal of washing in cold water and using the outside toilet...Hard times indeed. Andrew Ramsay died in that house on the 26th August 1962.

27-Oct-2008 08:01

Rachel Ann Chalmers Greenwood, S.C., U.S.

Hi,my name is Rachel,im in the Chalmers family in which that resides in Greenwood South Carolina im 13 years old,and i have a long line of family memebers .I've always wondered who my grandfather was . I never got to meet him because he passed away before I was born.All i really know about him is that he was the father of my father and that he served in WW2 .If you can help me find out more about him it would be great .His name was James Williams Chalmers Jr. .Email me back! -Rachel C.<3

08-Dec-2008 15:32

Richard ThomasCape Town, Western Cape, South Africa

My Mum was Mary Chalmers(1891)who married Dennis Thomas on Stronsay in 1923 and moved to South Africa. Her parents were James and Margaret nee Stevenson. Robert and Isabella were the parents of James and Roberts parents were unknown Chalmers and Catherine Unknown. Information on Chalmers ancestory would be greatly appreciated

20-Dec-2008 13:06

Ryan ChalmersWalla Walla, WA, USA

Hello everyone, I'm currently on my 3rd deployment to Iraq and found this site one night by random searching.

13-Jan-2009 15:08

Fraser H. Mitchell Scotland

I'm interested in the Chalmers of Strichen..I'm not related but know of the family as there is a quite impressive Chalmers headstone in the cemetery.

21-Jan-2009 14:25

Tom Fearns Melbourne, Victoria. Australia

Hi, Have noted connections between our families.

25-Feb-2009 02:13

Fiona Chalmers, Dumfries, Scotland

hi i stumbled across this page whilst looking up ma surname it makes for really interesting reading

25-Feb-2009 16:43

Ross Chamers, Gisborne, NZ

someone looking for Ross Chalmers,whose father was Joseph Thomas Lowrie Chalmers..............thats me!
I have a cousin, alistar chalmers, son of tommy chalmers, who lived at 3 mull court, broomlands, ardrossan and we would love to get in touch please.

05-Mar-2009 02:54

Lisa Cabrera, Pasadena, Texas, USA

I am trying to locate my sister. All i know about her is her birth, last name was Richardson, her first name is Debie? Her fathers name is William Adamson Richardson. If there is any help out there, please let me know. I know she was born in California. I have no idea how old she is but I would love to find and meet her.

06-Mar-2009 09:54

Pamela Edwards, Quito, Ecuador

My mother's branch of the Chalmers family arrived in Ontario (Mornington township near Stratford) in 1843. John Chalmers arrived and homesteded with his 3 sons, William, John and Adam. As a child I visited the original home, much transformed, but still in the hands of my grandfather's brother. Great site.

10-Mar-2009 13:59

George S. Mabry, Seneca, SC, USA

Looking forward to sharing information with you.

23-Mar-2009 23:29

Michael Alan Chalmers, Dallas, TX, USA

I was lookin up my last name and this pop up i think it is very cool. Hi to all chalmers in the guestbook my g-grandpa named james robert chalmers born in 1930s my father james jay chalmers in 1955 and now my older bother james jay chalmers 111 in 1980 and me michael alan chalmers in 1984.

23-Mar-2009 23:29

Gordon Douglas Chalmers, Darwin, Northern Territory, Australia

Good work. Thanks G

16-Apr-2009 02:36

Lynn, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

Looking for descendants of John and Ann Chalmers, born: 1825 children born in Markinch, fife: Robert, Ann, James, William, John, Alexander, David and Sophia (27 July 1862)

22-Apr-2009 01:16

Erin (nee CHALMERS) McGuire, Orangeville, Ontario, Canada

Just checking out CHALMERS clan and came across your site! My Grandparents were from Alva (fathers parents). I just love digging into my scottish roots.

03-May-2009 09:05

Colin Joseph Chalmers, city St Helens, Merseyside, England

Thank you for the information provided. I have always been interested in the origins of my Surname. I had an idea that we were connected to Clan Cameron. It is very nice to know this. Thank you C Chalmers

16-May-2009 02:45

fiona chalmers, Scotland

hi, just visiting your page. i am from dumfriesshire.very nice!

19-May-2009 10:19

Kyle Chalmers, Garden City, Michigan, United Stated

Hello there

28-May-2009 14:46

Jemma Chalmers, Southampton, UK

How fascinating i would love to be able to trace my family history

05-Jun-2009 08:23

Peter Chalmers, Perth, Bonnie Scotland

Hi There!

09-Jun-2009 03:48

Kathleen Chalmers, Brisbane, Queensland, Australia

hi. My Chalmers' go back to Ayrshire (Ballantrae and Colmonell. Robert was born in 1788 and married an Agnes Galloway. Since looking into my father's side of the family I have found so many 2nd cousins living in the UK and Canada. One cousin is coming to Australia in September. I am stoked.

20-Jul-2009 19:32

Frank Mitiel, Port Moresby, NCD, Papua, New Guinea

Is this the charles that came to Port Moresby in the 1700s as a missionary? if so, we are looking for a book he wrote for our people - history when he slept with our grand father. Please help. Frank

20-Jul-2009 21:22

Irene Patricia Chalmers, Stapylton, Queensland, Australia

I'm looking for relatives. My dad was Alan Barrett Chalmers. Born in Pietrmaritzberg South Africa to Peter and Rene Chalmers. Not sure of what year. Early 1900's

23-Jul-2009 10:41

Brian Chalmers, Dundee, Tayside/Angus, Scotland

Hi there, i am about to embark on finding out my families history and unsure were to begin, as far as i no my family have resided in Dundee since at least, the 40's-50's were do i begin, thank you

25-Jul-2009 04:42

David Chalmers, Edmonton, ALBERTA, Canada

My grandfather Alexander Chalmers immigrated from Fife in Scotland to Winnipeg Canada in 1906. Our family had a photo of a grave marker that showed his name as well as all of the family but this photo has been lost. I hope someone might know the marker I am talking about. Please contact me with any information.

28-Jul-2009 16:05

Ailsa Chalmers, Calgary, ALBERTA, Canada

Hello, great site. Thanks for the links to the history of the last name. Interesting to know that the name Chalmers was prominent in and around Stirling as my family is from Alloa.

31-Jul-2009 13:28

Ian Grant Chalmers, Roodepoort, Gauteng, South Africa

06-Aug-2009 06:11

Simon Miller, Nottingham, England

Hello All, My family is partially mentioned on your site.I descend from Bathia Chalmers via Bathia Henry and James Murry. George Pirie Garland mentioned on your site was my maternal great grandfather. He married in 1927 in Sunderland,Northern England to Annie Thompson. I hope to maybe get some replies from this post so if you think you have anything to add or you require further details please let me know. Thanks in advance, Simon

19-Aug-2009 07:00

Simon Miller, Nottingham, England

Hi again.Sorry my mistake I mistook this site for another one which details the Chalmers families of Banff and their descendants. Sorry for any inconvenience but still if any one wants to leave a message please do. Thanks again,Simon.

19-Aug-2009 07:04

john chalmers, Glasgow

just checking my name on web and found your brill site any family from glagow

23-Aug-2009 13:13

cindy, clinto, ma, usa

Looking for the adoption in Arlington MA of two girls now and then named Geraldine and Joan. Adopted by a pharmacyst Jack Burns and wife Mary. Girls family name was Coutts In their 80's still don't know origin. Told mother was a concert pianist. Father lived till the 1960's in MA Thanks for 80 mystery also a Catholic mystery :) C

24-Aug-2009 02:51

Thel Brooks, Mt Coolum, Qld, Australia

My father was William Graham Son of George & Catherine Graham (nee Chalmers)from Glenmavis Scotland born in 1897 Is this a connection?

27-Aug-2009 23:17

sarah-jane chalmers, scotland

hi im sarah-jane chalmers was born in ninewells hospital my dad is james douglas chalmers from guardbridge

04-Sep-2009 13:58

Shenderae Lee Chalmers, Surrey, BC, Canada

you should try doing your family tree by the birth mother that is the only true way to trace a blood line

05-Sep-2009 03:42

david wallace, edinburgh, scotland

I have a william bisset (or 2) in my tree. I come from a long line of wallace's and bissets. And believe they connect onto chalmers. (still trying to put it together) They all came from fife. scotland.

09-Sep-2009 14:23

Eileen Henning(Beveridge), Roodepoort, South Africa

HI my granny on my fathers side was a Scott,her mother was Jessie Chalmers born in Stonehaven in 1862.

13-Sep-2009 03:51

Deedee Johnson (Chalmers), Surrey, UK

The Family of Chalmers of Balnecraig and Cults dates back to links with Graham of Montrose and Robert the Bruce. My Father was Alan Christopher Murray Chalmers born in 1889 died in 1969. Any known relatives out there I wonder?

27-Oct-2009 06:03

Tom Briggs, Yorktown, Virginia, USA

Interesting site. I am married to Linda Chalmers whose grandfather Francis came to the states in 1912 from Kimney just outside of Aberdeen or so I am told

28-Oct-2009 13:27

Scott Chalmers Canada

Yes DeeDee, there is a few of us out there in Canada an Australia. your dad is my dads uncle an we have a family tree here in Canada that your dad wrote in 1962 when he lived on 135 Holland Park Ave, that he sent to Kenneth Chalmers the son of Charles Eric Bryce Chalmers. I am the grandson of Colin William Leslie Chalmers.

31-Oct-2009 01:32

Thel Brooks Sunshine Coast, Qld, Australia

My family go back to Chalmers, my grandmother was Catherine Chalmers (Kate) her parents were John Chalmers & Agnes Christie, are these the family family as your's? Kindest Regards Thel Brooks

04-Nov-2009 07:54

Tamara Godwin, Taunton UK

My great-great grandfather is buried in the cemetry at Kinross - there's a memorial of him. John Chalmers. All very interesting

12-Nov-2009 07:32

Douglas Long Sydney, NSW, Australia


In 2008 Pamela Chalmers of Auckland, NZ completed "Descendants of James Leslie Chalmers" (my great grandfather)who was born in Scotland (possibly Aberdeen) in 1809 and who came to NZ in the 1860's. I have a copy and am happy to provide information if its of use to anyone.

04-Nov-2009 07:54

Rowland Chalmers Salisbury North, South Australia, Australia

06-Dec-2009 01:09

Theo Chalmers

Hi I'm Theo Chalmers. My father Malcolm Forbes Henderson Chalmers was from Aberdeen. I live in Milton Keynes. Cheerio,

09-Dec-2009 11:30

Philip A Leekley Skokie, IL, USA

- grandson of Kenneth K Chalmers Sr. who was husband of Margaret Olds, owner of Oldstyle products (mustard), father of K.K.Jr, who alone survives of his children, Jay, Virginia, Lucy m. David Minsk, and Carol, my mother. Grandpa never said anything more about his origins other than he came from New York before spending the rest of his life in Wisconsin and Wilmette, IL, near Chicago.

19-Dec-2009 22:54

lyall chalmers melbourne, vic, australia

just wondering if anyone has any info about my grandfather george chalmers who moved to new zealand about 1918 from inverness shire cheers

28-Dec-2009 07:20

Teri Bollerud Plymouth, MA, USA

Hello - My grandfathers name was Thomas Waddel Chalmers? Anyone related? Born in Saint Andrews Scotland

06-Jan-2010 12:55

Kirsty Green Gembrook, Victoria, Australia

Wow but still am having difficulty with my tree. I have a William Chalmers m. Elizabeth Dargavel 1810? and a daughter Annie broadfoot Chalmers born abt 1821. What a fantastic site . Chalmers as my g.g.grandparents. Regards Kirsty

13-Jan-2010 21:02

Suzanne Patterson Gold Coast, Qld, Australia

Thank you for you site, I found it by accident whilst looking for my "Syme Family" from Fife Scotland so thought I would have a look while I was here. Very interesting. Suzanne.

02-Feb-2010 02:38

Thelma Semadeni New Zealand

I notice you were looking for a John Ballantyne Chalmers, that was my grandfathers John Ballantyne Chalmers name he came from scotland to australia to work in the mines he was a shot setter he was born in cambusnethan in 1872 and died in 1943. his wife was agnes fether

04-Feb-2010 17:52

Ericajane Triolo Keyport, n.j., USA

My nana is a Chalmers from dundee she came to america in the 50s when she was only 15 years old she married Thomas Milligan but she has 2 brothers in australlia. This is my clan too! Cool!

05-Feb-2010 21:08

Ron Thompson, Ten Mile, Tennessee, USA


I'm interested to know if you have a DNA profile for the Thomsons of Fife? There is documentation which indicates that a congregation of Reformed Presbyterian Scots were transported to America by Col. Ninian Beall. He was from Largo, Fife. One document proves that Christopher Thomson, brother to my ancestor William, was a trustee of that church. The Rev. Nathaniel Taylor was the minister. Another document proves that my ancestor William Thomson was a gent from Edinburgh, Scotland which is nearby. Their brother Walter Thomson was a merchant in Edinburgh, Scotland whose son William was a Mariner based out of London, England. Walter's wife was named Margaret. Walter had a Maryland land grant but never migrated to America. The date of transport was between 1785 and 1790. My DNA profile is in the appendix linked from my web page. My e-mail address is available from that site. Also of interest is that the Chalmers family apparently migrated with the Thomsons across America. A Chalmers family purchased the James Thompson property about 1914 in Cherokee County, N. C. Your thoughts will be appreciated.

05-Feb-2010 21:08

Thelma Semadeni, Te Atatu, Auckland, New Zealand

I am trying to put together some information about Our Chalmers descendants for our family before all is forgotten The great grandfather was James Chalmers his wife was Joan Ballantyne, information on son William who married Sarah Marlin in 1893 they had 2 sons James and Andrew ... Also James and Joans Daughter Jean would be helpful.

16-Mar-2010 21:15

Kerry Wishart (nee Chalmers)

I am one of three sisters, my fathers name is Robert Barry Lionel Chalmers (aka Bobby) My mothers name is Audrey Rosette Elizabeth Chalmers (born Linden) My father has two older brothers Desmond and Delville. As far as I know they were all born in Rhodesia (Zimbabwe) My fathers parents were Arthur Sidney Chalmers and Sarah Penelope (Snyman) Chalmers. Arthur had one brother Robbie and five sisters; Elsie, Iris, Mary, Nellie and Muriel. Their father was born in Glasgow, not sure when. I am not 100% sure of this next info, apparently my g.g.g? grandmother travelled from Capetown across to the then Rhodesia by oxwagon and they were attacked by Zulus, she survived by hiding in the reeds of a river. If anyone has any further information or can verify or correct this story, I would really appreciate it. Looking forward to hearing some news!! Many thanks

20-Apr-2010 09:11

Mrs Jane Joy Baldinnie, Cupar, Fife, Scotland.

My Chambers/Chalmers Family: CHAMBERS/Chalmers and SCOTT My 4 x G. Grandparents Christian CHAMBERS/CHALMERS , daughter of James CHAMBERS/CHALMERS of Manor, Peebles, Peeblesshire, married James SCOTT at Manor, Peebles,on May 14th 1766 Christenings of the children of James & Christian:- Marion c. Manor, Peebles, 28th June 1767 James c. Manor, Peebles 26th February 1769 Helen c. Temple, Midlothian 23rd March 1773 William c.Temple, Midlothian 23rd November 1776 Andrew c.Temple, Midlothian 1st September 1778 (My 3 x G. Grandfather) Margaret c.Temple, Midlothian 10th April 1781 Robert c.Gladhouse, Midlothian 30th June 1782

25-May-2010 13:45

Thel Brooks Mt Coolum, Queensland, Australia

Wow, what a website. So interseting to read. I am a descendent of the Chalmers from Markinch Fife. My grandmother was Catherine Chalmers daughter of John Chalmers (1812) & Agnes Christie (1819). My grandmother married James Graham. My father William Graham was their youngest child. I never dreamed there were so many Chalmers across the world. Lovely to know of you all, Regards Thel Brooks (nee Graham)

27-May-2010 04:15

Peggy Lawrence Katoomba, N.S.W., Australia

Hello there. I just want to let you know that my grandmother was Margaret Duff Chalmers from Alloa in Scotland. She was born turn of late 1800, early 1900 in January. Her son Maxwell was my dad. Am just wondering if there are any relatives amongst you people.She emigrated to Australia around 1926/27 to Victoria, Australia.

03-Jun-2010 06:19

Pam Butler Boronia, Vic, Australia

My grandmother was Annie Louisa Chalmers. I have had a look at Bradley's book From Broxburn to Ballarat, and would love to purchase it if possible, but can't locate publisher or Bradley. Any help would be much appreciated.

08-Jun-2010 05:00

Mark Chalmers boghall bathgate, scotland

son of james chalmers bellshill

11-Jun-2010 14:15

08-Jun-2010 05:00

Lesley Fry Hampshire, England

I believe my grandfather (b 1887)was the illegitimate son of William Chalmers (b 1867 in Channelkirk, Berwickshire). William later took the surname Rennie after his mother Janet (b 1843 in Channelkirk), married James Rennie

15-Jun-2010 05:15

MARTZ Kerema, Gulf Province, Papua New Guinea

Would like to view his face photos since the history still exist live today on His great mission here in my home land

24-Jun-2010 12:31

charles gordon chalmers Worksop nottinghamshire, England

I was born in Thurso, Scotland, 1952

11-Jul-2010 12:16

chalmer hinds Bellaire, Ohio, United States


11-Jul-2010 20:46

Irene Chalmers (Pat) Stapylton, Qld, Australia

I am trying to find family members of Barret Alan Chalmers, born in Pietermaritzberg South Africa Jan 21 1921? Is there anyone to help me?

12-Jul-2010 00:45

Linda Mary Chalmers Telford, Shropshire, UK

Hi to all the Chalmers out there, I originally come from West Boldon, Tyne & Wear, daugher of Ian & Dorine Chalmers and Granddaughter of Dr John Chalmers Both dentists in South Shields.

28-Jul-2010 06:48

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